Momma Told Me: Simple Ways To Create A Home Atmosphere That Is A Reflection Of You

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Simple Ways To Create A Home Atmosphere That Is A Reflection Of You

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Create a transforming D.I.Y zen water fountain in under $20 and 20 minutes with this tutorial! #GladeAtmosphereCollection #AD
 Momma Told Me: Paint a picture with all of the senses.

A home is much more than 4 walls.

For me my home is a work space, a creative beacon, a vehicle for the creation of memories, my sanctuary, and the place where I can truly express myself. Much like putting together the perfect outfit the items you choose to fill your home with are a direct expression of you. The first sights, sounds, and aromas your guests are greeted with paint an immediate picture of the passions that drive and inspire you.That's why it's important to consider the atmosphere of your home on several different levels, to brush an accurate and inviting landscape that is all your own.
Your home's atmosphere doesn't have to remain consistent. In fact, one of the best things about your home is that you can effortlessly change the mood and atmosphere of one room to the next with just a few simple subtractions or additions. Naturally your home's atmosphere will also change with the season, and your own life's focus, as the natural ebb of time inspires personal growth and exploration that truly builds upon layers of time and personality. A well worn home tells a story.
That's why I have long relied on home fragrance products by Glade® to help tell my home's story. Their wide range of everyday fragrances and products allow me to infuse any room with instant emotion. I keep a cupboard stocked full of our favorite fragrances but, every now and then, I want to truly elevate my atmosphere with something special. For a more sophisticated home fragrance experience, with the trusted Glade® brand name, I'm excited to have recently discovered the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® products, sold at Ralphs. This thoughtful collection of 4 inspired home fragrances provides a palette of complicated aromas intended to instantly elevate any atmosphere. It's the perfect solution for busy shoppers seeking a high-end home fragrance experience at home, without the fuss of heading into a specialty store.
Available in 4.2oz Jar Candles and PlugIns® Scented Oil (2 Count) varieties these unique fine home fragrances found in the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ by GladeⓇ cover 4 vastly different fragrance profiles; N°1 Enraptured™, N°2 Bright™, N°3 Free™, and N°4 Tempted™. I was immediately drawn to N°1 Enraptured™'s complex and charming build with notes of jasmine, rose and cedarwood. Much like the name would suggest it reminded me of whimsical forests filled with playful nymphs, and certainly transported me mentally to a very creative and relaxing atmosphere I find myself craving when I sit down to write. For our living room I was drawn to N°3 Free™'s carefree fragrance, which danced through the air on the essence of starfruit, coconut, and beach woods. It's relaxing and creamy cocktail of aromas put a playful smile on my face and solicited a mood of relaxation and contentment.
Both N°1 and N°3 are two distinctly different fine fragrance builds- where as I choose to incorporate the careful and playful notes of N°3 Free in my home's personal living room and entertaining space I find I am drawn to surround my personal creative work-space with the more whimsical notes of N°1 Enraptured. In fact, the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ N°1 Enraptured fine home fragrance is what inspired me to elevate the home atmosphere of my work-space. With the air wafting with notes of jasmine and lady apples I was driven to enhance my emotional experience with an element of sound that would further build upon the complex atmosphere of this room within my home.
Create a transforming D.I.Y zen water fountain in under $20 and 20 minutes with this tutorial! #GladeAtmosphereCollection #AD
I have always found that I thrive, creatively, when my senses are equally engaged. Fine fragrances illuminate one part of my brain, whereas white noise helps engage another. For this reason I usually keep wind chimes, or bird feeders nearby my work-space window, to provide ambient noise that really helps generate a mood. When we recently moved from our small condominium into a full fledged home I knew it was time, at last, to build an atmosphere that was creatively inspiring and all my own. With Glade's NEW N°1 Enraptured fragrance in mind I set out to make a simple zen fountain.

The process if quite simple, really- and allows for plenty of creative customization. To start you'll want to acquire the following things:

Small (5-10 gallon) Whisper Quiet Water Pump
2' Appropriately Sized Water Line Tubing
Large Waterproof Bowl
Larger Bowl/Stand For Water Bowl To Rest In
Decorative Elements-Scraps Of Metal/Small Decor/Etc
River Rocks
Water Spout/Fixture of Choice
Optional: Bendable Pipe Length To Hide Water Line
To begin you're going to want to attach your waterline to your pump securely. I only had airline on hand, which was a tad smaller than the output for my pump, so I hot glued the line in place on the pump output valve. 
I also chose to use an open structure decorative bowl as my 'base' for the bowl that served as my water basin. My main thinking in this was that I could easily weave the cord for my pump down the size of the bowl, between the two bowls, to help add stability and a clean solution for the cord. Whenever possible anchoring your pump cord (rather than allowing it to drape off the edge) will prove the most stable design.
Because I'd chosen a bowl with such a strong copper visual aesthetic I knew I wanted my decor, and spout, to be copper as well. For a few dollars I picked up a 1' length of hollow copper pipe I could effectively run my water line through to transport my water from the bowl up to my chosen spout. I used some leftover scrap metal to make a flat surface for my water to run down and clipped my water line just short of the edge of the spout. (To create the illusion the water was running from the spout, rather than a plastic line.)
One of the things that makes a water fountain a 'zen fountain' is the freedom one has to play with the pitch of the water. Have fun playing with building rocks to create louder or more subtle patterns of running water. Adding or removing a stone can easily adjust the decibel level to suit one's mood, and instantly impact the atmosphere of a room.
Create a transforming D.I.Y zen water fountain in under $20 and 20 minutes with this tutorial! #GladeAtmosphereCollection #AD
Naturally, the third aspect of transforming the atmosphere of a space is through the objects we fill it with to generate visual interest. I have a very clean, intentional, palette that demands all elements work in harmony. Because of how I am drawn to bright colors and bold visual accents I need home fragrance and sound elements that 'play well' with my existing materials. Sometimes traditional home fragrance products can be intrusive visually, so I'm especially glad that the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ by GladeⓇ has a timeless design with glass jar candles that effortlessly fit into any decor or vignette.
Create a transforming D.I.Y zen water fountain in under $20 and 20 minutes with this tutorial! #GladeAtmosphereCollection #AD
Finding a fine home fragrance that truly helps express who you are can be challenging, and creating an atmosphere that is defined, and harmonious, even more so. When possible I like to tie my rooms together with key elements that I have in some way directly impacted through design or placement. If I can't create a focal point then it's important that the elements I've chosen directly speak to a story. I've definitely felt more confident I'm working towards accomplishing that with the addition of this new zen fountain and the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ by GladeⓇ. Check out these bedroom makeover tips and ideas to help bring a new atmosphere to your bedroom, too!
Create a transforming D.I.Y zen water fountain in under $20 and 20 minutes with this tutorial! #GladeAtmosphereCollection #AD
If your home were an open storybook, halfway written and left open to a random page, could your guests clearly get an image of you as the writer? Heighten your own senses and pout your emotions to work with a beautifully built atmosphere of sights, sounds, and fragrances. Explore the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ by Glade in the air care aisle at Ralphs, and bring home an elevated fragrance experience that truly inspires a whole new atmosphere, today. Do you have a a room in your home with a sight, fragrance, or sound that you feel helps build it's unique atmosphere? Tell me about it!

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What Daughter Says: Build upon the atmosphere of your home, or a room, with carefully selected sights, sounds, and aromas.


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