Momma Told Me: It's #NationalPiDay- Make A Delicious #EdwardsPieceOffering With Our Printable!

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It's #NationalPiDay- Make A Delicious #EdwardsPieceOffering With Our Printable!

This post is sponsored by Edwards Desserts, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Make 'piece' this Pi Day with an #EdwardsPieceOffering! #AD
Momma Told Me: Just kiss and make up!

The older you get the less sparkly some of the major holidays seem. That, my friends, is why we have national 'day of' celebrations- to spice up the otherwise dull periods between traditional, over-commercialized, holidays. Today, March 14th, is one of those days. Yes, magnificent Pi Day, appropriately assigned for it's semblance to the mathematical number 'Pi', which begins 3.14. Or, if you're a lush like me, it's just a good excuse to eat tons of pie and make 'punny' jokes all day. However, this year, I'm changing things up a little and taking my Pi day theme to a whole new level with an Edwards 'Piece' Offering.
That's right 'Piece' as in piece of delicious pie, inspired by the concept of 'peace' as in flowers in tanks and rainbow signs. And really what better way is there to make peace than over a slice of rich and creamy frozen pie you didn't actually have to lift a finger to prepare, or bake? Now if only I could make 'piece' over the argument of which delicious Edwards frozen whole pie goes into our cart each shopping trip! See I love a good light and fluffy Strawberry Creme, while Jay wants to pack as many toppings, and as much flavor into every slice as possible. He tends to shop for indulgent flavors such as Hershey's Chocolate Creme or Cookies and Creme.
Make 'piece' this Pi Day with an #EdwardsPieceOffering! #AD
No joke, the pie fight is real in our house. One month we went several weeks without picking up an Edwards pie (gasp, weeks!) and upon cleansing our fast we couldn't agree on which pie to pick up. At one point Jay and I were pulling pies in and out of the cart, to the freezer, and back just waiting to see who would break first. I, being the oldest, and wisest, decided there would be NO PIE if we could not agree on ONE pie. Needless to say we went home pie-less. It's a travesty that has, thankfully, never repeated itself.
So, it's on days such as these, celebrating Pi, but not Pie, with pie- that I often reflect on ways in which I can be a better person. I'll be honest there have been a few disagreements here as of late and it was simply time to make 'piece' over common crust. In preparation for my Pi Day plan I went into my local grocer and picked out several of our favorite Edwards whole pies. One of them, sadly, did not make it to today's celebration, but it gave itself in the name of 'piece' and that is all a pie really can hope for.

Want to get in on the Pi Day fun? "This all feels so last minute, I don't have any time," you're probably thinking.

Well, I have great news for you, grab my free 'Let's make 'piece'!' printable here and pick up your favorite Edwards whole frozen pie on your way home from work/school/pretty much wherever. Edwards whole pies come in a delicious array of varieties and are ready to eat just minutes after removing them from the freezer. You can even count your 'drive time' back from the store as thaw time, if you must. Than all you need to do is grab a slice, and someone you've got beef with and turn it into pie when you make 'piece'!
Make 'piece' this Pi Day with an #EdwardsPieceOffering! #AD
Recently Jay and I have been hiding the remotes across the house in an effort to snag first picks on television programming. (Don't we just 'adult' the bestest?) I knew Pi Day was the perfect opportunity to make 'piece' once and for all and put all that remote control hogging business behind us for good. (Or, at least until Game of Thrones comes back on.) I tied up the remotes with one of my Pie Day printables and presented them to him on a box of Edwards Hershey's Chocolate Creme Pie. He was pretty speechless, so I attempted to cut a slice out of his pie while he pondered what was truly going on. Okay, so I may not be very good at all this peace business, but I can certainly get down with a great 'piece' of delicious pie!
Make 'piece' this Pi Day with an #EdwardsPieceOffering! #AD
So there you have it, my Pi Day master plan, revealed. It's not really top secret, and you don't need an excuse to enjoy a delicious pie- BUT if it helps make you feel better about indulging in something sweet, who not make 'piece' while you do it? Now, tell me, how are you celebrating Pi Day this year? What pie do you wish you had a slice to celebrate with?

What Daughter Says: This Pi Day make 'piece' over a delicious slice of pie!


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