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Express Yourself This School Year + #FindYourThing With #RedbubbleB2S

The following content was curated in partnership with Redbubble; all photos and opinions found below are original and authentic to Momma Told Me Blog 2017. #RedbubbleB2S #FindYourThing
I've never been great at first impressions. Partly because, for a great deal of my life, I avoided them all together. 

For me nothing illustrated this better than high school. I skipped my final year of junior high, after the first semester had begun, and was plunged directly into the 'big kids' scene several years younger than my peers. Before then everyone in high school had seemed so mysteriously together, so well defined. Miniature adults. Something I felt far from with my identify adrift and so very impressionable. Every person I passed in the hall seemed to have an identity- I felt like I knew them without ever saying a word. From their hair to their backpack, their lockers, and their clothes, every single 'teenager' was communicating that which defined them (in that moment of time) through their meticulous decisions. In a way they were walking pieces of art.
Heading back to school is an exciting, yet nerve-wracking time for most students of any age. There's a lot of pressure to fit in, but just as much pressure to stand out. These days it's cooler than ever to have something one-of-a-kind, to truly make a statement.

When I was in school, both high school and college, I found that the accessories I chose to represent myself often acted as a bridge to friendly conversations and similar interests found. As a freshman I met my best friend (who is still close all these years later) over a neon orange backpack. My junior year I met my study partner through a conversation over some pencil erasers shaped like pizza slices. And, on the first day of college I met my closest ally when I stopped to ask her about the artist on her portfolio binder.

People are one-of-a-kind unique, especially students who are constantly growing and discovering themselves through education and interaction. So it stands to reason that the accessories and supplies a student chooses to use and surround themselves with should be a statement as unique as them. And that, my friends, is where Redbubble fits into your Back To School game plan.
Find your thing at Redbubble.

What 'thing', you ask?

That thing you didn't know you absolutely needed in your life until the moment you saw it. That thing that perfectly captures so many of your interests in the most unique possible presentation. That thing that everyone in the lecture hall will be envious of. That thing that puts a smile on your face every time you pick it up. This is your year to shine, and that thing will help you do it.

Redbubble is a marketplace I rather like to think of as a bazaar featuring uncommon designs from independent artists everywhere. What exactly does that mean? That means when you shop Redbubble you are guaranteed to find thousands of the newest prints/designs/styles from the hottest up and coming independent artists on a plethora of everyday staples from electronics cases and t-shirts to duvet covers and notebooks.
Now your thing could be all about barfing rainbows- Redbubble certainly has a treasure trove of amazing artists with portfolios chocked full of vibrant artwork just waiting to be printed on your 'thing' of choice. At the time of this article there were 17,965 things found on Redbubble under the search term 'unicorn'. I'd say the odds you're going to bump into somebody on campus with the same exact 'Unicorn Riding A Triceratops Disco' tumbler, for example, are pretty slim to nil. Odds that you'll find your special YOUnicorn somewhere at Redbubble? Almost a certain guarantee.
As a student, once I learned to really embrace my own identify through self expression, I really found it easy to connect with others over my love of things. Sometimes even over my dislike of things. It didn't really matter as long as the topic in question made me feel passionately one way or the other a dialogue was opened. Slowly but surely I became more social.

To the people who say that things are just things. Well, they are- I can't argue with you there. No thing in this world will every outweigh the intangibles in life that truly matter most. But I like to look at it this way; if I'm stuck using these things, especially for school, then I might as well love the things I have to use anyway. So why not add a little more personality to the year with some seriously awesome stuff that's as captivating as it is functional?
Notebooks are a staple for students of all ages. For those of us who haven't forsaken the feel and smell of paper  for the tap of a cold glass screen entirely, quite yet, ruled notebooks can contain some pretty intense notes and thoughts. I like to have at least one notebook per class, regardless of the subject matter, and I'd always try to doodle on the cover, or even color code them, to make each one easily identifiable per subject.

Redbubble has thousands upon thousands of amazing artwork just waiting to be printed on a ruled or blank notebook for you. How could I not snap up this Buttered Toast Pattern by artist Kelly Gilleran? The Colorado artist has a portfolio full of vintage inspired food patterns and food pinups I absolutely adore. If I could wallpaper a focal wall in my living room with one of her prints I'd so do it. Hmmm, maybe Redbubble can get working on that?
Of course defining yourself on campus is about more than what's in your bag- what's outside your bag is pretty important as well. Or is it what's on your bag?

While the artists themselves choose what types of products their artwork is made available for pretty much most of the artists you'll come across allow for a wide product range. This means you can even have a favorite design or pattern put on multiple items. If DetourShirts' Narwhal tote tickles your fancy why not enjoy it on a hoodie, pillow, and sticker as well. 

And can we pause to talk about my obsession with Redbubble artists work as stickers? Oh-M-Gee are there hundreds I need to collect and own pronto. Stickers are the perfect way to snap up several of your favorite artists pieces of work without committing to a tumbler or pillow sham quite yet. Talk about self-expression, brighten the world with a little more art and express yourself this year through one-of-a-kind sticky works of art. Never own a dull glasses case/trash bin/skateboard again.
Personally I'm pretty darn smitten with some of my recent 'things'. Fun, colorful, and funky are my middle names and I'm sure to be the most visible gal on campus this Fall thanks to Redbubble. Goodbye generic black coffee tumbler, old tattered and torn grocery back canvas tote, and mass-produced notebooks. When a Redbubble order arrives on my doorstep it's like Christmas in July- I kind of forget that the Summer's eventually going to end, and I can't contain my excitement over the chance to show off my new accessories.
For those who have committed to the technology trend and plan on heading back to class with as little bulk as possible you can still define your style with unique tech cases for your smartphone and tablets. Many schools these days are not only requiring mobile classroom components but assigning tech devices to students as well. Keep your tech protected and get your style on with beautifully illustrated cases like the Galaxy Babe Pattern from artist LunaElizabeth.
Naturally my style, and my 'things' are subject to be different from yours- these are but a small sampling of what caught my eye for the upcoming back to school season. I encourage you to head on over to Redbubble and browse for yourself. Shop the most popular, or newest, designs uploaded by artists by product category or search for subjects and styles that best suit you. You'll find artwork to match keywords of any kind from 'corgi butts' to 'Captain Kirk' and 'surreal galaxy'.
Lastly we can't forget that school year preparation, and expression, does not exist purely outside your home on campus. Plenty of hours are put in learning and mastering concepts at home so your study space should be a direct expression of who you are. Fill your dorm or home office with unique decor that truly reminds you of who you are when you aren't buried nose deep in astrophysics. Grab your favorite art on wall tapestries, clocks, throw pillows and more for a complete school-year transformation that will empower and excite you. How adorbs is the "Unicorn Believe In Yourself Magical Fabulous" throw pillow, by artist Vomaria, above?!
#RedbubbleB2S #FindYourThing #AD
To summarize- things are things, but awesome things make the school year all the more bearable. We're sad it can't be Summer all year-round but adulting has to happen at some time, otherwise we'd never be able to afford all those awesome things. (It's a vicious cycle.) When you start to make your back-to-school list there are always a few things you just need to buy- why not make those things a little less mundane, and a whole lot more you with some kick-bum artwork all of your classmates will be jelly-doughnut over? Who knows, you just might bum into your soulmate carrying the same exact Shiba Inu-It pouch as you. (But we doubt it because there's no way the world could contain that much awesome in such close proximity without causing a rift in the space-time-continuum.) A girl can dream, though. Now why don't you head on over to Redbubble and share with me some'thing' you discover as your new 'thing'! Treat Yo'Self this back to school season with a special exclusive 15% off code when you enter "mommatoldme15" at checkout!


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  13. Thinking back to my school days, I agree that the power is in the accessories we choose. These are not just items; they start conversations, bridges to new connections and expressions of our personality. It gives students the opportunity to show their individuality, which is constantly developing and discovering itself during their educational journey. Therefore, it is only fitting that the tools and accessories they surround themselves with reflect this uniqueness. And that's where an essay service comes in, offering tons of options to up your school story and make a statement that's as unique as you are.