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What's Your OREO Creation? Grab The Free Printable + Enter To Win!
What makes a timeless treat?

The ability to be transformed by any flavor creation and still be an iconic favorite that everyone loves.

When it comes to cookies OREO cookies have always been, hands down, a family favorite. I think, if for nothing else, due to the fact that they are just so much fun to eat. Surely you've had the debate at some point in your life- twist, dunk, nibble, bite? How to best enjoy an OREO cookie is something that the masses will probably never agree on.

Me? Well, personally, I prefer to twist and eat the crème filling out of the center then pop the two sandwich cookie ends back  together and munch as a whole. Of course the newer OREO Thins cookies have totally rocked my OREO world. With their thinner crispier cookie I enjoy the crunch and the crème filling all together!
So, if you're here, we can agree that OREO cookies are awesome.

Every time I walk past a display or the snack aisle a package or two 'falls' into my cart.

But did you know you can discover several of 30 OREO cookie varieties sold  at your local Walmart? For the true OREO cookie aficionado Walmart is most definitely the place to go.

For example, stop and take a moment now to name all of the OREO cookie varieties you can think of.

Are you ready?

I bet you got the basics- OREO Double Stuf, OREO Golden, OREO Chocolate, OREO Mint, OREO Thins.....but did you know there's a unique breed of OREO cookie with 3 cookie layers called the Triple Double OREO? Or that special limited edition flavors such as Blueberry Pie, Fireworks (with popping candies), Swedish Fish, and Lemon Crème have graced the shelves? Or that Birthday Cake and Red Velvet have become semi-permanent flavors among the rows of OREO cookie flavors at Walmart?
Okay, so you knew about some of those- but what about Jelly Donut?

Have you seen the new limited edition Golden OREO flavors featuring a special vanilla crème filling with a flavored center? As OREO super fans we simply HAD to pick up a package of Jelly Donut and Waffles and Syrup OREO cookies. We're no stranger to the more bizarre OREO cookie flavors- they are the best to share. Consider them just like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans.

Heck, we even find ourselves hooked on some of these less traditional ones!
I saw 'we' as in me- Jay's kind of boring. He likes his OREO cookies Thin and Minty.

I'm always the one letting out a squeal and a jump when a new OREO package catches my eye as he loads 2-3 packages of classic Double Stuf into the cart. Hey, that's fine, I don't like sharing my OREO cookies anyway!
While some of you are thinking that OREO cookies are a classic and should remain just that- a chocolate sandwich cookie with a vanilla crème filling, I bet the rest of you are now thinking "I wonder if a _______ OREO cookie has ever been made." Well, the answer is- many special and limited edition OREO cookies have been released throughout the years. Especially when one considers International markets and distribution. HOWEVER OREO is challenging their fans to submit their dream OREO flavor creation in hopes of discovering the next BIG OREO cookie flavor.

They're even willing to put their money where their mouth, erm package?, is with a $500k cash prize on the line.
Don't have a wild and crazy new OREO flavor? No problem!

Your OREO creation might be something new incorporating the OREO cookies/flavor such as pancake mix, fudge pops, or your favorite type of cereal. The sky's the limit so peel back the top of a package of OREO cookies and start brainstorming. After all no genius ideas ever came to anyone on an empty stomach.
My OREO creation idea?

Well I was sad to hear I was not the first to think of it- but happy to know there are other OREO fans out there bold enough to suggest it.

I'd love to try Maple Bacon OREO cookies.

Before you curl your nose up at the idea remember Swedish Fish OREO cookies were a real thing. And if that can be something people actually bought and ate then Maple Bacon OREO cookies aren't so impossible.
At first I thought my OREO creation would be best with a Golden OREO cookie format, then I was reminded of my favorite bacon creation- Maple Bacon Dark Chocolate Cake. Bingo! Chocolate OREO cookies it has to be! The best of both worlds, sweet and savory with the light bitterness of cocoa from the chocolate. Don't worry I'm not suggesting any real bacon (such as bits) is put in there.
Think you can do better than me?

Try to beat out my OREO creation by logging over to the #MyOREOCreation contest website and submitting your OREO creation idea NOW. You can enter with as little as a few words or sentences or get fancy with a photo or video. Enter between now and July 14th, 2017 then check back on August 15th, 2017 to hear the finalists announced! If we're lucky the finalists will be made into actual OREO cookie flavors for the voting period in Summer 2018!

I can't wait to hear/see what amazing OREO creations everyone comes up with!

Need a little inspiration to channel your OREO creation chakra? Grab our FREE OREO adult printable sheet below!


  1. Oreos are life and I really enjoy trying all of the fun, unique flavors they release. Your creation idea sounds especially tasty!

  2. We love Oreos!! The fun flavors make it even more special. Thanks for sharing the creative ideas!!

  3. This contest is super cool and very fun! I would totally try your maple bacon creation. I love coconut and pistachio and berries... so maybe I can come up with something tasty and unique. That would be incredible if I won!

  4. Oh wow! I love the Maple Bacon idea! Sounds good to me! I am having a strawberry addiction right now, so I would choose something with strawberry in it.

  5. Love love Oreos. And yes, dunking them in the milk is the BEST! Of course, we love everything bacon, so this sounds pretty interesting! The cake looks fantastic!! Thanks for the giveaway opp too!

  6. I could totally get down with a package or two of maple bacon OREO cookies!!! How on earth are there 30 flavors?! That is seriously insane to me but I would love if they made a sampler pack of all the flavors - like a big box of chocolates with a diagram of the flavors!

  7. Great blog! Maple Bacon sounds amazing! Oreo has chosen the 3 finalists. Can't wait to try them in May 2018. I had a blast coming up with flavors to enter in their #myoreocreation #contest. Check out my ideas on my Instagram page here.

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