Momma Told Me: Head Into Your Local Outback To Treat Yourself w/ A Free #MiniMilkshake

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Head Into Your Local Outback To Treat Yourself w/ A Free #MiniMilkshake

***I will receive a gift card, through Social Chorus, on behalf of Outback Steakhouse, in exchange for sharing these memories of my father. Regardless, all personal photos and opinions remain mine, and mine alone. #BestMates #Outbackptr. OREO and the OREO Wafer Design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International Group.
Momma Told Me: Treat yourself.

July seems to have flown by quicker than a blink of my eyes, and boy have I been wearing myself out. On the good side of things, the kids and I have been having a blast, and I've been getting very good sleep without the use of my usual aids. Unfortunately, with three kids afoot, I've spend a decent chunk of money (even the 'frugal' excursions add up with gas and food). Whenever the girls and I have craft time I always find myself sitting at the dining table wondering why I didn't grab myself supplies to craft to. It's simply second nature to think of myself last. We go out to grab ice cream, I sit the treat out; the kids are fighting over which rides to go on at the Pick-Your-Own farm, I'm standing on the sidelines guarding shoes and Tinkerbell purses. And, when the kids leave for the day I begin taking care of the 4 legged children and preparing dinner and cleaning for Jay. Yes, life goes by fast, but it's important to stop and treat yourself from time to time, as well.
Outback #MiniMilkshake
One way I especially enjoy treating myself is by going out for a nice, grown-up, meal. While I don't always like spending the extra money, I have a few favorite restaurants that I consider 'worth it.' Sometimes I'm craving Chinese for lunch, other days I want to take in a slow dinner with a glass of wine and a juicy steak. For that I always choose The Outback Steakhouse. Not only is the dark and cozy atmosphere relaxing, but the wide arrange of sophisticated appetizers (and the not so sophisticated Bloomin' Onion), alongside a thick loaf of Rye and butter, literally melts my heart. There's nothing like a good slab of meat and shrimp on the barbie to really indulge; so I was surprised to hear this favorite treat is now twice as sweet, literally.

Now through August 7, 2013, Outback guests (excluding California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) can indulge in the newest addition to this chain's dessert menu. With 5 tempting hand scooped Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors, these single portion #MiniMilkshakes are the perfect finish to a great night in the Outback. Visit to claim a voucher for a complimentary ($2.99 retail value) Oreo Mini Milkshake on your next visit. This exclusive giveaway is only running for a limited time, so be sure to claim your coupon before July 31, 2013, and redeem it on your next dine-in occasion before August 7, 2013. While this promotion is not valid at my local (California) Outback Steakhouse, I will be stopping in soon to try the new Mini Milkshakes (doesn't the seasonal Banana Pudding flavor sound yummy?), and to treat myself, very soon!

What Daughter Says: It's not always easy, but remember to spoil yourself too- After all, nobody's happy if Momma ain't happy!

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  1. Looks delicious. We don't have an Outback anywhere near us but I'd love to try it one day.

  2. They are so cute! I don't have one nearby either but I'm going to tell my sister in law about it. She LOVES Outback!

  3. mmm milkshakes i havent been able to have on in so long :(

  4. OH I wish we had an outback near by! I would totally go there for date night! I have heard so many amazing things about their food. I want to try it badly! And Yum! Love Milkshakes!!

  5. I could really go for some shrimp on the barbie, a blooming onion and a mini milkshake right now. Yum.

  6. Oh yummy! I love milk shakes and those look amazing. I have never been to an Outback but I hear they are great!

  7. It might be 1000 calories, but it is making me so hungry. YUM!