Momma Told Me: Moments of Everyday Wonder: Sushi Krispies Idea

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Moments of Everyday Wonder: Sushi Krispies Idea

sushi krispies
Momma Told Me: It's your job to be a child.

I have a confession; when I was a child I was (still am) bossy. I had no brothers or sisters and only 2 younger cousins I would see 3-4 times a year. My social skills were dramatically lacking, and I had but 2 best, and only, friends up through to Jr.High. I could attribute this to being an only child, or skipping 2 grades (which left me wildly out of place among my peers), or the fact Momma constantly filled my free time with academic projects and extracurricular goals. I was not, at all, a team player as a child; which is ironic, as I proceeded to graduate high school and go straight into retail, then food service, management.

As I entered my tweens it became clear to Momma that this poor etiquette, and lack of social tact, was flooding into my personality as a whole. When I'd help Pop make pancakes on the weekends I'd 'school' him as to how it was 'supposed to be done,' and refuse any help at all, leaving him sidelined. One day, after a particularly messy episode involving my opinions on Momma's cleaning methods (don't ever question a woman's cleaning methods), she sat me down with a frustrated sigh and summed it up in one sentence, "It's not your job to scrub the floors, cook the meals, or worry about the finances- It's your job to be a child."
I'll admit, I didn't quite understand what she meant at the time. In fact, I took it quite harshly. In my narrow mindset she didn't want me help anymore, I wasn't good enough. Today, as an adult, I long for the days when my only concern was if I'd get to finish the Saturday night Disney film before bedtime, or not. Childhood, like so much of our lives, flys by in the blink of an eye. Most of the time we are moving forward to quickly to even take inventory of those precious memories and moments. Yes, it's a time of development for character and discipline, but it's also a wonderfully magical time of exploration and discovery. That's precisely why I love my job as an Aunt. I get to borrow other people's children and spoil them rotten, proper, before turning them back over to the parental units who have to deal with discussions on hygiene and homework.
So, with 3 kids afoot this month I made it my personal mission to pack as much fun and wonder into each and every afternoon as possible. I wish I'd had more than a days notice to mentally prepare a game plan, but you know what they say about wishes and wants! It wasn't in my 'contract' to entertain these children. I could have just as easily sat them in front of the TV from 7-4PM each day and let them entertain each other. That is what the parents said, after all. But spending one's Summer in front of a glowing screen just seems like a let down. It may not to the children I'm prying away from it, at first, but I've heard nothing but praise since. And 'entertaining' these kiddos with fun snacks, crafts, and field trips is just as much an escape from the everyday grind for me, as it is for them. I don't get to declare a field trip day and head out to the Science Center- but maybe I should!
Sushi Krispies
Last week we wrapped Friday with a Very Merry Unbirthday Party (more on that to come in the full post), based on a beloved tradition my father started with me. As it turns out, I had originally been searching for Penguin party ideas, but came across a concept that fit the theme, and tickled my lips even more- Sushi Krispies. These simple to make party snacks are an easy Bento lunch box treat and can be made by any enthusiastic young baker. I was certain, when planning them, they'd be eaten separately (picked apart by each element), but the kiddos actually enjoyed the soft Swedish Fish against the crunchy mallow 'rice'. I also happened to find some generic whole grain rice puffs that were less sweet than Rice Krispies, and balanced out the sugar components nicely. There's no denying, these Sushi Krispies are adorable- do you have a simple party snack go-to?

What Daughter Says: Add a little smile to your day. Take a moment to be a kid again.

Sushi Krispies
Sushi Krispies
***click here for printable Sushi Krispies recipe


* 6 C Rice Krispies, or Generic Rice Puff Cereal
* 4 C Miniature OR 10z Regular Marshmallows
* 3 TBS Butter or Margarine
* Fruit Roll Ups with 'Green' Flavor/Color
* Swedish Style Fish
* Raspberry Parell Gumdrops


1.) In a large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.
2.) Stir in krispies/rice puffs until evenly coated and press into pre-greased 9x9" pan.
3.) Cool 20-30 minutes in the fridge, until just chilled.
4.) Remove from fridge and slice into 1"x2" 'rolls.' Soften the edges into rounded corners with your hands and arrange evenly on a baking sheet.
5.) Slice green fruit roll ups into then 1/4" strips about 4" long. Place fish/raspberry 'roe' on top of krispie rolls and drape fruit roll up (seaweed) across.


  1. Too cute and I can see where these would really be an entertaining snack for a child. I'm going to borrow you idea and fix these the next time I'm on grand ma duty. Pining it now.

  2. How absolutely adorable! The next time my friend visits with her little ones I'm going to make these. I just love them!

  3. This is beyond adorable! I love it! So creative!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest sushi roll I have ever seen! I am in love! I have to try this!

  5. you come up with the best ideas! i love this :)

  6. What a cute idea. I am totally going to share this on pinterest. I think my kids would love these.

  7. oh my gosh Jenna. If these don't win the prize for the cutest darn thing I have ever seen, I don't know what does. PINNED TOO!

  8. Outstanding! I LOVE what you did here. This is just adorable and I need to pin

  9. What a cool idea! You always come up with the coolest ideas!

  10. These are so cute!!! I am sure that little ones would love these and you could adapt them so easily depending on your child's preferences.

  11. oh my gosh, this is so cute!!! i love the idea. I'm a big candy junkie, so this makes me excited!


  12. These are cute and they look like sushi, but sushi isn't a food I've ever wanted to try.

  13. What a fun idea! I know that everyone is saying they would be fun for kids, but I think they would be just as fun for adults as well! I can totally see these being devoured during game night.


  14. That is super cute!That is the only way sushi would touch my lips ;)

  15. We dont like sushi but these are so cute. The kids would go wild over these . I would have to sneak a few myself. great for parties to. thanks for the recipe for them

  16. Your story about growing up and friends and being ahead in school was very interesting, I think your momma and dad did great with making you use your mind instead of the channel changing I also love this sushi idea, my granddaughters love sushi and I could make this for dessert, they would love it and thank you for sharing..