Momma Told Me: How Mobile Insurance Can Save Your Summer

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How Mobile Insurance Can Save Your Summer

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Phone in Rice
Momma Told Me: If you lose it, I'm not buying a new one!

Technology is amazing, isn't it? I've talked time and again about the vast developments I've watched evolve through my lifetime, so far; but I suspect every generation feels a little overwhelmed by the speed of progress. I still recall my parent's first Polaroid Spectra, circa 1987, which originally retailed for $249 (an even bigger gulp 20 years back), and targeted towards the professional photography community. However, as most technology goes, if you wait long enough, these items are soon fine tuned and developed for the retail consumer at a lower cost. Still, technology can be quite a financial investment; few recent developments outlining this more than the modern mobile phone. An electronic do-all wonder that has connected consumers internationally via instant communication and online browsing. Think I'm being a little over-dramatic? Consider the, currently in Beta, Nokia Lumia 1020 with a shocking 41MP camera; that's 3x the strength of my current 'business' digital camera!

I've never been one to chase brands, or technology trends for the sake of showing off; but I also am not one to buy the bottom of the line. I pick and choose my bells and whistles, and invest in devices with the help of valuable insight from friends and family, and Consumer Reports. When I finally make the plunge to invest in a new smartphone it's likely no longer the hottest thing, but quite a big deal for me. After all, what's all the deciding and the wait if I can't enjoy my device once it's in my hands? And, while I tend to baby these devices, I, sadly, cannot protect them from the outside forces that may blow through and past; kids, pets, vacation destinations, theft, and significant others. I literally cringe when Jay asks to borrow my phone simply to call and locate his. Prime example; he has already misplaced his smartphone in the first place, to require the use of mine- visions of catastrophe dance in my mind as I idly sit by, helpless.
Few events can be as threatening to the security as your mobile device as Summer and vacation. Case in point a little personal tale from 3 1/2 years back, when I had just inherited my very first smartphone. I'd saved up 5 months for this non-contract device; meaning I didn't have the option upon purchase to opt into any sort of extended warranty or insurance. And it just so happens I activated my brand new phone just 2 weeks prior to driving up the Western US Coast to visit Momma in Oregon. It had a beautiful purple finish, with web capabilities, talk to text (a big deal at the time), and a full color 2.5" screen with flip keyboard, and on the day of it's demise, just 19 days after it's purchase, it still had the protective plastic on the screen from it's original packaging.
I'm not a penny pincher- but I do have a strong sense of the value of time and money. I have worked hard my entire life, so far, for everything I have, and cannot stand to see that hard work go to waste over carelessness, or needless accidents. As I watched my brand new smartphone crash some 200 feet below the ledge of the Haceta Head Lighthouse, on the Oregon Coast, I felt my throat lump up as I gasped for a forlorn 'Noooooooo!' My, now, ex-husband had borrowed my phone to take a picture, as he'd left his digital camera back in California, and his own phone battery had died. I'd been so excited by the breathtaking view I handed it over without an ounce of concern in hopes of capturing the view and the moment. Well, I captured the moment all right, with a 5 day out-of state trip, phone-less, and a $200 bill for a new handset!

Ever since that fateful Summer day, I've held my breath at every request to borrow my phone, and treated friends and family like they had the same haphazard tenacity of the Tazmanian Devil. I'm not proud of it, but I've lived in fear of being unexpectedly disconnected by an accidental mishap; and Summer vacation is a plethora of smartphone risks; beach sand sneaking into unprotected data ports, (literal) pools of water abound, extra small hands reaching and grabbing to play apps in the back of the car on long road trips, and ample risky photo opps (just like the one above). Thankfully there are options for safeguarding your phone outside of turning into a living Gollum or suspending your device in an infinite safety bubble. Options once only available to those with secured contract plans.
mobile phone insurance
Of course I'm talking about insurance in the form of Asurion mobile insurance for contract and pre-paid mobile devices. For just $5-$7 a month, on average, you can cover your mobile device from loss, theft, and damage with a minimal deductible. Services covered include major pre-paid phone plans, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, or the newer sub-plans, such as Walmart Family Mobile. All deductibles vary based on the device you are insuring, and are clearly stated at the time of the policy en-statement, so you never have any sticky surprises when it comes time to cash in on a lost or broken device. And, while I personally use a pre-paid service, Asurion is especially important for contract phone users, who typically receive their expensive handsets at a very minimal fraction of the retail cost, in exchange for signing loyalty service contracts. Many mobile consumers do not realize, until it's too late, that a lack of mobile insurance can mean paying the full $300-$500 for a replacement device, out-of-pocket!
Not only does Asurion cover a wide variety of mobile technology devices, without having to go through your provider, but this independent mobile insurance company can have your replacement device in hand next day, in most cases. With over 150 million customers, this is no small fry start up company, they're an established insurance broker with the added security of a 12 month warranty on all replacement devices. There is little Asurion won't cover, whether your 3 year-old has dropped your iPhone 5 in the fish tank, or your Nokia Lumia has quite literally fried sitting in the car during scorching summer heat; with an Asurion policy, you can have the peace of mind needed to enjoy your mobile devices, and your Summer break without loss or damage anxiety.

What Daughter Says: Protect yourself, and keep your Summer on track, with mobile insurance.


  1. With two teenagers, this could certainly come in very handy!

  2. Sounds like a very wise investment for a device that costs a pretty penny and can be time consuming to replace.

  3. The rice bag brought back memories, sadly.

  4. My husband should get this insurance. He always seems to damage his phone.

  5. I didn't know about the rice bag. That's a cool if unfortunate trick. I lean toward purchasing insurance for any expensive item because we are walking disasters.

  6. I don't have mobile insurance but this sure makes me pause!

  7. i dont currently have mobile insurance but now im second guessing whether i should get it!

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