Momma Told Me: Cookieception: Oreo Cookie Muffins Recipe (Great For Cookie Cakes!)

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Cookieception: Oreo Cookie Muffins Recipe (Great For Cookie Cakes!)

Oreo Cookie Muffin
Momma Told Me: 2 Parts Wonderful = Awesome

(Almost) Everyone loves cookies. And, next to chocolate chip, Oreo is easily one of the most recognizable with it's black and white sandwich form. So, it's only natural to want to mash the two into some sort of twisted Cookieception concoction, right?

Believe it or not, I don't share every recipe I make with my readers. I'm sure some of you have a vision of me hovering over ingredients taking meticulous pictures while I force my family to sit on the sidelines waiting hours for a simple salad. Okay, so that does happen SOME time; but I don't chronicle every meal, by a long shot. Sometimes I play with a Pinterest idea, or twist a recipe and keep a camera on hand for posterity (okay, that doesn't sound any better), with no real intent to blog about it. And, sometimes those photos twist into a blog post because I receive enough praise from friends, family, and bowling-mates, that I feel it is too good not to share with you all. This is one of those cases- so, excuse the flour and enjoy!
When I was a little girl I'd spend a week of each vacation with Momma's Momma, my Oma, or 'grandmother' as it's known in German. She only got to see me for a handful of days out of each year, so I was sufficiently spoiled rotten. From a young age I learned where all of her secret stashes were. There were shark shaped fruit snacks in the hideaway closet in the dining room, string cheese under the eggs in the fridge, and a secret agent style cookie jar in the kitchen. When I was a toddler, and asked what was in this beautiful cow cookie jar, I was always told 'dog biscuits.' And so I believed for many years, until, one day, I connected the 'theft proof' mooing feature seconds before grandma's famous chewy cookies emerged before me. From there on out it was only a matter of learning how to time the 'moos' with grandma's absence from earshot.
Oreo Cookie Muffins
There are few treats as satisfying, to me, as a warm chewy cookie fresh from the baking sheet. No matter the temperature, or time of year, a tall glass of milk (or 'white water,' as I only drink fat free or 1%), can truly warm the tummy and put smiles on faces. I'm not sure how the Oreo Cookie Muffin came to be, as it's really more of an extra chunky, super moist cookie in muffin form- but it's truly magical. I've decided this particular recipe would be especially perfect for anyone looking to make a homemade cookie cake (in a 9" round pan), and will produce fairly fluffy cookies when scooped onto a baking sheet as well. But I'm partially fond of the whole 'cookie from the top, muffin from the side' profile- it really turns heads.
Oreo cookie Muffins
This week it's been particularly gloomy, especially for Southern California in July. We had physical rain, which is rare any time of year, and Sunday I had to cancel plans for Smores due to inclement weather. It turns out this was the perfect answer to gloomy skies and cold winds. Not only did the kids have fun crumbling all the ingredients (I had melting chocolate instead of baking chips), but the generous chunks of Oreo Cookie and gooey chocolate was enough to speak right to the soul. This recipe has everything great about the perfect cookie, and I dare you to try it warm with a scoop of Vanillia ice cream on top!

What Daughter Says: Oreo Cookie Muffins just may be the Unicorn of the cookie/muffin world.

Oreo Cookie Muffins
Oreo Cookie Muffins
****click here for printable cookie muffin recipe


*2 C Brown Sugar
*2/3 C Butter (Softened)
*3 Medium, or 2 Large Eggs
*1 TSP Vanilla Extract
*2.5 C Flour
* 2 1/4 TSP Baking Powder
*1/2 TSP Salt
* 12 OREO Cookies, Crushed
*1/2 C White Chocolate Chips
*1/2 C Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 325F

1.) Cream butter and sugar in a large bowl, with a mixer. Introduce eggs and vanilla and stir until well combined.
2.) Mix the baking powder and salt with 1 C of flour. Pour into the butter mixture gradually. Combine remaining flour.
3.) Fold in OREO's and chocolate chips.
4.) Drop by heaping scoop into (foil) baking cup lined muffin tins, or pour into a pre-greased 9" cake pan, dusted with cocoa powder. Bake for 25-35 MINS, or until surface is lightly browned.


  1. That definitely looks decadent. My son and husband would eat these up in a minute flat especially hot from the oven.

  2. Just in time for 3 o'clock hunger attack. Looks so delicious, I am about to lick the screen

  3. Oh my, my mouth is so watering! This looks absolutely amazing! I've never had a cookie cake before. But I think I would definitely love to try your muffin! Amazing!

  4. Woah. This is totally going on my "Splurg Day" pin board. To YUMMY! Would you stop giving me late night cravings. LOL!

  5. Love oreo cookies and these are definitely a cookieception! Yum!

  6. Pinned ya girl. I love the complexity of this recipe, so much depth.

  7. Oma is also used in Dutch and that's what my son call my momma too :)

    My mom lives far away from us too so whenever she visits us I make sure my son and her spend alot of time together.

    I love this recipe!!So easy to make. I will pin this so I don't lose it.

    Jade of
    Diva Fabulosa Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  8. oh my deliciousness! you have the best looking recipes all the time!

  9. OMgoodness...this seriously classifies as food porn - I am in love with this recipe and it will be one of the first things I make when I am off my dietary restrictions.


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