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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Butterfly Wing + Halloween Nail Art With Julep Maven

*** I am a paying subscriber of the Julep Maven monthly program. All opinions below are genuine, and all images below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
butterfly nail art
*** Want to try Julep Maven for yourself? Get your first box free with code PENNY or FREEBOX. Just fill out the style profile here, and you're on your way!
Momma Told Me: Innovate, then recreate.

When I was growing up, 'nail art' consisted of an extra gemstone on your gel manicure, or a little dotted flower on your big toe. If you asked the woman at the salon to paint the cast of Friends on your nails you'd likely be thrown out with a hearty round of laughter. Yes, getting your 'nails done' essentially meant the traditional acrylics with thick white French tips, and the occasional clear Pink glitter tips, if you were really daring. Then, a few years back, the nail care industry took a turn from traditional color to full on beauty. The Konad method of 'stamping' nails went viral from an As Seen on TV campaign, and suddenly fashionistas everywhere became nail art experts, hosting their own tutorials.
I'm hardly a nail artist- and I've tried many Pinterest ideas that simply failed. (Have you ever attempted 'Splatter' nails? They're a complete mess and the entire concept of layering 4-5 colors of lacquer is flawed from origin.) But I digress- for years my idea of nail art was alternating the colors on my toes, every other piggy; or painting a 'Watermelon' on my big toe. Every now and then a stroke of genius would be had, and I'd nail the replication of a hot new style (ombre), only to have it smear while I was trying to Instagram it. Yes, nail art is frustrating; especially when you don't have the proper tools, or when you're trying to copy someone else's Pin-spiration. My tips?

Always use the same lacquer brand for a single look. For example, I love the brand Zoya; it's one of the longest wearing brands, and also 3T free, but it's unique natural proprietary blend doesn't play well with my favorite glitter and metallic hues from Sally Hansen. I have a lacquer collection to rival an addict, covering 9 different brands, and including 10 different clear glitter top coats; but I always set out to build a look with cohesive lacquers.
Julep Maven
My second tip for nail art infamy? Nail art Pin-spiration boards are great and all, but the most successful looks are the ones inspired by you. Short on inspiration? Let a new favorite color, accessory, or print inspire your next nail trend. I'll sometimes flip through Harpar's Bazaar for high fashion inspiration that has led to some of my favorite treatments. One thing that keeps me consistently inspired is my Julep Maven subscription. I've been a paying member since the beginning of the monthly Julep Nail Vernis (lacquer) program, and find it worth every penny.

Unlike many new 'fad' based monthly subscription programs, Julep is extremely easy to navigate and offers clear windows for approval, or denial, of each month's box. That's right, you don't have to call anyone to cancel your account, or opt out of this month's selections. Simply log into your Julep Maven portal between the 20-25th of each month and choose whether or not to receive the following month's box. Even better, Julep features the salon quality in house Julep Nail Vernis range in 4 different style profiles each month. That's 4 unique palettes (boxes) to choose from, so there's bound to be something for everyone.
September Julep Maven
I'll admit, there used to be more 'extras' in the Julep Maven boxes. This month I received two Bombshell profile shades, Karmen (glitter, holographic, orange) and Daria (dark gray). I also received this month's beauty extra, Julep's Bare Face Cleansing Oil, and a One Step Polish Remover Pad. The 'bonus' remover pad is useful yes, but not as fun as the rock candy treats, or neon hair ties, that came with previous boxes. In any case, I've also noticed the company has been actively working on their packaging and presentation to appear more 'premium'. This was the first month I'd received the lacquers free of the traditionally messy plastic wrappers, and housed in chic cardboard sleeves. I think it adds a more dramatic 'pop' to the un-boxing of each month's color.
Halloween nail art
But you're not here to listen to me gush about Julep Maven, are you? So let's get to the nails- The above treatment was actually inspired by my quickly deteriorating home gel manicure. The red hue is Nailuv's Red Menace Gel, very similar to Julep's Jackie (which I'd featured earlier this year), and the secondary color is this month's Daria. Our neighbors actually put up their Halloween decorations this week, so I was inspired to turn my 'blood red' mani into a creepy 'ooze' inspired creation. Other than adding a secondary top coat, I was pretty pleased with this festive look for the true Horror fan. Now, if only I could master the Dexter inspired red splatter on white *sigh*.
Julep Karmen
Butterfly nail tutorial
Butterfly Wing Nails
The second color in my Julep Maven box this month was, without argument, the showstopper. I was inspired by the almost holographic, intense glitter, Karmen hue, which looks unbelievably more dynamic in real life (than it had on my laptop screen). The color reminded me of a stunning Monarch butterfly that is often seen floating through our courtyard, and so I set out to recreate 'wings' on my nails. Yes, this mani has been around the internet in different variations, but I took my inspiration from real life. I didn't have a nail art pen in black, but I did have Sadie (Julep, black), and a bamboo shish-kabob skewer, so my line work is a little sketchy. In all, I think it came out amazing, and can't wait to play with this style and integrate Ombre, next Spring. If you need a little extra nail inspiration, try your first month of Julep for a penny (Code: PENNY) or free (Code: FREEBOX), when you sign up here.

What Daughter Says: The best ammo for success is your own inspiration.


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    Nowadays, there's so much you can do! I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest as well - I just need to find the time to actually do it!

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