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The Importance Of Maintenance Care For Pets

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Momma Told Me: We take them, because we love them.

I love my cat.

That may be an understatement. No, I'm not a crazy cat lady, and yes, I do have a pet toy Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). But friends and family have been known to post comments about me and 'my cat', and I've even been heard making threats regarding the safety and security of my house for my precious Truffles. The fact of the matter is I would be heartbroken if anything happened to either of my furbabies, but Truffles has been with me the longest. Through a very tough marriage, and equally tough divorce, through the good times, and the bad. My cat is more than an animal I take care of in my home, she is my comfort on the worst days, and my partner in crime through the best.

Dog lovers, I know it's hard to understand what a mere indoor cat could offer to rival that of a canine companion that can go on explorations and playdates outside the home. They both have their trades, I suppose, but there is simply something I feel in her gentle nuzzles, and see in her thoughtful eyes that touches my heart every time. (I love Nora, the dog, I do- but she is more of a haphazard dork bringing comic relief to our lives.) Truffles is the wise Sensei overlooking the house, guarding her Momma, and the one constant these past 5 years. I held her as soon as she could be weened from her mother, carefully picked the fleas off of her the first night home, and carried her around the house in my shirt until she could hold her own.
tuxedo kitty yawns
tuxedo kitty
For the great majority of my childhood I had my heart set on being a veterinarian. I even spent a few Summers volunteering at a local clinic and shelter. It was then I realized that being a vet was not all miracles and thankful hugs with furry critters. No, just like many types of physicians, there were the rough days when you'd have to deliver tough news. To this day I recall standing in the corner of a tiny little office as the vet I was assisting informed a parent her 17 year old calico's quality of life was badly compromised, and the humane thing to do would be to put her down. I was frozen. I felt my own eyes welling up with hot tears as I watched the professional before me attempt to reassure this woman her best friend was beyond any modern medical care.

That night I was silent at the dinner table until I made the dramatic announcement, "I don't want to go back again," my stomach twisted and I shoved the food around my plate, no appetite. My parents, shocked, and knowing it was something I so dearly loved, prodded me for an explanation. I couldn't find the words, I simply kept imagining how every pet I'd ever love would leave me in the end. I never went back, I never pursued my dream of being an animal healer. In fact, it was years before I'd even consider loving another animal. And that was the day I found Truffles.

My pets are my babies. And it may be a little backwards, but I put as much, if not more, emphasis on their health, as I do my own. With animals of any age, but especially those of adult age, preventative care is essential. Visiting your veterinarian for more than mandatory vaccines and shots can mean the difference between severe arthritis and a simple dietary adjustment. I may not have been cut out for the veterinary life, but part of me is still very much fascinated with the career today. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at the Cloverleaf Hospital in Ohio, and see how Dr. Linda Randall makes an impact on every patients life, no matter the lifestyle or type.

What Daughter Says: Visiting the vet can be a stressful experience for pet and owner, but a great veterinarian relationship can really impact the quality of life for your pet.


  1. We have 3 cats and they are like children to us. I make sure that they have regular appointments at the vet just like our kids go to the doctor. It's important.

  2. Your kitty is very sweet. Vets are so far away here. We wait for the traveling clinic that comes once a year for shots. In an emergency we drive to town of course.

  3. We have a cat who is now 14 years old. I think she is more healthy now than when she was younger! She is on a prescription diet and lost weight with that, and is very spry! We always take her to the vet on a early basis.

  4. I am more of a cat person, but I loved my dog Outlaw, and was heartbroken when we had to put him down. Our pets are like our children.

  5. Oh ya, my two dogs are my, and yes, vets on a yearly basis.

  6. We don't have pets at the moment but I think when my son is bigger we might get one and it would totally be convenient to have vets on call or at least nearby.

  7. We have two dogs currently but no vet. we just moved to a new city and need to find a vet and get them their regular maintenance!

  8. As you well, know I am not much of a cat lover but I do agree that if you have a cat or any pet you must take care of it. Loved the video too!