Momma Told Me: @InfluensterVox: The New Colgate #SlimSoft Brush Provides Maximum Power, Gently

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@InfluensterVox: The New Colgate #SlimSoft Brush Provides Maximum Power, Gently

*** As an Influenster network member I received a Colgate #SlimSoft VoxBox in exchange for my honest feedback on various social media channels. No further compensation was provided. All photos below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Colgate #SlimSoft Brush
Momma Told Me: Beauty can be painful.

I'm here today to defend tooth brushing. 

Some say it isn't glamorous- but I often argue it's one of the most crucial steps in a woman's daily beauty routine. Sure, there was a time when I was a child where I'd get caught chewing on my brush to pass the time until Momma's timer went off. But things have changed. My relationship with my brush has evolved since then. We've grown tight. Well, actually, we've grown slimmer, together.

Your smile is statistically shown to be the most likely attribute to catch any prospective client, employer, or mate's attention first. What does your smile say about you? There are a few things I simply cannot start my 'day' without; making my bed, taking a shower, and brushing my teeth. Why? Because I simply don't feel right flashing my pearly whites while my mouth feels dingy. I am hyper sensitive to even the smallest morsel of food and debris wedged between a tooth or gum. I will sit and pick at it until I'm certain the offending speck is gone- and that's not very sexy, is it?
Colgate SlimSoft
In April I had a long overdue procedure to remove an 'extra' tooth I had growing under one of my Anterior Cuspids. I'd known about it since I'd had my Wisdom Teeth removed in high school, but had elected to forgo the additional procedure at the time, of fear of how much it would cost my parents. Flash forward 8 years and the bugger is pressing up against a nerve- it was time to go! I digress; this procedure left a rather big hole under two of my teeth, and involved the displacement of my gums temporarily, requiring excess healing. To put it bluntly, I was in need of a new, softer, yet still just as effective, toothbrush. Out went my old Colgate companion, and so began the search for a new one. I'd always used 'Hard' head brushes in the past, so transitioning to a 'Soft' head brush was very concerning for me. I simply didn't feel as though my mouth was getting as clean.

When #InfluensterVox informed me they wanted to send me the latest Colgate oral care technology to review I was intrigued. Not only did the new #SlimSoft Gliding Tip (also made in Pro Tip) brush offer improved reach and targeted efficacy, but the ergonomic design was far less intimidating than my current manual brush. Colgate SlimSoft is a big deal for what it does and doesn't have; 17x slimmed bristles and 35% more bristles overall. That means a unique tactile experience when brushing, and a positively radiant fresh smile. The brush hardly looks worthy of doing cartwheels; there are no bendy head gimmicks, no fancy patterns of colored bristles, no replacement head indicators- it's about as plain as a brush can get (visually).
Colgate SlimSoft
However, when paired with Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste, I enjoy a gentle cleaning massage that is pleasantly tingly. My gums, which are still sensitive easily accepted this new routine without complain. After my first use I noticed that my mouth felt fresh, longer, and I had significantly less 'picking' at me teeth through the afternoon. In fact, instead of reaching for a toothpick, I prefer to go to my #SlimSoft, and simply brush my teeth again, after a harsh meal.

Ultimately, I am most surprised as to how powerful the brushing experience feels, while still utilizing soft, flexible bristles. These thinner bristles reach between my teeth (which are tight even to floss), and deep along my gums for maximum plaque removal that makes brushing a vital part of my beauty routine again. After all, when your mouth feels fresh, you can't help but want to flash a beautiful smile!

What Daughter Says: Don't let your oral care routine step on your toes. Choose a gentle brush, with extra power to deep clean, for a beautiful smile.


  1. I prefer a softer toothbrush myself where my husband loves those ones that are like toothpicks in a row on a stick.

    So glad the new Colgate brush is able to help with your sensitive gums

  2. I also love a soft toothbrush! As a dentist, Colgate is a brand I love and trust!

  3. I have sensitive gums so I always go with a soft brush.

  4. I love anything Colgate makes - such a great company with quality products

  5. I enjoy trying new toothbrushes. Is that Odd? It's true. After 52 years a person can instantly tell a great brush from a so-so one. Love to hear your opinion on the slimsoft