Momma Told Me: Do You Have The #GreatestGrad? @BestBuy Has The Greatest Gifts!

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Do You Have The #GreatestGrad? @BestBuy Has The Greatest Gifts!

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@BestBuy Has The Latest For The #GreatestGrad: Gifts For Every Graduate Persona, and even Grad Gifts Under $50.
Momma Told Me: The end of one journey begins another.

I graduated at 16. I was the youngest of my class and , by far, the one with the least direction moving forward. I had graduated early an with accolades but hardly had any idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At the time Art School seemed like a fitting rebellion against the studies I had been subject to the previous 12 years. I recall, even in 'my time' graduation wasn't quite what it is today. Our school gathered on the football field and all 256 of my graduating class marched across a very shaky and old stage set with a podium. My parents had recently filed for divorce, and neither side could quite agree who would be present in the face of the other, so my support group was much smaller than those of my friends. To me, the whole ordeal was a non-event.
@BestBuy Has The Latest For The #GreatestGrad: Gifts For Every Graduate Persona, and even Grad Gifts Under $50.
Today it seems that even Kindergarten matriculation is being called graduation- children who spent the last year learning to finger-paint get caps and a ceremony with a certificate. As adorable as that is, it kind of stains the importance and celebration of someone who has stuck out all of their K-12 years and made plans to further their future with job training or a secondary education. Let's face it, no matter your age, graduation is a bit scary. Whether you're leaving high school for a University, or leaving college to, well, pay off those school loans, graduation marks the turning of a stage in one's life. It should be celebrated.

Just two years back my youngest cousin finished her final year of private school and began an engineering degree that to this day makes my head spin. We hosted a big celebration and a mountain of gifts were bestowed upon her, in addition to a box full of cards with cash. Graduates have expenses, yes, but most grads won't be tempted to turn those checks into valuable assets (pizza and beer here they come!) I buy many of my yearly gifts at Best Buy, there simply is no other place with the hottest tech and media products and an reassuring Price Match Guarantee. Best Buy even has a great Gifts For Grads Guide to help you determine your grads needs (Fitness Fanatic, Networker, or Moving Out) and match them with a valuable gift that will aid them on their journey ahead.
@BestBuy Has The Latest For The #GreatestGrad: Gifts For Every Graduate Persona, and even Grad Gifts Under $50.
A close friend of our family has a daughter heading off to college this fall who will not only be Moving Out for the first time, but is also always connected with her friends across the nation, and her family in Mexico. As a big Networker she needs reliable technology that will keep her connected to her WiFi network while about campus and away from her dorm, as well as powerful chargers and battery packs to keep her devices running. Her mother didn't even know such things existed until I pulled up the Mophie 32GB Space Pack Case and Charger, perfect for storing data an charging her daughter's iPhone 5. This unique case is essentially an expansion pack for your smartphone, and the perfect way for new grads to keep track of all those meticulous notes (or meticulous blackmail photos) and keep their phone charged when out at a long day full of classes.

Just check out some of the other great finds for the Networker Grad, at Best Buy:
  • iPhone 5s
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 13" Touch-Screen Laptop
  • SONOS Play:1 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music
  • SanDisk Connect 32GB USB 2.0 Wireless Flash Drive
  • Google Chromecast
  • iTunes Gift Card $50
  • Jawbone MINI Jambox Wireless Speaker
  • Surface 2 64GB AT&T 4G LTE
  • Surface Keyboard Cover
  • Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Note 3
  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB External USB Portable Hard Drive
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Dual-Band Wireless-AC Router
  • Speck CandyShell Cell Phone Case
@BestBuy Has The Latest For The #GreatestGrad: Gifts For Every Graduate Persona, and even Grad Gifts Under $50.
If you're like me, you might be attending several graduation ceremonies over the coming weeks; some of which for friends of the family or lost cousins you really don't know too well. Don't worry, Best Buy still has you covered with a complete range of grad gifts under $50. Consider gifting and iTunes gift card in the denomination that fits your budget, or a Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Maker for all those late nights spend studying. The best thing about buying Grad gifts at Best Buy is that your grad is sure to love their gift, or have a blast exchanging it at their local store for something that fits them even better. Don't let the grads in your life go tech hungry, let Best Buy help lead the way to a well connected future with the hottest gifts for grads this season!

What Daughter Says: Start your grad on the right foot with a gift that will guide them on their journey ahead.


  1. These are some really great gift ideas!! Thanks for sharing. We love shopping at Best Buy!!

  2. The Mophie Smart Pack is so useful. So many times you need more juice and can't find a plug!

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  4. Those are some seriously great gift ideas! I seriously need to invest in a Mophie Smart Pack! I swear my battery is always dead on my phone! LOL

  5. I have a graduation party coming up and will for sure shop Best Buy for the perfect gift!

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