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Make Every Moment Memorable (This Summer): Tips And Tricks

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Make Every Moment Memorable this Summer with simple boredom busting tips and #SummerGoodies like real fruit juice Outshine Bars! #Shop
Momma Told Me: Make moments memorable.

It's officially here. Summer. I've defiantly held onto Spring for several weeks, but the fact of the matter is school is already out for half of the country. And if you think juggling a household with all the kids out of school is tough, try having 2 step-siblings from another state on vacation while your eldest is sent out the door to elementary each day. It's some kind of cruel torture, but this woman doesn't make the school calendar where we live, so Sabrina's (11) stuck doing her time for three more weeks while her brother and sister sleep in. And that means rallying the troops in time to get errands done and be in front of the school by 1:30, 5 days a week.
Bust Summer boredom anywhere- turn a shopping trip into a scavenger hunt and let the winner pick their favorite frozen snack! #SummerGoodies #Shop
Of course not everything always goes as planned. There are half days, doctors appointments early Summer holidays and vacation plans to prepare for. Sometimes we're forced to pack up the entire team and head into Walmart for some serious bonding shopping. I'm grateful Walmart has a built in Pharmacy and grocery department, but do they have to have an entire man cave built into the back? Let's face it, the men often peel off towards electronics, and we're left trying to make grocery shopping sound exciting. Well, guess what? It is exciting! Turn your kiddos loose (not literally wild and rampant, just short leash loose) and see who can find the shopping list items first. The winner gets to pick-out their favorite frozen reward, like Kiara's Outshine frozen fruit bars.
Man Vs. Kite #SummerGoodies #Shop
The holiday last weekend was one of our last chances to hit the local beach park before all of the vacations and planned activities officially start. For example, Sabrina's youth/adult bowling league wrapped the week before, and this week Kiara (9) and Noah (4) will begin bowling with their father and I for 10 weeks. That means our Thursdays will be quite hectic with picking Sabrina up from school, monitoring homework and reading, then heading out to the alley in the town next over by 5PM. I keep the freezer stocked with a plethora of snack options to keep the Grumple Monster away and small tummies satisfied on busy afternoons like that. Sabrina even likes helping out, and playing chef, by making her sister and brother pizza Hot Pockets they can easily take in the car on the way to the alley.
Do you remember good old fashioned Ring Toss? #SummerGoodies #ShopDon't forget proper eye protection this Summer! #SummerGoodies #Shop
We're lucky, in Southern California, we only live minutes from several harbors or beach parks full of family entertainment and activities. For Memorial Day we brought some #SummerGoodies in a cooler to Mandalay Shores where there are plenty of other children for the kids to play with and interact with. It's not uncommon to hear the 'ping ping' of a bell on an ice cream cart go by, and I was grateful to have my own stash of OUTSHINE® Fruit & Veggie Bars on hand to dole out to the outstretched hands. Everyone in our family has their favorite flavor from Strawberry Rhubarb to Creamy Coconut, made with real bits of coconut and fruit juice. These were much more refreshing then any of the 'drive by' options would have been!
Remember this game from your childhood? Now it can be one of your Summer Traditions when you use water-soluble Marking Paint (found at most major hardware stores) to make a Lawn Twister grid. Go massive and make it 10x10, or use your favorite colors to suit a theme! Cut a hole in an old box to use for a template, and let dry 30 minutes before play. Just add some iced cold lemonade, Hot Pockets, Outshine Bars, and other #SummerGoodies for an instant party! #Shop
Since the sun is out, okay it's out almost all year round here, I've been encouraging outdoor play much more lately. The kids often complain that they want to go to a park; but I rarely have time to pack everyone up for even a short trip in between packing, laundry, appointments, bowling practice, and more. We compromise by finding unique and fun ways for the kids to interact and play in the yard outside. Why spend a bunch of money on new toys that will be tossed aside in a few weeks when you can use a little imagination and your surroundings to make a magical playtime?
Cut Hot Pockets In Half to cool fast for small hands and mouths. Pick up a 12 Count Value Pack at Walmart! #SummerGoodie #Shop
New for our family this year is Yard Twister. We invested about $20 in 4 cans of washable (water based) Marking Paint cans from the local hardware store. I had a hard time hunting them down at first, but you should be able to locate them with the other aerosol based paints in up to 10 different shades and colors. This unique paint is often used to mark fields for sporting events, or construction notations on grass concrete and more. With a simple template we easily made an interactive grid on the lawn that was dry in just 30 minutes. Okay, okay, keeping hyper kids off the wet paint for 30 minutes is near impossible- Try my tip, heat up a few Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets, filled with premium meat and real cheese, and cut them in half to serve on a plate. Small hands, and mouths, will be busy in no time!
You don't have to feel like a day camp coordinator or Super Mom to create some flavorful moments with your family and some great eats. And you don't have to break the bank either, with 12 CT Value Pack bundles of Hot Pockets an your favorite Outshine real fruit juice bars on hand. Just be sure you stop to take an extra breath, then reach into the freezer, pull out that folder of awesome Pinterest Summer pins, and you're sure to make every moment memorable this Summer!

What Daughter Says: Use simple tricks and frozen snacks to help make busy Summer afternoons more memorable.


  1. YOu guys are having so much fun. :) Your poor daughter! She must hate having to get up for school which the other kids stay home. What a bummer. Hopefully it goes by quickly. We love those Outshine fruit & veggie bars. I just bought some a couple of days ago. They're delicious. And my kids NEED more veggies.

  2. I'm sure the kids loved the outside twister game. So very clever. I love Hot Pockets - one of my favorite snacks.

  3. that twister game is so cute. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt at the store with the kids. Teaching them to save and spend wisely too would be goo.d

  4. These are such good ideas! I'm gonna have to take notes for when I have kids!

  5. My daughter has taken to eating Hot Pockets for breakfast. Since they have way more protein than the waffles and other junk she eats, I am okay with it. Love the lawn twister!

  6. That is one thing that kind of bites about different schools is their different start and end times. Hopefully school goes by fast so your daughter can finally and fully enjoy Summer activities :)

    That Twister game is amazing! No more flimsy tarp that gets all twisted up (a little pun intended)!

  7. Love the yard twister. That is just so neat!

  8. I love the ideas of a grocery scavenger hunt and lawn twister. So creative!

  9. Such a fun hangout - I want to hangout with you. You stuff is always so much fun

  10. I'm in love with this lawn twister idea! Seriously cannot wait to do it myself. #client