Momma Told Me: Does Where You Stay Impact How You See The World?

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Does Where You Stay Impact How You See The World?

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Haceta Head Lighthouse
Momma Told Me: It's a vacation, not a death sentence.

Let's be real. Travel is a bundle of stress wrapped around a fleeting escape from the ordinary. Studies show that the anticipation of a good thing, such as a vacation, can begin having a positive effect on our health from the moment we put our mind to the plans. But those same studies don't consider all of the time, phone calls, and lists that will be made from Point A to Point B. And I am a nervous traveler, in the plane/train/automobile I worry non-stop about whether I have locked the door properly, left enough food for the cat, or forgotten a crucial packing element like toothpaste or a hair dryer.

Upon arrival my stress wanes only a little; now the time has come to go over the details, the 'plans' of one's vacation. There are meals to consider, timing to figure out, and the logistics of cramming as much into a short period of time as possible. And, when I put it that way, it doesn't seem too relaxing does it? One of the secrets I've found to a more enjoyable vacation is to plan an authentic experience. This may mean, while you have an idea of the things there are to do, you also understand that there may be a plethora of other things to discover and explore once you get there. But you can't just jump into a random city, state, or continent and expect for things to go smoothly.
Perpetua Point in Oregon
Half the stress of traveling is simply not know where you are going. You are out of your comfort zone- but there is a way to turn that discomfort into excitement. Much like traveling to visit family, where you get to experience a slice of their life and community for a short time; you can choose to board with someone, rather than  hotel. Leave the sanitary feel of a major hotels and chains behind and get a taste of real local living when you look into booking a bed or breakfast ran by a real local. This could be a spare bedroom with a family, a guest house, or even a cottage; the world of possibilities are endless, but the benefits are immense, and the experience is always unique.

Not only can you cut down on some of the stress, and 'dislocated' feel of staying in a cold and clinical hotel, but you will have a real genuine slice of the locale outside your window every day. And how handy is it to be able to ask about the best restaurants and lookouts from someone who has actually experienced them? Goodbye tacky lobby brochures!

Would you ever consider booking someone's guest room or house for your vacation?

What Daughter Says: Sometimes we get wrapped up in all the planning and details that we forget to enjoy the world outside our window.


  1. Our first trips to Hawaii were all done B&B style in people's homes. This was back in the 80ies before computers. It was a great way to travel!

  2. Beautiful pictures! We love to travel but our adventures have revolved around our kids in recent years. We've never stayed in someone's home (that we didn't know) for vacation but it's definitely something I'd consider.

  3. What an amazing photo of you overlooking the vista. We have used Airbnb and similar services. I will rarely book a hotel room. I love these services and the feel of being in a home away from home.

  4. I would love to travel in this way. If it saves money and you get something like a pool why not! vacations are more fun this way.

  5. When we plan a vacation sometimes picking a place to stay is one of the most stressful parts of the planning.

    Using sites like Airbnb we can find something that offers privacy, allows room to play for our children without disturbing hotel patrons (by renting a house) and the prices are very affordable for all the amenities.

  6. You know I could book someone's house not sure about their guest room. That's where I get nervous!

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