Momma Told Me: Spring Is Here- Clean Your Cabinets + Your Mind With Healthy Goal Setting

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Spring Is Here- Clean Your Cabinets + Your Mind With Healthy Goal Setting

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Momma Told Me: Gather your thoughts, not just your things.

While spring, and Spring Cleaning most often mean changing the linens, pulling out the patio furniture and dusting down the freshly sprinkled pollen, for me it is the point in the year where things have begun to reach full swing. Earlier this month I shared my aspirations to focus on collecting life experiences this year, rather than the accumulation of trinkets and things. It goes back to the age old question; "In a fire, if you could only grab 3 things, what would they be?" With most photos stored digitally, or in 'the cloud,' family heirlooms begin to come to mind. However, the best thing about collecting experiences, of 'stuff,' is that they are constantly carried with you throughout your life.
Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant helps nourish sensetive skin while fighting moisture and odor for up to 48 hours. #ad
My home, my mind, and my body, are arguably more cluttered than they should be. 2 years ago I cut all sugar out of my beverages, now drinking 90%+ straight water, and drastically removed the bulk of gratuitous sugars from my diet. Those were extras that simply needed to go. But any overhaul, whether physical or mental, is not complete in a single task alone. I've been walking this path towards change for a while now, and every now and then add another element of change. This Spring I began hitting the gym regularly- and I mean, on a schedule with no excuses.
Mudderella 6 mile obstacle course event.
Setting short term and long terms goals help you assess the progress of your goals or 'internal cleaning,' as I am referring to it. Baby steps, for me, are spending an hour at the gym a minimum of 4 days a week. The grander picture is my commitment to tackle the somewhat overwhelming 6 mile obstacle course mud run that is Mudderella. This June I will head to Northern California with some of my close friends, and a fellow blogger, to experience the true bonds of womanhood and the strength of our inner warriors. There will be tire courses, climbing, pools of muddy water, belly crawling, and so much more- I am terrified. I cannot wait.
Strawberry Fields Salad
As I prepare for the long term goal of completing a Mudderella event, I am looking to better outfit myself with the proper tools to accomplish my goals. I have begun working healthier meals into my day to day eating habits in an effort to provide myself a little more fuel. I have also been looking into a more comfortable sports bra (that's actually a challenge in itself when you're a full busted woman!) and I've gone through my cupboards tossing out any stagnant resources that could use updating. Namely, my deodorant. With the friction of physical activity, and the rigors of sweat and muscle building, I need an antiperspirant that will not only fight odor and sweat, but nourish sensitive skin in the process.
Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant helps nourish sensetive skin while fighting moisture and odor for up to 48 hours. #ad
I trust Dove for my body wash and after shave moisturizer, so switching to Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant simply makes sense. It not only promises to provide impressive 48 hour protection that goes beyond wetness and odor to nourishing skincare, but comes in refreshing fragrances such as Cool Essentials and berry kissed Revive. I'll be making the switch this week as I hit the gym for my laps and lifting, stay tuned to hear more about how my Spring Cleaning process is transforming my underarms and overall outlook as I head towards Mudderella NorCal 2015! What are some of your lifestyle goals for 2015 and what progress have you made?

What Daughter Says: Spring is a great time to re-asses both short and long term goals.


  1. This is my favorite deodorant. I cannot think of another deo that makes me feel good even after a whole bunch of activities

  2. I discovered Dove deodorant last year and it's my new favorite. I changed from a product I had been using since I was 18 and it's all I'll use now.

  3. I have always wanted to do a mud run. I love Dove products, especially their deodorant. Best of luck with your training.

  4. I've been meaning to try the Dove Advanced Care! I'm SO looking forward to reading about your experience at Mudderella, good luck!

  5. Wow, major kudos to you for cutting out all sugary drinks! I sometimes drink Diet Coke - my boyfriend likes Coke so I sometimes keep it in the apt. for when he visits - but I try not to. This year I have been trying to workout more.

  6. Mudderella sounds beyond fun and getting to the gym four hours a week will be fab for your health! Congrats to you. I think the Dove products sound like a gentle touch after all you hard work.