Momma Told Me: What I'm Gaming: #CrossyRoad Endless Road Hopper Mobile Game

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What I'm Gaming: #CrossyRoad Endless Road Hopper Mobile Game

Momma Told Me: The chicken doesn't always have to have a reason to cross the road.

Hop. Hop. Hop.

As you know, my family was a 'gaming' family long before the term even really existed as it does today. Back when only the hippest homes had the latest Atari system, and when marriage counseling often meant Pop playing Zelda into the wee hours of the evening while Momma discussed novels with her book group. My parents were early adopters of home electronics, especially computing ones and I was raised with floppy disk drives and the sound of internet (AOL) dial tones. My form of 'mobile gaming' was an 8-bit Handheld Gameboy so conveniently portable and high tech for it's time its footprint rivaled the modern Phablet.

And, oh was I ever so proud of that Nintendo device- quite the expensive 'toy' back then. It's true, I put down my MegaBloks and Littlest Pet Shop figures in exchange for hours staring at that grey and green screen. At least until the batteries died! But there was one game, quite similar to Atari's Freeway, but previously only available on PC I especially became addicted to upon it's mobile gaming release; Frogger.
I'll admit- these days, I don't have quite the same amount of time to dedicate to gaming as I did in college. You may recall I actually began majoring in Game Art And Design when I graduated high school at 16. I was not only obsessed with playing video games, but I loved drawing and concept design. Needless to say, I hardly knew what I wanted to do with my life at 16, and that dream was short lived once school bills and the real world set in. These days I spend my free gaming time mainly on MMORPG's such as World Of Warcraft.

However, I can't always bring my laptop with me to game in a waiting room, on the treadmill (okay, I split my treadmill time with Instagram and gaming) or on a road trip. It's still hard for me to accept that my modern mobile phone is such more of an advanced mobile gaming device than any I ever had as a dedicated gaming system, growing up. Even better, mobile games are most often free so I can download and try as many as I want with no guilt or buyer's remorse. Over the past few years I've found a few gems I find myself going back to over and over- they remain on my phone's game screen through the seasons- one of them is #CrossyRoad.
Available for FREE through the Google Play store, Amazon Apps store, or Apple App Store, Crossy Road is a classic endless road hopper style game with over 40 unique characters to collect and explore through uniquely built terrains and environments. While one, very skilled, person could theoretically run endlessly and never hit the end of the game, the overall object is to earn coins and unlock characters. I thought this would get old really quick but each character has their own unique soundboard, environmental tweaks, and slightly different world map challenges. My favorite, so far, is by far the Cockatoo with it's hilarious screeches that border on obnoxious (in a good way.)
While Crossy Road does offer a way to 'purchase' coins for real cash, I've seen no real need since you still unlock characters at random for 100C a piece, and are even then still subject to get repeat characters. Earning coins goes pretty fast, so you won't feel the pressure to buy anything, and you will surely love collecting the different themes and worlds to make game-play trickier. Anyone can play this tap and swipe based game, and all can feel accomplished in doing so. Best of all, you can pick it up or put it down at any time with no commitment or time suck. Play it for a few minutes here and there!

Crossy Road takes me back to my days playing Frogger with much more colorful world and character rendering and without the frustration of escalating difficulty or game play. It's a must download, n my opinion, and something the whole family can enjoy.

What Daughter Says: If you don't have time to ponder games with plots or goals download Crossy Road today.


  1. My kids LOVE Crossy Road. I stink at it. It shows that my reflexes suck. LOL!

  2. I have to admit to total ignorance to most of these games. I am not a gamer at all. I even failed at FarmVille - everything died. As a side note the picture of Truffles on your device is just too cute.

  3. This sounds fun, it's the first I'm hearing of it. I had a Game Boy Pocket back in the day - it actually still works. Black and white but not as old as the original white Game Boy. :)

  4. I think the last Nintendo device I had was the black and white gameboy
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  5. I don't play games on my phone, but my kids LOVE gaming on their iPods and Kindles! They'd probably like this.

  6. Oh boy this game looks addicting! I so need to get this!

  7. OMG! Shades of Frogger. I'm downloading this immediately. Thanks!

  8. Wow, this looks like an awesome game! I can totally see myself becoming addicted to this!

  9. My girls are playing this and showed it to me the other day. Flashbacks to Frogger!

  10. That looks like loads of fun. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like the kind of game I'd really like.

  11. I've not seen this game before but it sure does look like fun. Going to check it out.