Momma Told Me: Sending Smiles With A Minions Care Package + Paying It Forward With $.49 Cards

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Sending Smiles With A Minions Care Package + Paying It Forward With $.49 Cards

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Grandma Told Me: Say it with a Hallmark.

Here on the blog we've talked often about the special place Hallmark Greeting Cards hold in my heart. While I grew up in a technological boom, where home PCs were just beginning to become the norm, and 'cell phones' were a thing of Sci-Fi fiction, the size of briefcases, paper sentiments always especially stood out. My German immigrant grandmother believed not any greeting card would do, and that only the gold crown seal of a Hallmark greeting card could properly define milestones and occasions. As young as 5, she taught me to flip a card over, in search of that famous crown trademark.
This is something I took to heart when I later began making my own handmade line of cards 'Jenmark,' for friends and family, as a tween. But it wasn't the brand that made Hallmark special, it was the commitment to offering originally unique sentiments and cards for just about any occasion. There really isn't much of anything you can't say with a Hallmark card, and chances are there are things you should be saying with one, you don't even know there's a card for. In today's digital and instant age, I find it important to continue to connect with family and loved ones through physical mementos of greeting cards. One of my preferred ways to do this is with a care package.
As most of you know Sabrina, 12, is spending the Summer with her grandmother in Oregon, as she typically does. I knew back in May I'd be sending her a care package, but the U.S. post office prohibits sending live animals Priority Mail, so I also knew I'd have to get a little creative. While we had a lot of wonderful adventures on our road trip up North, there is one Summer 2015 event we won't be able to celebrate together- the Minions film release. So, when I came across the new range of Hallmark Minions cards at my local Walmart I knew I had the perfect box in mind.
While you'll find several hilarious sound enhanced greeting cards with the Minions on them, I was especially attracted to the range of kids birthday and everyday greetings with clip on plush characters. These greeting cards were gifts in themselves with collectible Minions clips perfect for backpack pulls or Summer luggage tags. Naturally, I wanted to collect and send them all, but I had to save a few designs for Sabrina's birthday this Fall. Momma, however, will be getting one for her birthday in August.
Inspired by the unique Minions Hallmark cards I set out to make something Minions of my own. After all, no care package is complete without something handmade. And, because I see Minions everywhere (I might be a little obsessed) I had spotted some perfectly oval lip balms I knew would transition into the most adorable Minions!
By inter-mixing the caps for the Lemon Drop lip balms and Blueberry lip balms I immediately had the perfect canvas for all of my favorite Minions, Stuart, Dave, and Bob. With a few Sharpies, and a steady hand, I went to work drawing faces on these round balms. My first few were more of experiments than anything, they were cute, but not a graphical as the finished trio (seen above.) I also made sure to include a movie theater gift card inside Sabrina's Minions Hallmark card, so she could see the film up in Oregon while she's with her grandmother.
#SendSmiles with new Hallmark Minions greeting cards at Walmart, make a Minions care package for your loved ones today! Featured are DIY Minions lip balms. #ad
I've got to say, I'm a bit sad we can't Skype and watch the movie together (theaters tend to frown on using cell phones during movies, ya know?) but I know the Minion spirit will continue on through the Summer with the amazing assortment of Minion themed goods I packed away. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on licensed merchandise to get Minion-fied, just think like a Minion! Anything banana is fair game when it comes to Minion gifting so why not attach a bag of banana candies, a banana coin purse, or petty much anything banana to your Hallmark Minions greeting card! My personal favorite find? A Banana peel smart phone holder by Fred!
Of course, while you're at Walmart, you'll want to stock up on some of the fun and colorful designs in the everyday value collection of Hallmark cards. Just look for the 'Value' card callers to find quality greeting cards as low as $.49 everyday! We always have a box of these on hand, as I like to pull them out at the most unexpected situations. There are few days a greeting card can't immediately brighten one's day!
You don't have to break the bank to #SendSmiles- Pay It Forward with $.49 VALUE Hallmark cards from Walmart. Simple dollar bill origami will help brighten a strangers day, why not offer a coffee on you, with a greting card smile? #ad
In fact, if you're the sort who loves to 'Pay it Forward' by buying the car behind you a coffee at Starbucks, you'll love the idea of improving someone's mood with an affordable $.49 Hallmark greeting card. Want to take it a little further? Use some simple dollar bill origami to fold a single or five dollar bill into a fun shape and stash it in the card with a message of encouragement like, 'Go ahead, get the Large,' 'Spring for something special on a stranger,' or 'Sharing a smile with a stranger.' Don't know what to say? Let the fun and funny Hallmark Value cards say it for you then place one on a stranger's windshield, in a random book at the book store, or on the purse of an unsuspecting stranger at the checkout line.
DIY Minions Lip Balms- Make a Minions Care Package for your loved ones today with exclusive Minions Hallmark merchandise at Walmart! #ad
Life goes too fast not to stop and connect with your fellow humans- let Hallmark help you connect with unique greeting cards and inspired sentiments. Whether you have a fellow Minion fanatic in need of the perfect birthday card, or are simply looking to say hello to an old friend, Hallmark at Walmart can help you connect. Emails, text messages, and phone calls all fade away, but (take it from the girl with every greeting card ever given to her in a cardboard box) physical sentiments will never fade. Like the ideas featured in this post? Follow Hallmark on Facebook for more creative ways to connect! What occasions do you have coming up that could be amplified with a Hallmark card?

What Daughter Says: Generations of our family have trusted the gold crown to capture and celebrate countless occasions. Long live the art of the greeting card.


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