Momma Told Me: Talk.Read.Sing® With A Child Today And Help Them Grow! #First5California

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Talk.Read.Sing® With A Child Today And Help Them Grow! #First5California

Talk.Read.Sing® with children under 5 to help their growing brains engage and grow when it matters most! #First5California (ad)
Momma Told Me: The world is an open book.

Long before my nephew, Nathan, took his first breath outside his mother's womb, the family and friends who already loved him so very much were committed to nourishing him and helping his brain grow. You read a lot about studies done over the value of classical music, and other stimuli, while in the womb. We're no scientists, but one thing was clear, baby Nathan was well aware of the world outside and he showed it by reacting to the voices and sounds that engaged his growing brain most.

Babies change more in their first year of life than any other time. Their world is constantly expanding with every sight and sound- just like a sponge, soaking up the world around them. The first year is crucial to their development and only matched by the importance of engagement of Talk. Read. Sing.® in the first 5 years of life.

Born in California, Nathan and his family know all about the crucial Talk. Read. Sing.® First 5 California initiative. It's one every state should have- and a topic that shouldn't require exposure, but it does. One would think talking, reading, and singing with one's baby would come natural. Savannah was reading everything from tutorials and self help to romance novels to baby Nathan long before he was born. But, sadly, the role of Talk. Read. Sing.® does not fall solely on parents, but reaches the whole community. And, with the busy lives and demands of modern day some crucial opportunities are being missed!
Often it doesn't take anything extra to engage those growing brains and Talk. Read. Sing.® with children 5 and under. If there's a pair of small eyes watching you, you have the floor- whether you're Mother, Aunt, neighbor, or family friend, take the stage and engage a child's growing mind with precious stimulus that, let's face it, can also be quite fun! Nathan's favorite cartoon just so happens to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (also my second cousin, Sadie's favorite show!) which engages growing brains on all levels- primarily with music. Have you ever noticed how much more you seem to absorb when a concept is put to a catchy tune? Little Nathan shakes his adorable butt every time the Mouse and gang start singing!

Now 14 months old, baby Nathan has also been listening to his big sister Sabrina (13) play the flute since before he knew her face. I like to joke he's a little more fortunate for that, since she first began playing just 9 months before he was born and the 'stimuli' was a little more painful back then. Today Sabrina's a member of her school band and can carry quite a tune- Nathan loves to listen and 'play' along to her practice songs and rhythms. In fact, First 5 California has some wonderful resources to get your baby or toddler up and moving with special music videos and recorded songs just for First 5 growing minds!
Remember how I said the whole family likes to help out by engaging baby Nathan's growing brain? It's not secret his grammy can't turn him down for a nap-time story- and his father's equally a sucker. Whenever the tablet comes out, Nathan expects to be entertaining, even if it's just the sounds of an engaged adult explaining the screen in front of him! You don't have to be doing something specifically targeted towards infants and toddlers to help them grow through Talk. Read. Sing®, the truth is everything can be turned into a chance to talk to a child, read out loud, or sing along. So, the next time you have a pair of little eyes and ears watching you, why not engage their growing brain by talking or singing along to whatever's going on? 

Need more inspiration for ways to turn everyday events and occasions into Talk. Read. Sing
®moments? Check out the First 5 California landing page for activities, statistics, and tips to help engage children under 5 during their most crucial development years! Do you have a child under 5 in your life? How do you like to engage them and their growing mind?

What Daughter Says: You don't have to be a parent to help a child's mind grow. Talk. Read. Sing® with a child today!


  1. So cute! It's so important to read, sing and talk with kids of all ages. I love that First 5 California is doing this. - Must Have Mom

  2. Love the images in your post. As a Californian who raised my own kids here, it's such an important message that can't be stressed enough: Reading to our kids for the first 5 years is something every mom, dad, caregiver and grandparent should be doing. It DOES make a BIG difference in your child's future success in school and in their life's work.

  3. I agree it is so important to talk, read, and sing with our little ones. I love all the bonding I get with my girls when they cuddle up on my lap to read a book.

  4. It's very important to sing, talk and read to your kids. I have three and I sand and read to them everyday and it's shocking how they remember a lot of the books and songs that I sang or read to them.