Momma Told Me: All I Want For My Birthday Is To End Blood Cancer, Okay,+ Shrimp, Lots of Shrimp!

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All I Want For My Birthday Is To End Blood Cancer, Okay,+ Shrimp, Lots of Shrimp!

wings cake from Momma Told Me
Momma Told Me: Another Day Older, Another Day Wiser.

The past few years I've awoke on my birthday grumpy; nothing but disdain for another year passed, another year 'older'. But with age comes wisdom, hopefully, and I've come to realize that every moment truly is just as much a gift as the last. Looking back is great for chronicling memories with loved ones and achievements made, but too much time with one heads turned back makes for an uncertain future and cloudy present. For me, my biggest goal of this new year, is to live in every moment; no doubts, no regrets. It's a challenge yes, but what is life if one's not living it?
Don't get too excited over the blonde; it was intended to be a transitional phase towards my new look. It will not surprise my longtime readers to know I've intended, all alone, to extend my trademark streaks of pink and purple into a whole head look. The blonde is refreshing, yes, but I am also fair skinned, and have dark eyes, which will pop more in my upcoming fashion posts with a more vibrant hue. That's right, I'm hoping to expand Momma Told Me into more fashion opportunities and posts to tie in with my previous participation in the Fashionista Events. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of home recipes, quirky product reviews, and heartwarming kids posts- this will simply be an added attraction to the Momma Told Me Blog.
wing cake
wing cake from Momma Told Me
I get asked often if I 'baked that cake,' because I am known as 'the baker' in my social circles offline. I cannot, for the life of me reason why; I'm much more of a tinkerer in the kitchen than a 5 star pastry chef. Regardless, I made my own birthday cakes again this year, to bring to the bowling alley where I bowl league Wednesday nights. One of my teammates has a true love for the symbolism of wings, and I just so happen to share that passion with my own wings (tattoo)- so this seemed like a good fit this year. I made 2 quarter sheet cakes (1 Carrot, 1 Chocolate), with purple fondant and ivory fondant for hand cut 'feathers'. I usually try to avoid fondant like the plague, as it doesn't have a great culinary presence in the way of texture and flavor, but it was the best way to execute this concept, I believe.
light the night Ventura
Today is my actual birthday and I have requested a nice calm afternoon at home (laundry is in the washer as I type). I will head out when Jay gets home to try and get some shots for an upcoming clothing review (before my hair does or does not morph into a new shade). Afterwards it's to Red Lobster for the happiest dinner this girl could envision: Endless Shrimp! This will be the first time the promotion has coincided with my birthday so I am especially tickled to make it a part of my celebration.

Everyone knows the older you get, the less grandeur one's hopes for birthday parties, treats, and gifts. This year I am asking all friends and family on and offline to make a small donation towards my fundraising efforts to help end blood cancer through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You may recall Momma is a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor, and this cause is especially dear to my heart. I'd love to raise $27 today, in honor of turning '27,' that's $1 from 27 of my 5k+ readers; I know we can do it! I never ask for favors or help through my blogging network, but this is a very important cause to me. If you'd like to help out, click the image above, or this donation link, where you will be able to donate a dedicated (or anonymous) donation in any amount (nothing is too small). You'll even receive a receipt for tax purposes!

Thanks for all your warm wishes, and any support, here's to another year!

What Daughter Says: Can we skip the older and just go with wise?


  1. Happy birthday! I really hope that your wish comes true (and the shrimp too).

  2. Happy birthday!! And here's to endless shrimp...sounds great! :)

    P.S. I love your birthday wish, too. Great idea!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BDAY!!! Love shrimp!

  4. Happy Birthday. I LOVE the Blonde and I think it actually really makes your eyes pop. Maybe sit with it for a while. You take such great selfies! May all your wishes come true!

  5. Happy happy birthday!! Like you I am crazy about shrimp too, I can eat it everyday - probably not good for my cholesterol though :P

    I hope you get your wish!

  6. I LOVE your hair this shade, you look really pretty. Good luck with your birthday wish. You deserve all the best!

  7. Love you Jenna. You know I love the blonde. It kinda of suits you in a Veronica Lake kind of way. Hell add a Bright lipstick and you are there.

  8. I just celebrated the big 31 this past week, not cool. But I'm okay with it because I have my health and a pretty good life. Happy Birthday!