Momma Told Me: You're Never Too Old To Get Back To School: Women Dominated Careers

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You're Never Too Old To Get Back To School: Women Dominated Careers

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Calling All Moms
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Momma Told Me: Don't underestimate the power of a determined woman.

I'm not going to lie, having just turned 27 over the weekend I'm feeling a little underwhelmed by the accolades beneath my belt. Every decade is a whammy on the birthday scale, but 30 just seems to be the first to really define the footwork of one's life. Having graduated high school at 16, and immediately moved into the Fall semester of classes at the Art Institutes of L.A., I thought I'd have my degree in hand by 22. Naturally, life doesn't always go as we plan, and who really knows what they want to do with their life at 16? After a short year of classes I left school and entered the work force full time; something I have always wrestled with since.

With my 10 year high school reunion this year, I have heard many old friends, now with bustling families of their own, express anguish at their lack of time to get back on track and achieve those once glistening goals. Many of the woman I'll talk with, while waiting to pick up Sabrina from school, tell me they feel that going back to school, as a woman, simply is not profitable, or possible while juggling a family and a job. Surprisingly, 84% of the Nurse Practitioner field is composed of women, including a very close friend of our family who raises 4 daughters while steering a successful career. Not only that, but the average salary for a licensed R.N. is 79k, and a base degree for health admin services can be earned in as little as 2 years.

Getting my (old) bum back to college is a little intimidating; especially when one considered the stigmas of cliques and fresh grads on a physical campus. That's why I think it's pretty neat I can earn a degree online, around my own schedule, at my own pace; thanks to online degree programs like those at Vista College. Naturally, financial aid is available for those who qualify, and I've seen a surprising amount of scholarships and grants for women, specifically mothers, looking to get back on the education wagon. I'm starting a new year of my life today, why not take the next step to yours?

What Daughter Says: Take the next step in your education, at any age, with online education that fits your schedule.


  1. This post is informative and timely as I am considering taking some continuing ed courses in computer science. The online learning platforms have really opened up opportunities for nontraditional students like working moms. We just need to get over our fears.

  2. Education is SO important but sometimes timing is everything! I'd love to return to school someday and get a MBA. I liked seeing all the stats you posted about different careers.

  3. Going back to school when I was older really made me appreciate the opportunities we have available and is so important for someone's future and self esteem.

  4. I got my degree the traditional way but my husband has taken several online classes and enjoys the flexibility.

  5. I got my degree in the classroom, but my sister is doing her final year online and it works out so well for her with her holding down a full time job already. There are some grad courses I would love to take if I can find them online.

  6. That was quite interesting to see what the highest paying jobs for women in the market right now are. Sadly i don't have the aptitude for any of those higher paying jobs. But I do for the ones first listed.

  7. I have all the education there is but a doctorate and i am doing what you are doing. Don't sweat it, but the infographic sure lays out what could be doesn't it. I have never regreted the education, maybe its a good goal for your list?

  8. Most of these jobs feel very intimidating, but it doesn't hurt to research it