Momma Told Me: Shop Your Way With Sears: How I Harness My Inner Kardashian Sister

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Shop Your Way With Sears: How I Harness My Inner Kardashian Sister

Momma Told Me: Inspire not emulate.

Fashion. Most women either love it, or dread it.

If you're like me you've likely spent years battling with the creation of your own unique image, floating from fad to fad, trying to figure out where you fit in. Even more frustrating can be the inner battle between how we see ourselves, as modern women, in the mirror, versus our true beauty. I learned several years ago that 'fashion' is subjective, and the wearer makes the style, not the clothing and baubles that adorn them. In all, I classify myself as a fashion rebel. I like to dip my toe in the 'trends' pool, but always remain true to what tickles my tastes most. This is often a blend of faceted studs, animal prints, pops of bright color, and lots of black- a LOT of black. Unfortunately, a lot of those elements typically come across as very high end (expensive), or on the opposite end of the spectrum (looking cheap). That's why I trust Sears for affordable fashion that ushers my wardrobe from one season to the next.
#ThisisStyle Kardashian Kollection
Now, I was raised a Sears gal, so I'm a little partial. Whenever my grandma would ask what I wanted for a holiday, and I'd say "Clothes," I was sure to receive a royal blue gift card in the mail. I've also learned a lot about the company and it's unique Shop Your Way Rewards program, through my father, who has been a member since it's inception, and has enjoyed ample rewards and savings on everything from his Whirlpool fridge to his button down shirts. Not only do I get to take advantage of exclusive sales and discounts, on and offline, when I use my Shop Your Way Rewards number, but I rack up valuable points that I can later convert into cash back at Sears! What I've found most useful, though, is the more recent program integration into social media sharing with custom Shop Your Way albums (think of it as a Pinterest board for Sears), and instant item feedback from friends and family.
Kim Curvy Dark Denim Jeans
I'm always sure to stop by Sears whenever I visit the local mall, and even when I'm out of town. Sears style varies from season to season, and location, so you never know what new favorite you will uncover. Last month I discovered the Kardashian Kollection display at my local Sears; an exclusive line of hand curated clothing picked by the 3 Kardashian sisters. I'll admit, I know next to nothing about these 3 women, other than they are great entrepreneurs, and I adore their style. As a 20 something, their curve embracing, slightly sultry, always impeccably detailed fashion has long been an inspiration on my Pinterest boards and seasonal must haves. My friends will often argue who they identify with most, and it's a tough call for me. While I love Kim's obsession with animal prints, Khloe, and her fiercely real body, rocks dressed down fashions that hinge on shapes and singular details. That is to say she is fashionable without fussing over extra accessories, or multiple layers.
Leopard Print Ponte Pencil Skirt
Thanks to Sears style I can take inspired elements from the Kardashian Kollection and release my inner Kardashian with Khloe inspired looks. I paired some Kim Curvy Dark Denim Jeans with a KK tee, side-knot ponytail, and Plum pumps for a casual Fall look that is comfortable yet stylish. Khloe is always seen with minimal accessories, but at least 1-2 baubles that highlight her glam heritage and dress up even casual clothes. This inspired me to add a black leather cuff with gold bow accent. Not only is gold trending for the Fall, but fashion jewelry and heels is a great way to take your drab jeans and tee outfit to fashionista status.
Unleash your Inner Khloe Kardashian at Sears
For a ladies night out I paired the Kardashian Kollection Leopard Ponte Pencil Skirt with a black tanks and Crimson Red snakeskin peep-toe wedges. While the wide leopard print is very loud, it's important to balance out chunks of animal print with similar color tones. I use gold for leopard/tiger prints, and rely more on silver and studs for snakeskin and zebra patterns. Here I tied the warm colors from my pencil skirt into a chunky gold chain necklace, also inspired by the accessories often worn by my 3 style icon sisters. This is the type of outfit I would usually wear for a night out on the town with my girlfriends, or a more casual cocktail party at home. Because this pencil skirt is made with a soft and breathable polyester and elastane material it is also wonderful to wear for extended periods, and even looks flattering while sitting!
#ThisisStyle Gold Bar Ottoman Sleeveless Dress
Because they are celebrities, and often attend Red Carpet events, the Kardashian Sisters are known for their tempting profiles in scandalously form fitting dresses. Khloe is well known for ability to rock a little white dress just as well as she can a little black dress. I'm a little paler than Khloe (just a little, right?) so I usually lean on her LBD fashions for inspiration. A more formal night out, such as one calling for this Gold Bar Ottoman Sleeveless Dress, also requires a little extra bling. I paired a red pleather clutch with same color pumps, a crystalline studded gold chain bracelet, side statement onyx and gold ring, and matching gold leafed earrings to make this look. Since this dress features a keyhole front, accented by a gold bar clasp, no necklace was needed to dress my cleavage; which I loved most, as I struggle with neck-wear when styling.
Accesorizing a Little Black Dress
#ThisisStyle Gold Bar Ottoman Dress
I like to build my wardrobe little by little throughout the year, but I couldn't help pick up 3 key elements at once when I saw the Kardashian Kollection. Not only is my Shop Your Way album full of Wish List items from this iconic collection, but I've found my confidence in the Khloe styling mantra; "Embrace your curves." Best of all, I didn't have to break the bank (which is especially important when Jay asks to see the receipts). I spent less than $100 on 4 key items to build my Fall fashions, including one hot little black dress! I enjoyed everyday values on pieces I am absolutely in love with, and earned hundreds of points towards future rewards with Shop Your Way. I may not be a fashion model, but I'm certainly the most envied woman on my block with my affordable fashion from Sears! See more of my fashionable Sears finds in my Google + shopping album.

What Daughter Says: Build a fierce wardrobe that speaks to your inner Kardashian with Sears style.

Looking for more Fall and Back To School fashion inspiration? Check out the digital magazine below for Sears Style inspiration and more!



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