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@Energems For Precision Energy In A Delicious Chocolate Package

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Momma Told Me: Beware of the crash.

Jay is addicted to energy. From caffeine infused drinks like canned espresso and energy shots to supplements, packets, and powders; it seems like he's tried it all. Working security he is up early and required to be vigilant during long patrols by bike and on foot. Having a sharp, alert, eye is crucial to his job, and having the energy to put time and attention into our relationship when he gets home is equally important. Unfortunately, many of the modern energy products are high in sugar, or devoid of sugar and taste chalky, metallic, and even plain chemical. Personally, I'll typically find myself needing a pickup, but avoid these types of products for these very reasons. When I discovered Energems, the caffeine infused energy candy, I was excited at the thought of an easily consumable, and portion-able energy aid that was low sugar and low calorie.
It's not hard to convince the average person to try a product that poses as chocolate in a colorful candy shell, but Energems have a few unique twists that make them even more attractive. Available in Mint, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter, these energy supplements are about the size of a peanut M&M, with a thicker candy coated shell and a pleasant crunch like chocolate texture. Packaged in an easy resealable box, there are 9 Energems per package, and a suggested 3 per serving, with 15 calories a piece. Classified as a dietary supplement, you'll find more than caffeine in these little delicious candies. With 75mg caffeine per serving, you'll also get a powerful dose of vitamins B12 and B6 as well as another 250mg of their proprietary energy blend including Taurine. All of this at less than 10g of sugar per serving (3 pieces) and 45 calories.
We had a chance to try all 3 flavors of Energems, and I immediately gravitated towards the Peanut Butter Blast, which seemed to have the least residual 'vitamin' flavor, while Jay preferred Mint. I brought these on our 19 hour drive up the coast to visit Momma in Oregon, and found ourselves in an emergency energy situation halfway through day two. As the sun went down, and the bright headlights began lulling our attention, I knew we needed a special kick to stay alert. I pulled out the small cardboard box and we each took 2 Energems, within minutes were were chatting once again and focused on the route. It was impressive how fast and dramatic the pick-me-up effect was with Energems, and how long the impact lasted. I was refreshed for several hours, and lacked the immediate crash, with a more gradual let down as the evening wound on.
You can currently find Energems nationwide in major convenience stores, or purchase them online in larger quantities and multi-packs through Amazon and the Energems store. After our road-trip experience I did some research to understand why the gems had helped us become so alert and focused, unlike energy drinks which often make me feel jittery and overenthusiastic. The secret is in the unique addition of a natural energy supplement, L-tehanine, that counteracts the jitters of caffeine and helps sharpen mental focus. Energems also lack a common energy ingredient, Phenylaline, which is contained in Aspartame. Best of all, consumers can easily find their perfect range by sampling various quantities of Energems to suit their energy needs.
This all American made product is a fine example of ingenious marketing, pairing chocolate and energy, with smart formulation. It's a simple consumable dietary supplement that can be easily stashed in a purse or backpack and consumed on the go. My only gripe is that I cannot find them so easily in stores near me yet, I'd love to see a big brand distribution in my area, and maybe even a multi-flavor packaging. In all, Energems were a big success!

What Daughter Says: Energems offer an immediate alertness without a steep crash.
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  1. I will have to suggest these to the hubby for those long nights in the summer on wildfires. He most assuredly needs energy boosts then! The packaging is certainly eye catching.

  2. I definitely have to get those as my job also requires a lot of energy and to exhaust. Not a streinous job but still pretty much or a wee one like mesel. :D

  3. I reviewed these and they tasted pretty good!

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