Momma Told Me: @Shirley_J 2 Step Coconutty Macaroon Mix- Simply Delicious!

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@Shirley_J 2 Step Coconutty Macaroon Mix- Simply Delicious!

*** I received product samples from Shirley J for the purpose of this baking series. No further compensation was provided. All photos contained below are property of Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Shirley J Macaroons
Momma Told Me: Sometimes the simplest treats bring the biggest delights.

I was born with a terrible sweet tooth. Every Halloween I'd pour out my pillowcase of candy and barter with my dad over my favorite fun size confections. Unfortunately for me, when ti came to chocolate, we had the same tastes. Rare as they were, when a mini Almond Joy or (even better) dark chocolate covered Mounds bar surfaced in the sea of confections a bidding war would break out. Most of the time my pop would simply claim the candy as 'unsafe' and confiscate the Reese's, Mounds, and Almond Joys. But I never gave up that thirst for that sweet coconutty candy, covered in chocolate. Then there was the day I discovered the Red, White, and Green coconut bars sold at the corner liquor store- here was a pure brick of sugar and shredded coconut; I was in heaven. For years I believed those were the best candy on Earth. Then, with some leftover coconut from an April Fools snack, Momma made macaroons. It was instant love.
Now, I realize not everyone likes coconut, and some, like my bestie, are event allergic to it. My palette does not discriminate, I will drink coconut water, use coconut lotion, and indulge in coconut flakes on my breaded shrimp. I love the unique texture of slow roasted coconut flakes and the way this tropical delight plays so well with or without added sugar. And, for a coconut lover, there are few things better than a fresh baked macaroon. These tiny, haystack like, confections are fluffy and light, with a golden outer shell that cracks beneath one's teeth to reveal a fluffy and sweet interior. And whimsical cooking aid brand, Shirley J has revolutionized the preparation process with a 26oz pouch that goes from powder to chewy macaroons in less than 30 minutes- just add water!
After experiencing the ease of making my own homemade Sourdough Bread, with Shirley J bread mixes, I knew I was in for a treat. The fact that all I needed to do was introduce a cup of water to the pre-packaged mix didn't worry me at all. Because the process was so simple I even had time to consider dressing my macaroons up a bit with some food coloring and melting chocolate. One Coconutty Macaroon bag will yield about 20-24 2oz scooped macaroons. While Shirley J has a convenient 'flinging' tutorial you can watch online, to learn how to stack your macaroons for baking, I found it simplest to use my hands and mound a 2 TBS portion onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. Of course, when using food color, expect the browning to effect the outer shell a bit, but the first bite will always bring a surprising pop of color.
Shirley J's Coconutty Macaroons were easy enough for any of our family members to create picture perfect confections. Once our treats had cooled we dipped halves in melting chocolate, and even sprinkles (the sprinkles seemed to solidify the chocolate even faster). I cannot convey enough how delicious these turned out in taste and texture, it was truly hard to put them down and walk away- they certainly didn't last long in our home! Shirley J's Coconutty Macaroon Mix was impressively simple, and even more surprisingly professional at end result; I know I will be making these during upcoming holiday events!

What Daughter Says: Don't be afraid to go gourmet, choose Shirley J's unique mixes and cooking aids for fuss free smiles.


  1. What fun to have a mix to make such delectable treats! Can't you just see them with Christmas sprinkles all over them?

  2. What a cool concept. That is my type of mistake-proof baking.

  3. Oh, these look so delicious! I might have to try this out soon. Yum!

  4. These are so pretty and look delicious! I've always wanted to try making Macaroons, but thought it would be difficult. Would love to try this mix. Thanks for the review!