Momma Told Me: 2013 Halloween Costume Photos + Fall Family Update

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2013 Halloween Costume Photos + Fall Family Update

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Momma Told Me: You're never too old.

I know I'm not the only know who has the sentiment that this year has flown by. Since this time last year I've dropped 49lbs by cutting sugar dramatically from my diet, revised my credit score by writing into the 3 major bureaus and dropping 11/13 marks on my credit score (living on your own at 16 does NOT mean you are smart with money), and purchased my first Blog Conference ticket (BlogHer 2014). This year Truffles and I also were named the winners of the #ClubFreshStep Cat Bearding Contest with our photo seen here, and enjoyed a $300 professional photography session and $700 in Sam's Club gift cards! But just because we are at the end of this year does not mean I don't still have a pile of achievements left to tackle, including a drive up the coast to see Momma, in Oregon, for Thanksgiving, haul out all the holiday decorations, defend our home against Winter pests, and prepare my blog posts for that week long vacation to Oregon. But, before we can get to that, Momma Told Me and Blog POP! Events will be bringing you thousands of dollars in giveaways with our annual Christmas Wishes Event, kicking off November 14- so be sure to be HERE!
It's been a few years since I dressed up for Halloween- usually I'm all about decking out the house and 'oooohing' and 'aaaahhhing' the costumes on the children in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we learned quickly, last year, our new home doesn't have a strong Trick-Or-Treating group. Despite there being children all around us, it seems they must Trick Or Treat somewhere other than their home neighborhood? We handed out candy to a whopping 3 people last year (and we had full size candy bars), so I resolved this year we would have an adult Halloween. Because I bowl on Wednesdays, my teammate and I decided to dress up as matching nurses the day before Halloween. On the actual day Jay and I wore matching costumes that show our love for the 90s- Pikachu and Ash. This was an unbelievably affordable ensemble. I picked up a Pikachu tail and hood for $5 at Party America back in May and we painted a Pokeball from a styrofoam ball at the local craft store. *Win*
Our Halloween night consisted of taking Sabrina (11), who decided she was too old to dress up, to walk the outlet malls and collect some candy, then heading on a double date to see Bad Grandpa and hit TGI Fridays for late night happy hour. I was actually surprised to hear how many compliments my Pikachu costume got from people in my age range. Do you ever see brands from your childhood make a comeback and feel a little giddy inside? Of course we carved pumpkins in typical tradition too, with Jay making a Pokeball, me a Pikachu, and Sabrina a classic pumpkin face with a mustache. For those wondering how the hair challenged turned her pin straight, long, hair into playful curls- I picked up my Christmas gift early this year- the Conair Curl Secret it is absolutely amazing and exclusively $99 at Walmart right now (that's $30 less than anywhere online or in stores).

November kicked off well with the #CatBearding win notification. Jay and I had a chance to take some nice professional shots at sunset I'll share on the blog sooner or later; and Truffles and I got some nice shots taken as well. Of course my primary focus has been getting all the amazing giveaways and reviews ready for you this week, with Blog POP! Christmas Wishes. I am so thrilled our group has 11 strong bloggers across so many demographics to bring you some wonderful gift ideas! We're all headed to screen Disney's Frozen tonight at Disney Studios, so I'll be back soon with the full review on that much anticipated family film.
Darth Truffles
As I head closer to '30' every day, I am constantly astounded by the amount of living I have crammed into the first 25 years of my life. Momma Told Me has been around for 4 years and I have grown so much in style and skill- I can't imagine life without my blogging family and readers. I hope, in 2014, to focus a little more on the pet blog, Time Out For Truffles, and of course cover BlogHer in full detail. And, while I am on my soap box, I' also want to brag that I am extremely proud ALL of my holiday shopping is done and waiting to be wrapped. The holidays are a magical time, but I live for that sigh of relief when I can throw my hands up and let someone else worry about the rest of the preparation.

What Daughter Says: Stay young at heart and take time to feel like a kid again.


  1. You look really cute. Congratulations on all of your achievements. I will look forward to hearing about BlogHer. I'm heading to BlogPaws in May so I couldn't do both.

  2. Great costumes. You are just too cute at Pikachu! The cat costume is adorable too.

  3. Umm.... you are done with holiday shopping?! You are amazing. How in the world do you have time for all of this??? I need to learn from you! - Katy
    PS Love the Halloween costumes, and I'm totally with you! You're never too old to dress up.

  4. You are wrapping up 2013 with a bang! I know you must feel proud and you deserve it. Your work ethic shows in everything you do. Brava!

  5. That is too much fun for me - way to go on keeping the fun going! (Now I will just get my slippers and read a newspaper or something)

  6. loved the pokemon outfits so clever!

  7. I never did halloween before but the costumes are cute :)

  8. Your blog has been a joy to me for the 3 years I have known you. I feel fortunate to have such a precious blogger friend. I have watched you grow as develop. Strongly value all that you are!

  9. I gotta admit, I love your costumes even if I'm not a big fan of Pokemon. Congrats on getting your BlogHer 14 ticket. I'm hoping to get to go this year. And now I'm off to enter the Blog Pop giveaways!