Momma Told Me: School Break Blues? Throw An Unbirthday Party- Ideas Inside!

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School Break Blues? Throw An Unbirthday Party- Ideas Inside!

Throw and Unbirthday Party this Spring or Summer Break!
Momma Told Me: You never need an excuse for a party.

Growing up in Southern California there was always plenty to do on school breaks and vacations. We were never much further than an hour's drive from downtown Hollywood, the beach, or numerous theme parks. From the earliest available age to ride the rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain (which was earlier than most kids, as I was tall for my age), and 6 consecutive summers, my father bought season passes each Summer. Almost once a week we would make the 40 minute drive and spend the entire afternoon at the theme park, just him and I. And, every Summer, we would celebrate our own little tradition- we would tell the server at the Moose Lodge restaurant, inside the park, it was my birthday- my unbirthday. The staff would come out singing, I'd get a pair of straw glasses, and I'd enjoy a heaping scoop of ice cream.
Host an Unbirthday Party this Summer!
These fond memories of my father and I celebrating the absurd Alice In Wonderland reference are some of my brightest childhood recollections. As a kid, 'magical' is often the unexpected, and that includes doing things that are just plain silly and for no reason at all. Last Summer while I was watching Sabrina and her step-siblings I announced that we were going to throw an 'Un-Birthday' party. There was some confusion at first, followed by statements like "But it's nobody's birthday!" or "With just the five of us? A party with just us?" Of course I chuckled- even at 3, 9, and 11, these kids were already in the mindset that 'celebration' could only happen with an excuse!
Mickey Mouse Oreo Pops
 Creating an Unbirthday Party is actually a wonderful Spring/Summer Break project, and can be very affordable when you craft your treats and buy your decorations from major dollar stores. In fact, we turned our party into a week long event, every afternoon making one of the special sweets we'd feature on our party table. The kids loved that they were having a chance to help 'make' the party. You can even prepare for your party by crafting outside the kitchen- have children draw a 'Pin the Tail' game and cut construction paper tails. Or, make your own pinata out of old cardboard packaging and paper mache. (You can also buy a cheap pinata for less than $10 at most value stores.)
Sushi Krispies for a fun party snack kids will lvoe to make!
Penguin Olives made with carrots, cream cheese, and olives!
Even though there were only a handful of us actually participating in this party I was sure to stock up on all the essentials- hats, streamers (which were a big hit in 'decorating' the house), balloons, and more. When you get kids involved in the preparation, because it is for a 'party' they are naturally motivated to help, and even learn responsibility skills. A party is work, and it's a great lesson the next time a birthday rolls around. You can also work on money skills and give each child a small budget at the dollar store and have them create a list of items needed. Can they use compromises to get what they want AND what they need?
Shark Punch made with gummy sharks in ice cube molds.
Of course throwing an Unbirthday Party is also a delightful way to play around with those Pinterest ideas you've been dieing to try. You know, the board full of things that 'look cool' but you're not sure you can really execute them. With such an intimate roster of guests, there's no pressure- if those Olive Penguins don't come out photo perfect the hungry kids won't know the difference! When I planned this party it was not intended for a blog post- notice how the photos have heavy direct light? I was too busy partying to stage photos!
Watermelon Cake made with boxed cake mix, food coloring, and baked in mini chocolate chip 'seeds'.
Of course every party deserves a cake- and this is the perfect time to use boxed cake mix to create something new or fun. Try making a 'tie dye' cake by separating the batter and coloring it. Make cupcakes each 'guest' can frost then put together for a cupcake cake. Allow your young party-planners to put those gold sprinkles next to the coconut and fruit chews as decoration. Go wild and have fun. Yes, you can even have a 'cake fight' in the backyard- it's an Unbirthday Party, ANYTHING goes!
Faux Ball Pit for Unbirthday Party Fun!
Our Unbirthday Party was a smashing success and lasted an entire afternoon- From face painting with dollar store face crayons to temporary tattoos, pin the flag on the ship, tag, goodie bags, and more. Our budget was $40 and it was well worth the entire week of activities and cherished photo memories. One of the biggest hits? I let the older kids blow up latex balloons with supervision as I set up the party table. We threw them all on the floor so the kids could kid through them, toss them in the air (volleyball style), or roll in the faux balloon pit. If you've never had an Unbirthday Party- isn't it about time?

What Daughter Said: This school break, consider throwing an Unbirthday Party, and get the kids involved!


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