Momma Told Me: An Ingredient's Journey From Farm To Plate Is Much Like a Vacation

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An Ingredient's Journey From Farm To Plate Is Much Like a Vacation

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How to scrape a Vanilla bean.
Momma Told Me: Open your taste-buds.

In today's world we see a lot of artificial and processed foods. I'll admit, I'm not as much of a label reader as I probably should be, but I can immediately appreciate and detect a more refined product with naturally flavorful ingredients. There is simply something richer about a recipe that has been prepared with time and thought, and perhaps even tradition, it's like high definition for your taste-buds. Don't believe me? Consider the difference between a vacation to Caeser's Palace, in Las Vegas and an actual tour to Rome or Greece. Las Vegas would be satisfying, yes, your senses would be overwhelmed with sights, tastes, and sounds. However, the entire mood and vibe of an authentic experience among the land and people of Greece, well each encounter, every taste would uniquely stand out. It's no different with authentic, heartfelt food.
Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto Sea Salt Caramel
I bake with a lot of extracts- some of them are very expensive and made through proprietary processes, others retail for a few bucks and are mass produced. Did you know something as simple as the Vanilla Bean's source can impact the richness of the flavor of an entire recipe? There's simply something special about selecting a crop of vanilla beans and going the extra mile to prepare and scrape them, fresh, for your recipe. Vanilla pods undergo a long growing and grooming life before they ever reach an artisan's hands. They are picked, green, then dry and cure over several months before they can be harvested for flavor. And, if you've ever made that fateful cut along a freshly cured pod, and gently scraped the bean's flavor from the middle, you know there's no true flavor quite like it.
Talenti is a brand that gets this journey from farm to flavor, and the benefit of going that extra mile to bring a more authentic flavor to their Gelato e Sorbetto. They like to think of  flavor as a mini-vacation, where each element is part of a culinary awakening for your taste buds. Have a little chuckle at their play on the agonizing process of creating authentic flavor in the video above.

What Daughter Says: Flavor has depth, much like a well planned journey.


  1. I love Talenti, I tried their gelato pops recently and they were GREAT!

  2. I use vanilla beans all the time when I make my goat's milk ice cream. Such a difference. I've never had the opportunity to try Talenti but by their using real vanilla beans I would know that they are making some tasty stuff

  3. I tried Talenti for the first time last week and it was amazing!!! I was in love after one bite!

  4. I am not familiar with Talenti. I'll have to check them out.

  5. I never even knew how to use a vanilla bean. SO ashamed. Thanks for the pictures...know I get it. Hard to believe something that gruesome makes Talenti taste as good as it does...but it does!

  6. Never heard of how use vanilla bean. So want to try this

  7. I recently bought some Vanilla Sugar and it was delicious but very expensive. I thought about trying to make my own. It will be my first time using a "real" vanilla bean. Love when brands like Talenti use fresh ingredients like this!