Momma Told Me: I Hope You Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder

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I Hope You Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder

Momma Told Me: If you forget to smile, you're living life the wrong way.

I think I'm going to be a bad mom. Don't get me wrong (I've been told) I'm a killer Aunt, but there's just something about being a big kid myself that has me a little worried. Everyone always says as long as you get the bills paid, and keep the lights on, you're doing good. But, let's face it, it's a big sticky mess of a world out there, and you can't always eat ice cream and Popcicles.

My reasoning, however, says quite the opposite. I argue that, when you CAN have cupcakes for breakfast you should. Not every day, of course, but if times are good, and even when times aren't, it's still okay to smile for no reason at all. Find those moments and make them happen; you deserve it, right?
Part of being dubbed a 'living rainbow' and having an obsessive attraction to color, is my childlike demeanor when it comes to sweets. Take something sugar and make it adorable, well, I will squeal like a kid in a candy shop. So I'm almost 30 and want to jump up and down when I see a clown cone, so I'll sit and carefully plan my 'attack' so I leave the face perfectly in tact for last, so what? If this little thing leave me joy than I have no problem being the Aunt letting her niece eat ice cream for breakfast, or the crazy (not pregnant) woman running into the Baskin-Robbins doors minutes before closing, to get her 'fix.'
I could tell you stories, and have, about how my dad was the 'ice cream man,' growing up. He'd drive all over the counties repairing soft serve and shake machines his company manufactured; and whenever we'd walk into one of these establishments I was so proud to order dessert and have something sweet with my daddy. I know for a fact that has a lot to do with my love for ice cream, and the clown cone in particular, but most of all, the people around me, growing up, taught me to never lose my sense of wonder.

So I'm here, today, to tell you to eat the brownie tonight, go jump on your children's trampoline, sing in the car when nobody's watching, and always put extra syrup on those waffles. Make every day magical! What's your 'magic.'

What Daughter Says: Just because you aren't a kid doesn't mean you never have to feel like one again!


  1. I run with my goats. Well not run. More like hop and skip. My running days are long past.

    Good for you. Stay happy.

  2. Sometimes in my house I feel like I am the only adult - and I am not happy when I am running, because I am more likely chasing somebody

  3. I am so with you on this!! Make the most out of today, if you want cake for breakfast have cake for breakfast! You only live once, make it count! = ]

  4. It's always been a tradition that after a birthday party we get to eat the leftover cake for breakfast. It just brings the day to a complete end. It is one I carried on with my kids as well! Mostly because I love cake!

  5. I agree on never losing your sense of wonder...I think as Americans we thing that has to come through food. But hey, we all are going to die anyway, so I say...drink the wine.

  6. What a seriously cute dessert.

  7. My grand kids all think I'm crazy. I think that my kids might have thought that now and again. We loved in when dad was away on business. We would have pizza for breakfast and ice cream and cookies for dinner...when we weren't having fast food!

  8. Just a great reminder. Sometimes as adult we take life and ourselves to seriously. It's good to let go, enjoy and have a bit of fun.

  9. I agree live for today because you never know what tomorrow holds. Hug your loved ones everyday and if you wan ice cream for breakfast once in a while go for it.