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Simple Running Tips For Beginners

***Today's discussion features sponsored links- regardless I only offer advice and tips that I feel are of interest to my readers and genuinely valuable.
Simple tips for beginning runners.
Momma Told Me: You've got to start somewhere.

We’ve all heard how running is so beneficial to weight-loss and health in general. It's the perfect Momma Told Me example of a chore where the benefits it reaps are so much greater than the effort in the sowing. Unfortunately, running often feels nearly impossible at first; thankfully the body quickly adjusts to meet the demands of running through simple conditioning. Muscles may feel sore the next day after your first run; however, by the second run, the body has already began to adjust. s a life long couch addict, if I can do it- so can you. You don't have to be doing record times or even 10ks to feel the benefits of running. Here are some of my best tips to get you started down the right path.
Start small- begin running with short goals and fun run events.
It’s best to start out slow. Day by day, lengthen the duration of a run and shorten the direction of walking. Begin by running a minute and walking a couple of minutes; continue this pattern until you can keep your target heart rate while jogging a constant 5 minute period. I began training to run on a treadmill recently at the gym and have had great sucess with this technique. Alternate between this method of running and walking several times over several days and you will surely see improvement. And don't forget- always warm up first by taking a walk and stretching the muscles before any intense activity.
Choose shoes with flexible soles and a half size larger as feel my swell during running.

Wear comfortable shoes while running. It’s a good idea to shop for shoes that are either half a size to a full size larger than what’s normally worn. The feet expand while running and walking, and various athletic socks can alter the fit of your shoes significantly. Choose shoes that are flexible in the sole; flexible shoes will conform to the foot’s movements and will provide beneficial shock absorption. Shock absorption is crucial to making your training pain-free. Wearing the wrong shoes will result in pain in the ankles, heels, knees and arches and be a big discouragement to your progress and motivation.
Wear atheltic clothing that can stretch and breathe as you move.
Wear the right clothing. In the hotter months, it’s a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothing that allows for flexibility. The body can sweat a great deal during a run and clothes that are made of cotton allow for air to pass through the clothing and cool off the body. It’s important to avoid getting overheated while running and in the colder months, the body can still sweat. Be sure to bundle up to run in the colder months while wearing cotton so that excessive sweat can be absorbed by the clothing and prevent you from overheating. Personally, I prefer to focus on the fashion aspect of running- bright colors and fun prints are not only safer for outdoor terrain but help keep me motivated and positive bout the task ahead!
always hydrate while staying active.
After a run, it’s important to take a cool-down walk and to stretch. Stretching relieves tightness, but also increase the duration that one can run the next time. In addition running helps to open up the air passages and pores, which can be great for overall health! It’s also equally important to have plenty of water before, during and after a run. Camel packs that can be worn on the back are great for storing water and similar appliances are now made for forearms. They feature a straw that connect over the shoulder, or along the chest, to sip from. The bonus advantage of a camel pack is that it keeps the body cool as well as it sits on the back to relieve travel weight in movement.
Handmade race bib display.

Endurance will build after time. The key is to keep on running. Be patient, and don’t push it too soon and set goals for yourself such as small 5k fun runs or short 3k beginners events. Surround yourself with a support group at a similar level and you will surely be stringing up those race bibs and trophies in no time! I once thought I could never be a jogger, let alone a runner, but just a short amount of time has quickly proven me wrong!  Do you run or jog for exercise? For sport? For fun?

What Daughter Says: Running isn't for everyone, but nearly everyone can run if they just get out there and get moving!


  1. I like to take walks in the summertime here (when it's not snowing out, lol) and was hoping perhaps I could start jogging. I've been doing zumba lately at my gym which has been fun and is helping get me into shape.

  2. These are great tips. I'm an avid runner, but it took me a while to get there. It's always good to ease into any sort of physical activity.

  3. I am not a runner unless I'm chasing the goats but they ALWAYS outrun me. The hubby was always running; he ran in high school, in college and throughout our marriage until recently. Now his knees are giving out so he is riding a bike. He misses running though and wants to get back to it.

  4. I am trying to figure out if I want to try running after I get cleared by the doctor. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it, but you tips might help

  5. I have tried running a few times but unfortunately my joints are already bad so it's just a recipe for disaster for me. I do however enjoy many other physical activities so I'm not too sad that I can't run on a regular basis. Although I do plan on doing a marathon (or several) one of these days! :)

  6. When the weather warms up, I am always excited to get outside and try running again. Unfortunately, my motivation never lasts long. I have always wanted to participate in a race though. I think it would be fun and help keep me on track. Thank you for the tips!

  7. I don't run or jog. I always tell my husband I am not built for it. I always love your fashion choices and that Race bib display is one of my favorite crafts of yours