Momma Told Me: The Best Immune Support Secrets + Recipes For Your Busy Life

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The Best Immune Support Secrets + Recipes For Your Busy Life

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Top 5 Immune Support Tips For Busy Individuals #24hourEsterC #Ad
Momma Told Me: A stitch, in time, saves nine.

Growing up I was always looking for shortcuts. Many of you know the tale of how my bum-length locks of golden brown were chopped into a less than flattering bowl cut because of my defiance to wash my hair properly as a child. For 10 years I attempted to circumvent toothbrush timers, shoved forgotten toys under my bed (out of sight out of mind, right?) fed the cat with my leftover vegetables and sincerely believed if something simply 'looked' clean it was clean. After one particularly dismal dentist's appointment Momma, surely at her wit's end sat me down with an exasperated look.
Homemade Hand Cleanser for gifts and on-the-go. Combine 2 TSP Aloe Vera Gel, 2 TBS  Filtered Water, 1/4 TSP Vitamin E or Almond Oil, and 5 Drops Tea Tree Oil. #24HourEsterC #Ad
Quite matter-of-factly she explained that my dentist had informed her I had 6 cavities. I was then told, in quite unpleasant terms, that these teeth would eventually just fall out, as her and my father were not going to foot the bill to repair them when their daughter so clearly put no time in taking care of them herself. She went on to tell me not to worry, that plenty of people lived quite full lives with only half a mouth of teeth, and that surely I would enjoy the extra couple of minutes a day not spent brushing far more than a full mouth of teeth. I had nightmares for a solid month- but I haven't had a single cavity since.
Homemade Hand Cleanser for gifts and on-the-go. Combine 2 TSP Aloe Vera Gel, 2 TBS  Filtered Water, 1/4 TSP Vitamin E or Almond Oil, and 5 Drops Tea Tree Oil. #24HourEsterC #Ad
Flash forward 20-ish years. There are plenty of things us busy millennials tend to overlook in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. I won't lie, there are some days I'm lucky if I've had a granola bar by 5PM. And some weeks my physical activity is limited to walking the dog or running from one appointment to the next. I don't always have time to pay attention to the finer details involved in ensuring I'm running at optimal performance. So, this year, I've integrated a Immune Support Secrets into my day-to-day activities. Check out my top 5 Immune Support Tips you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle:

1. Homemade Travel Hand Cleanser- You can make your own hand sanitizer/cleanser with a few natural ingredients you likely have on hand already. Combine 2 TBS Aloe Vera Gel, 1 1/2 TBS Filtered Water, 5 Drops of Tea Tree Oil, and 1/4 TSP Almond Oil (or Vitamin E Oil) in a small bowl. Add water to mixture to thin as desired and pour into a 2oz squeeze bottle for use on-the-go. This recipe makes for a great gift for school sports teams (gym bags) and play groups- just dress up the bottles with some themed ribbon for an instant, and thoughtful gift!
Try #24HourEsterC 1000mg capsules for 24 hour immune support year-round. Find Ester-C in the vitamin/supplement aisle of your local Walmart! #ad
Try #24HourEsterC 1000mg capsules for 24 hour immune support year-round. Find Ester-C in the vitamin/supplement aisle of your local Walmart! #ad
2. Ester-C Vitamin C Immune Support Supplement- I recently discovered 1000mg Ester-C capsules in the Supplement/Vitamin aisle of my local Walmart. Bonus- It's on Rollback now! For years I'd been taking chalky Vitamin C chewable tablets with little regularity to help provide immune support. Unfortunately I rather disliked the taste, and had to consume 3-4 daily to reach the optimal intake of Vitamin-C. Conveniently, Ester-C was located in an aisle next to my friendly Walmart pharmacist, so I was sure to inquire about the recommended dosage of Vitamin C as supplement. I learned that a single Ester-C 1000mg capsule delivers up to 24 hour immune support with it's maximum strength formula. Talk about providing round-the clock immune support with minimal effort!
Marinate raw garlic cloves, or minced raw garlic in clover honey for an antioxidant packed immune support secret. Consume these delicious cloves straight or incorporate them into cooking. #24HourEsterC #ad
3. Honey Infused Garlic- The next immune support secret is one that many busy individuals have been relying on for centuries. For those with an aversion to garlic, marinating these 4 calorie cloves in organic honey can prove a delicious alternative that packs a powerful punch. Both honey and raw garlic provide sulfuric compounds and antioxidants. I keep a small mason jar of crushed or diced garlic cloves in clover honey for a variety of recipes, and even straight consumption.
Everyone knows that feeding the core is just as important as filling your belly. Cooking is one way I am sure to unwind every day, no matter how busy my schedule. There is something so soothing in combining a bunch of mundane ingredients to reveal beautiful colors, aromas, and textures in food. While I can't list 'positive vibes,' as a tip for immune support, I firmly believe that all busy individuals need some grounding time to remain functioning at their best. Even if you're not a chef, I challenge you to try the following recipes full of nutrient rich ingredients and comforting flavors.
Ths simple Green Tea Rice recipe combines the antioxidant rich green tea beverage with a sweet rice vinegar glaze. #24HourEsterC #ad
4. Green Tea Rice- I have made this recipe for countless guests to the chime of ample praise. At the end of a long day I prefer to unwind with a cup of freshly brewed hot tea. And, while I love green tea for it's flavor, it is actually my preferred tea of choice for it's health benefits. And that is how I discovered that I could actually cook rice in steeped loose-leaf green tea with a special rice vinegar glaze that made the most delicious sticky rice I'd ever tried. Find the full Green Tea Rice printable recipe here, then continue reading to see what I paired it with for the ultimate immune support combination.
Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken With Fennel- High in antioxidants and Vitamin C- Serve over our Green Tea Rice recipe! #24HourEsterC #ad
5. Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken With Fennel (and Green Tea Rice)- You've probably already figured out how we were going to round this out. The Honey Garlic and Green Tea Rice make for the most delicious, and sunny, Vitamin-C packed Oven-Roasted Chicken with Fennel. Not only does this meal smell delicious through preparation and cooking, it looks gorgeously ready to plate straight from the oven. Why not have a few friends over to unwind and bask in the genius of your chef skills (anyone can make this recipe, I promise) and share a little of what you've learned? Catch the complete recipe at the bottom of this post.
Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken With Fennel- High in antioxidants and Vitamin C- Serve over our Green Tea Rice recipe! #24HourEsterC #ad
It stands to reason the biggest bang for your immune support buck will be the integrating of all of these tips, and more, into your lifestyle. You can get your daily 1000mg of Ester-C immune support with just a single capsule. Busy lives often mean little time to focus on ourselves but it's important that we make time for ourselves. I've come a long way from the little girl who wouldn't even bother to brush her teeth! For more great tips on supporting your immune system check out the Ester-C Facebook and Twitter streams and follow the hashtag #24HourEsterC for all of our blogger's amazing tips.

I've shared some of my favorite tips to keep up with a busy lifestyle, how do you support immune health?

What Daughter Says: Support health daily to maintain a busy lifestyle.
Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken With Fennel- High in antioxidants and Vitamin C- Serve over our Green Tea Rice recipe! #24HourEsterC #ad
Oven Roasted Orange Chicken And Fennel
***Click here for printable Orange Chicken and Fennel recipe.


4 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Diced Cloves Honey Garlic
4 TBS Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
3 Oranges, Sliced Horizontally (1/4" Slices)
3 TBS Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons Grain Mustard (Such as German or Stone Ground)
3 TBS Brown Sugar
1 TSP Salt
1 1/2 TSP Freshly Ground Black Pepper
3lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Cut to 1/2lb Sections)
2 Medium Fennel Bulbs, Rinsed And Cut Into 6ths
1 TBS Fresh Chopped Thyme Leaves


1. Combine Olive Oil, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Mustard, Brown Sugar, Salt and Pepper in a medium bowl.
2. Rinse and pat dry chicken and place in a large gallon sized bag. Add fennel wedges, orange slices, thyme, and fennel. Pour marinade over and seal bag tightly, gently massaging to combine and coat all ingredients. Refrigerate 3-4 hours or overnight.
3. Preheat oven to 475F.
4. Place the chicken in the center of a 9 x 13" casserole dish. Distribute fennel wedges and orange slices evenly around chicken. You may add some halved baby red potatoes for bulk- but I prefer to serve this with my Green Tea Rice. Pour the marinade juices over the chicken and fennel/slices.
5. Place in the oven, uncovered and roast 40-45 minutes.
6. Remove from oven and transfer chicken, fennel, and orange slices to a serving dish. Cover with foil to keep warm.
7. Pour cooking juices into a small saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat until reduced to 1/2 cup. Pour over the chicken and serve over a bed of potatoes or green tea rice.


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