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Air Wick: National Park Collection, Preserving America

Air Wick National Park
***I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Air Wick. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. All scenic photography featured in this post is copyright David Rigg Fine Art. All product photos are taken by Jenna W. of Momma Told Me.
Momma Told Me: What would you do if it all went away?

There are many things in life we take for granted. There are a number of quickly fleeting natural resources future generations may learn to live without, countless animals gone extinct, and thousands of priceless moments in history long forgotten. I sometimes wonder if that is to become of our National Parks. As a fussy 5 year-old I hardly looked twice at the giant Redwood trees towering over me during our family vacation. I found sights, such as the Grand Canyon, dull in comparison to my interactive entertainment options. And I'll admit to refusing to leave the car when my parents stopped in Yosemite on a vacation up North. Most of my childhood I had my eyes wide shut, and that is a true shame, for now they are wide and open, yet I lack the opportunities to indulge them. The United States have 59 protected areas known as National Parks, ranging from the snowy breezes of Denali in Alaska, to the coconut mango swept palm trees of American Samoa.
Canyonlands National Park
These protected geographical locations are much more than designated spaces of land; they are a beacon of natural beauty; unaltered by man. Why do we thirst for the sight of the Grand Canyon, the sound of the soaring Bald Eagle, or the scent of Soft Cotton Grass and Spring Air? It is because, for even just a moment, these sights feelings, and smells take us away. Away to a less complicated place, where we can feel incredibly vulnerable in the vast impression of these natural wonders, yet also incredibly connected to the Earth as a whole. I've mentioned it before, but these National parks (all 50+) do not simply receive this elite status only to sit an untouched piece of land. Millions of volunteers hours and money go into preserving the purity of these sites, and the eligibility of their availability, for future generations. Momma and my stepfather have spent the last several years trekking across our nation and putting in, volunteer, time at some of our Nation's parks and campsites. They've had a chance so very few of us get to see the true beauty of these National marvels. Now, Air Wick has partnered with the National Park Foundation to bring the essence of these locations directly to your home.
Air Wick National Park
With a collection of 6 diverse fragrances; Grand Canyon, American Samoa, Denali, Gulf Islands, Hawaii, and Virgin Islands, Air Wick built a comprehensive collection to take you on a vacation around the nation, without leaving your home. Through these specially crafted scents, via scented candle, reed diffuser, scented oil, or spray, allow the aromas to take you soaring through the Grand Canyon among Cactus Flower and Warm Breeze, and through fields of Sweet Plumeria and Tropical Honeysuckle on the Virgin Islands. Countless hours of specially formulated fragrance mapping went into creating an authentic and inspiring fragrance to represent these 6 National Parks. Only available for a limited time, this Air Wick collection of fragrances is compatible with all existing diffuser, Freshmatic, and Scented Oil appliances, and is sold nationwide at fine retailers near you.While I wish I could also say a portion fo the proceeds from sales are helping to preserve our Nation's National Parks, the true intent of the brand is to inspire an awareness of these locations.
Air Wick Scented Oil
I invited Momma to guest post her emotions and thoughts on her journey across this great nation, and the connection to the new National Park Air Wick Collection:

"As a former National Parks Volunteer; I am very happy to see the The National Parks Limited Edition Collection being unveiled. Their Scented Oils, Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers and the Freshmatic Sprays remind me of all those days that the hubby and I spent hiking the scenic back country trails, zig-zagging across glistening streams and dipping into the pristine creeks of our country's National Parks.

As my senses become engulfed with the wafting aromas that are offered in this collection; I am reminded of all those spectacular geographic natural wonders and how lucky I am, to have had the chance to experience such beauty and grandeur.  I smile, as visions of the star studded nights we spent amongst the regal tall trees of the Kings Canyon - Sequoia National Parks and the giant redwoods found in Redwoods National Park come flooding back.  I fondly remember, the natural rock bridges and arches in Capitol Reef National Park and the towering sandstone cliffs and formations that can only be found in Utahs' Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
While sitting here and enjoying the aromatic properties of the Airwick Denali Scented Candle; I flash back to fond memories of seemingly endless days spent enjoying the breathtaking views and inhaling the fresh clean air that only can be found in the presence of nature’s splendor, while visiting our National Parks.
Being a National Parks fan; I was thrilled to receive an Airwick Scented Oil National Park Bundle to try out in my home. The fragrances remind me very much of the lazy days of summer and the awesome, crisp spring mornings; that I spent roaming the trails in some of my favorite Arizona and Southern Utah National Park locations. My mind keeps wandering, as I keep flashing back, to the breathtaking views and stunning kodachrome colors of the awe inspiring landscapes.
I have been off the road and back into the “city life” for well over a year and a half now. These wonderful scents make me want to pack up the car and head right back out to explore more of our National Parks and National Monuments.  I really miss the fresh air, scenic byways, 500 foot slot canyon walls, 200+ foot high trees, clean running rivers, streams and abundant wildlife found in our National Parks.  Sadly; I can’t just drop everything and run off again..... but; I can take a deep breath and enjoy a reminiscent walk down “Memory Lane”... all thanks to this exclusive Airwick National Park collection of products."
As you can see, from the breathtaking photography of Momma's journies in our Nation's National Parks, there is plenty of wonder to be found in our own backyard. Perhaps you will open your eyes just a little wider the next time you set foot outside your door, and discover a hidden treasure of your own. I hope, at the least, I've inspired you to consider a journey of your own to one of our nation's 59 National Parks. In the mean time, pick up one, or all, of the 6 specially crafted Air Wick National Park scents today. With so many fragrance delivery options, such as Reed Diffusers, and Scented Candles, you can enjoy countless hours of quality scents that take you on incredible aromatic adventures. Share our passion for the National Parks, and help preserve these locations for generations to come.

What Daughter Says: Experience our nation's beauty without stepping foot outside, thank to Air Wick, then plan your next vacation to visit one of our nation's 59 National Parks.

**A Special thanks to David Rigg, Fine Art Photography, and Momma, for sharing their photos from their journey around our beautiful nation.


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