Momma Told Me: Santa Maria Tri Tip Wraps Recipe w/ Private Selection #Ad

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Santa Maria Tri Tip Wraps Recipe w/ Private Selection #Ad

***I am a member of  the BzzAgent Community. I received free product vouchers and/or product discounts to help facilitate this post. No further compensation was provided. All images and photos are original content copyrighted to Momma Told Me Blog, 2013.
Private Selection Artisan Ingredients
Momma Told Me: Great things are worth the extra money.

Those who've read Momma Told Me for a while know I do not discriminate against grocery stores. As a child, Momma would drag me from one chain to the next, usually a minimum of 4 stores on a single Wednesday, where we would meticulously hunt the weekly circulars for coupon match-ups. It might seem a little backwards to spend so much time trouncing around town hunting the best deals, but it was an art Momma had truly mastered. Therefor, I, who operate on a much smaller frugal scale than the famed Momma, have also learned the assets of each of my local chains. It's great to know your way around a weekly ad, but it's even more important to know which chain has the friendliest baker, the freshest artisan bread, or the best cuts of meat. There are some staples you simply can't skimp on, or coupon for free, and when my family's concerned, quality is of the utmost importance.
PrivateSelection Ciabatta Loaf
Most chains have their own in house brands, but not every grocery chain has their own premium, or artisan, brand. These are products produced in house not for the customer's monetary value, but the quality of the ingredients and flavors featured within these labeled products. For years I have seen Private Selection cuts of meat in my local Ralph's meat department. The majority of these cuts are lamb, locally, and I rarely have the budget for a luxurious meal such as that. However, the Private Selection label extends far beyond select cuts of pampered meat, to include everything from artisan breads and maple syrup to premium steak rubs and olive oil. Private Selection is essentially Kroger's way of taking your meal to the next level with a comprehensive collection of products that work cohesively to add extra flavor, and remove time, from your meal planing.
Tri-Tip Rub
cooking tri tip in the oven
I'll admit, I love to grocery shop. If I had my druthers I'd spend hours just roaming the aisles of the local grocer, discovering new flavor combinations and exploring the most recent product launches. Unfortunately, I'm not usually blessed with the time for this luxury. A typical grocery trip involves toting a 20 something male and bored (to 'tears') 10 year old up and down the aisles at a speed rarely street legal, let alone approved for a grocery cart. Yes, I'm guilty of the frantic 'shelf swipe' maneuver, and I've even cut off an old lady in an attempt to circumvent getting stuck being a long transaction. These are not things I'm particularly proud of, but let's face it, as the household's head chef and pantry stockist, I'm not afforded the luxury of much meal planing and ingredient discovery. I usually have to buy what's on the list, in and out, no tie for exploration.

So, when BzzAgent sent a mission my way to discover the range of premium Private Selection branded products, at my local Kroger, I didn't hesitate to accept. Not only was the mission to experience these artisan, gourmet, ingredients, but to explore the Private Selection Great American Summer Recipes as well. When you log onto the Great American Summer sub-site, you'll instantly come face to face with an all-American Cherry Pie. Then you'll be asked to make a choice, upload your own regional recipe, or explore the virtual map for Private Selection infused recipes spanning National flavors. There's even a few surprise coupons and sales to be discovered, so take your time click through the interactive map.
Whole Grain Garlic Mustard
I learned about regional Summer recipes such as the Mississippi Slugburger (a cheese infused all-beef patty), Chicago Italian Beef with Homemade Giardineria, and Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes. I'm not kidding you folks, your entire Summer menu is just waiting to be discovered the the Great American Summer site! Living, and raised, in Southern California, it didn't take long for me to decide which Great American recipe I was going to duplicate with Private Selection ingredients; West Region: Santa Maria Tri Tip Steak. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, my local Ralphs still only carry the Private Selection Lamb, so there was no red meat to be bought on my discovery trip. I had to make a pit stop at the local butcher- but the artisan flavors remained with the addition of Private Selection branded Texas Barbeque Seasoning/Rub, Whole Grain garlic Mustard, and Medium Chipotle Salsa. Ironically, none of the items I received FREE product vouchers for this mission were included in the recipe I had chose, or even stocked locally to me- so I bought these items out of pocket (that's how yummy they looked).
Cooking tri tip in the oven
Chipotle Chili Pepper Salsa
Regular readers also know our household has been sans-grill for about a year, since our last grill bit the big one in our move. No worries, I was determined to make my tri-tip entirely in the house; after all, I'd done it a whopping single time before! I'll include the recipe and instruction at the bottom of the post, but here are some general pointers for cooking a tri-tip inside your home. Most importantly, just like you would on the grill, avoid poking, cutting, or stabbing your meat until you have reached the maximum cook time for a minimum Rare meat. This means keeping that oven closed the first 30 minutes (for a 3lb tri-tip), and using a quick read digital thermometer if you feel compelled to check temperatures. Additionally, you will be cooking a cut of meat that is traditionally mounded in fat on a minimum of one side. Cook the tri-tip fat pad up first, and place the meat on a secondary rack, or upon vegetables to prevent burning. Meat touching the bottom of your roaster will burn when sitting in the fat, so I suggest quartering a fresh onion and using the slices as padding between the pan and meat.
Santa Maria Tri Tip Steak Wraps
I can't begin to explain how flavorful this tri-tip turned out. Because we double seasoned it, with the rub, then by basting with the Garlic Mustard Marinade, the meat developed that classic tri-tip flavor char that is so signature with this cut of meat. I was worried I wouldn't get enough flavor, cooking the meat in the oven, but the onions and the marinade really helped lock in the juices. We could have enjoyed this hunk of premium meat straight off the roast, but we composed a series of wraps, like a dignified family. While my tri-tip was resting, tented, outside the oven for 10-15, I tossed some diced onions, mushrooms, and peppers in the juices from the pan, and with the remaining marinade. I also diced up the onions from beneath the meat, and served those as a side garnish for those that like a little extra crisp and flavor to their onions. Combine the Santa Maria Trip Tip and vegetables in your chosen tortilla, scoop a few generous spoonfuls of Private Selection Medium Chipotle Salsa, and enjoy this flavorful and healthy Great American entree!

Have you ever tried any of the Private Selection products before? Which Great American Recipe looks best to you?

What Daughter Says: Private Selection products helped bring American flavor to my table with minimal effort.

Santa Maria Tri Tip steak Wraps
Santa Maria Tri Tip Steak Wraps
****click for Printable Tri Tip Recipe


*3lb Tri Tip Roast
* Private Selection Steakhouse Seasoning Grinder or Texas BBQ Rub
* Kosher Salt
* 1/3 C Red Wine Vinegar
* 1/3 C Private Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* 1/3 C Private Selection Whole Grain Garlic Mustard
* Private Selection Medium Chipotle Chile Salsa
* 1 Whole Large White Onion
* 6-Inch Tortillas
* Fresh Sliced Veggies of Choice

***Preheat your oven to 450F

1.) Generously season all sides of the tri-tip with the seasoning/rub and salt. Allow the meat to sit out, seasoned, at room temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to introducing to the oven.

2.) In a bowl, whisk together Red Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, and Garlic Mustard. Slice onion in even quarters (lengthwise) and arrange in a square shape in the center of your roasting pan.

3.) Place the trip tip on top of the onions, fat pad up, and into the oven for 5 minutes. Remove tri-tip and baste with marinade, then place back into the oven. Reduce temperature to 350F, and allow tri-tip to cook, uninterrupted for 30 minutes, as oven temperature comes back down.

4.) Flip tri-tip and baste bottom of meat, returning to oven, still uncovered, for an additional 20 MINS. When you remove your tri-tip the center temperature should read; 125F for Rare, 135F for Medium Rare, and 145F for Medium. Keep in mind that the tr-tip will continue to cook once it is removed from the oven.

5.) Remove tri-tip at desired temperate and tent with foil. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes, while you prepare your desired vegetables. Slice the meat against the grain immediately before plating. Serve with Private Selection Medium Chipotle Salsa, Tortillas, and Vegetables for wraps.


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