Momma Told Me: My Summer Secret: Adorable Hawaiian Ice Style #IceCreamFloat

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My Summer Secret: Adorable Hawaiian Ice Style #IceCreamFloat

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Hawaiian Ice Style Root Beer Float
Momma Told Me: A spoonful of sugar....does more harm than good!

Summer is finally here; and, along with it, the wonderful staples of childhood. Wet grass between bare toes as a water balloon splashes, lazy afternoons in pajamas, and my personal favorite, the #IceCreamFloat. When I was a kid there seemed to be no limit to the sugar on hand. While Momma was much more conservative with the sugary snacks, I knew I could always count on Pop to bend her rules just a little. On weekend night we'd sit cross legged in front of the TV playing Chocolate (Kiss) Checkers and sipping on Chocolate Cream Soda. This was essentially our family's version of the classic Root Beer Float, with a freshly popped can of A&W, a generous scoop of melting Vanilla Bean Dreyer's, and a few squirts of Chocolate Syrup (Pop's twist). A&W was the only soda I was allowed to drink before bedtime, as it was caffeine free; but it was also packed with plenty of late-night-TV-watching sugar!
Diet Soda Comparison
Most of my readers know I moved out shortly after I graduated high school, on the edge of 17. For the most part I was a beautiful young woman who ate whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. I'm not ashamed to say I went many years eating all the candy, cake, and cookies I desired; and drinking plenty of soda pop as well. Unfortunately for me, as time began to catch up with me, I quickly learned the metabolism of a 19 year old with school, a part time and full time job, is not that of a married 24 year-old stay at home wife. It's not that I worked less once I got married and stayed at home; it's simply that I was running around, and off my feet, a considerable bit more. I also found more time on my hands to do things like snack and sip soda pop- which was no match for my slowing metabolism. Last year, heading into 27, I hit my plateau of weight at 258lbs, and ran straight into an alarming wall when my physician flagged me as pre-diabetic. How had I gained nearly 80lbs in just 9 short years?
Chocolate Turtle Garnish
Today, 7 months later, and so very close to 50lbs lighter, I am constantly stopped and asked how I've lost so much weight. I feel a little ashamed sometimes to admit the journey has not been as quite as harrowing as most weight loss tales. However, I have become quite the champion for my 'method,' which was never really intended to drop so much weight; it was intended to lower my blood sugar. I went from drinking 1-2 sodas a day, and 1-2 sports drinks a day to drinking water with a diet soda every other day (or less). That's right, I cut the sugar out of my beverages. In all honesty, I'd never stopped to actually consider the amount of sugar, and calories, I was consuming via liquid in a single day. My 'usual' beverage intake was adding an average of 470-890 calories a day (and who wouldn't gain weight like that?) This, combined with my nightly candy bars and afternoon sweets nearly hit my daily 2000 calorie diet on it's own.

The realization was overwhelming, and no convincing was necessary to make the swap from cola to water. It's hard to cut the bubbly out of one's life, especially when one was practically raised with it in their diet. I'm still 30lbs short of my 'target weight to height' goal, but I've found I can work some indulgences back into my regimen; and just in time for Summer. Now that I have extra energy from eating better, and dropping weight, I plan on our family sharing even more memories outside this season. I'm fairly picky about 'diet' soda and the traditional 'diet' taste, so I've been a big fan of the new A&W TEN root beer soda. Not only does a single 12oz serving have a mere 10 calories, but this root beer is packed with all the sweet, malty, foamy, flavor of a 'regular' root beer, without the extra calories.
A&W TEN Float
Turtle #IceCreamFloat
On a recent trip to Walmart I had a chance to stock up on all the necessary backyard Summer staples, like water balloons, squirt guns, premium burger patties, A&W TEN, and plenty of Dreyer's Slow Churned Ice Cream. With their low price guarantee and fully stocked freezers I was able to pick out a Dreyers Slow Churned flavor for everyone. I knew I wanted to make a special Summer #IceCreamFloat for Sabrina (10), so I was sure to pick up Vanilla Bean Slow Churned, but I also was tickled to find several flavors of No Sugar Added on hand for my own late night cravings. With the temperatures already in the mid to high 80s, daily, here in Southern California, we wasted no time to break out of favorite float glasses and make some Hawaiian Ice Style Floats.
#IceCreamFloat with A&W TEN and Dreyers Slow Churned
Hawaiian Ice Style Float
 Starting with some cubed ice in the blender/food processor, we whipped up some 'Hawaiian Ice', then added Coconut Milk and Vanilla Extract to help turn the ice into a creamy snow. Measurements will vary, depending on how many floats you are making; I usually will keep the ratio: 2C Shaved Ice, 1 TBS Vanilla Extract, 1/2C Coconut Milk. Next, I spread a generous portion of ice mixture on the bottom of the glass, about 2-3 inches high. I then create a small 'crater' in the middle of the ice to deposit 1-2 large scoops of Dreyer's Slow Churned Ice Cream. Then I add about half a 12oz A&W TEN, until the bubbles began to peek over the top of the ice cream. Lastly, I garnish with graham cracker 'sand' (processed in the blender to a fine powder), and topped with some home molded Chocolate Turtles.
Not only is our A&W TEN Hawaiian Ice Style #IceCreamFloat adorable to look at with it's beach inspired theme, but averages 10-20 calories less than a single 12oz can of A&W Cream Soda! That's all the indulgence of a Summer treat staple, with less calories than an average can of soda pop. You may notice we have two different shades of 'turtles,' that's because I had to make these twice this week, due to such a high demand. The children here cannot get enough of them, and it couldn't be simpler to provide a guilt free classic indulgence for the whole family. I know I'm a 'diet soda skeptic,' and I've tried many diet sodas in the past year, but A&W TEN paired with Dreyer's Slow Churned certainly fools my taste buds. Both A&W TEN and Dreyer's Slow Churned are sold in individual serving sizes great for family float nights, or impromptu backyard picnics. See more of our family water-fun and float day, and all of the yummy Summer fizzy and frozen treats in our Summer Refreshments Google+ album.

What Daughter Says: Indulge in all things Summer sweet, without the guilt. Cut calories with A&W TEN, and keep the flavor.

Low Calorie #IceCreamFloat with A&W TEN
Low Calorie Hawaiian Ice Style #IceCreamFloat
***Click here for printable recipe.

Single Serving

* 6 oz A&W TEN Root Beer
* 2 Scoops (4-5 oz) Dreyer's Slow Churned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
* 1 Graham Cracker, Processed to a fine powder
* 1 TBS Vanilla Extract
* 1/2 C Coconut Milk
* 2 C Ice Cubes


1.) Process Ice Cubes in food processor or blender until an even and fine powder. You may need to split the 2C into 1C each to aid in easier shaving.
2.) Add Vanilla Extract and Coconut to shaved ice and blend well until all ice is moistened.
3.) Lightly pack shaved ice mixture on bottom of bowl/mug. Create small crater in middle of ice for ice cream.
4.) Add 2 scoops of Dreyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream and add 6oz A&W TEN, until bubbled reach just past peak of ice cream.
5.) Generously sprinkle Graham Cracker 'sand' over bubbles and ice cream. Top with chocolate turtle garnish is desired.


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