Momma Told Me: Less Words Wednesday: Of Monsters + Babes #MonstersU

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Less Words Wednesday: Of Monsters + Babes #MonstersU

Of Monsters and Babes:

Not to flash forward the story, or to pander to Disney advertising, but this has been one Monsters (University) filled week. Sabrina (10) has been counting down to this film since, perhaps, birth. For the past year every screening we have attended has been chump change, only second to the eventual question, "When's the new Monsters movie coming out?" Thanks to brilliant marketing on Pixar's part, which begins releasing 'hype' clips as soon as the first CG snippet is off the cutting room floor (years in advance of it's actual release). But I digress, today is Less Words Wednesday, so let's briefly sum up this week.
This is Sabrina's (10) last week of school for this year. Her fourth grade class has been practicing a musical 'play' called California Missions and More, which we have been subject to listening to for the past 2 weeks (and adored every minute, of course). Their class was set to have 2 daily performances at 8:30, and 9:30 AM, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As it turns out, I was the only of Sabrina's family to make it yesterday and sat through what has become the only double viewing now scheduled this week. The play was quite campy, and there were certainly some kids who craved the spotlight more than others. I was just glad I could make Sabrina smile as she fought not to fall asleep between the lines of her classmates.
As lunch was just around the corner by the time the second show wrapped I gave into please for McDonalds (none of my family ever brought me lunch when I was in school), and came back to spend lunchtime with Sabrina. When I had asked what she wanted she inquired if there was a chain with Monsters University toys. After scouring the internet I realized there wasn't,quite yet, and Subway was the closest with a knapsack branded meal carrier. I did, however, think to sneak into our local Walgreens (which happened to be the one in our area with the least amount of Monsters U merchandise), and score 2 dog toys of Sulley and Mike to sneak in our Happy Meals.

The 'dog toys' actually got fought over, and were an extra big hit for their squeakers (kids, right?) Lunchtime with 10/11 year-olds is certainly an interesting experience. No sooner had my bum hit the bench to eat than a precocious 11 year old trounced up to me, "Excuse me. I just wanted to let you know Chicken Nuggets are made from pink goo. My sister learned it in High School." I'm not sure if she was implicating I was younger than, or equal in age to her sister, and assert her sister's intellect, but it was ironic in contrast to the barrage of "Are you Sabrina's mother?" questions I received. I know there's some confusion here on the blog at times, so I'll clarify again, for those who are curious; I'm Sabrina's Aunt :)
Monsters University SulleyMonsters University Mike
After school, which it felt as though I had spent the entire day at (when you consider I have to be there 30 minutes before last bell just to get a parking space), we headed to the party store for face paint. Though it was in the mid-80s, we all painted our faces to look like Sulley (who as it turns out is kind of a meanie in the new film, and has apparently now lost his status as 'favorite' monster, but more on that in my review). Then we piled in Jay's Cutlass and I promptly snapped the photo above. Oh to be a kid and have the luxury of napping- us adults were too busy trying to navigate Los Angeles traffic!
When we got home, a tad past 'bedtime' Sabrina was still re-energized and bouncing off the wall. Perhaps that was due to the 'dinner' of popcorn and candy at the theater (I know, I'm an awful role model, but it's my job to spoil.)  Today Sabrina has her first school dance just after lunchtime, so you can imagine the nerves and excitement fueling her last night! Jay also went to see her class's play this morning, and is bringing the twerp lunch (again) as I type (can you say spoiled?) Then we have a lovely afternoon of squirt guns, #IceCreamFloats and water balloons planned with Nora in the back yard. Living in a condo we don't get to recreate outside as often as I'd like, so we get a little crazy when we can reserve the space. The above snapshot is from Nora's last Big Day Out. Somebody got a little wild and began hitting the shoes!


  1. Very cute. Looks like a wonderful time for everyone!

  2. What a great time for everyone, you certainly put a lot of effort into providing fun.
    I do read your blog regularly, and I had wondered if you were Sabrina's Mom. It doesn't really matter in the end, you always look like a happy family :)

  3. Seriously? I can't believe those are dog toys! Those are so stinking cute!! I have some kids that would go crazy over them too!

  4. That monster make-up is just the cutest. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  5. Thanks for letting us take a peak into your life and let us know the "REAL" hype behind Monsters. I think it's nice to know how kids anticipate it.