Momma Told Me: @PepBoysAuto For Safe Holiday Travels To Get You To Point 'B'

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@PepBoysAuto For Safe Holiday Travels To Get You To Point 'B'

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Momma Told Me: Plan for everything.

It's officially that time of year. Travel season. 

Whether you're expecting a bus load of ravenous family members from out of town, or planning a road trip to visit Granny, families all over the country will be traveling to celebrate the holidays together. The decision whether to fly or drive can often be a tough one. It's hard to estimate the gas costs and wear and tear on your vehicle versus the rising ticket and luggage fees. Additionally, if you plan on flying to a location within reasonable driving distance you may be left contemplating rental transport for any extended stays. Of course, to many American families, there is a great appeal in the notion of a 'Road Trip' itself; every holiday season I have flashbacks of my own Griswald-like holiday vacations, from my childhood. Living in Southern California, and with the majority of my family in Massachusetts, there is only one Winter drive I would consider- the road trip to visit Momma. And 'consider' quickly turned to 'comply' when Momma played the mom card, "I haven't had you for a holiday in years," we began to make our plans.

After weighing all the options Jay and I decided we would take my, new to me, vehicle on the 1,800 mile round trip to visit Momma in Oregon for Thanksgiving week. Much like preparing to host a feast at home, there were many things to consider; if we would bring the dog, how long the vacation time off request would be, who would bring in the mail and watch after the cat, etc. But one of the first things that went through my mind was, 'How will I prepare my car for this extended journey?' When the decision was made my Purple PT was just over 98k- and I knew two important vehicle milestones were approaching. Anywhere after 100k and this particular type of vehicle would be in danger of a worn timing belt, and our oil change anniversary would pass shortly after we hit the road. So I pulled up my recent Pep Boys Rewards email and spotted a deal for a $19.99 Conventional Oil Change- and made an appointment for the maintenance work to be done.

My family has been taking our vehicles to Pep Boys since I was a young girl; it's the company my father's work trusts, and the name brand I know I can count on for quality service at competitive prices. And, while I've been a 'card holder' (rewards member) for 4 years now, I never knew just how convenient it really was to schedule service. Through the Pep Boys online website I can create a fast and free account, linked to my rewards card, and schedule appointments for everything from tire installation to brake services and more. The process was extremely stress free, and the virtual calendar even outlined 'early drop-off' days and special early week pricing on my chosen oil change. Once my appointment was set, all I had to do was sit back and wait for the email reminders (there were two, a few days prior and the night before).

When I arrived at Pep Boys I was happy to hear the store anticipated my car would be in and out within 45 minutes. It was a stressful day for our family, fumigating our house for the winter and traveling with the pets in our secondary car. I was relived that all I had to do was hand over my keys and verify my name to get the process started. The employees were well groomed, clean, and friendly; which put me at ease as I handed over the keys to my new/er baby.
Our car received a Conventional Oil change in just under 30 minutes, the milestone marked by a translucent window sticker highlighting my next suggested service date. Pep Boys also offers High Mileage services for vehicles over 75k, which we traditionally do (but passed over this time since we were actually early on our oil change for once). Learn more about Pep Boys products and services online at their easy to navigate web portal, and take advantage of an exclusive $19.99 Conventional Oil Change coupon here. Winter can be a tough season for your vehicle, and is often a stressful time for travelers- don't get caught with your car down; trust Pep Boys to get you to Point B safe and happy.

What Daughter Says: Don't let your regular car maintenance go by forgotten, drive safe with easy to schedule service and care at your local Pep Boys.


  1. What a great deal on oil changes!

  2. I remember the old commercials with Manny, Mo and Jack. We are so far away from any manner of well, anything my husband does his own oil changes now. When we lived in NJ there were Pep Boys all around!

  3. That is pretty good - I can definitely try PepBoys - we have them around here

  4. I don't think I have ever been to a Pep Boys. I need to check them out next time I need something like this done to my car. Thanks. :)

  5. Always great to have your car in top shape for holiday travels. Sounds like Pep Boys does a great job.

  6. I used to take my car to Pep Boys when we lived back East. There aren't any where we now live. I miss them!

  7. Thanks for the coupon. We don't have any pepboys near us, but I wil remember them when I travel.

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