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Thor: The Dark World A Must See 2013 Film For Any Moviegoer @ThorMovies

*** I attended a press screening of Thor: The Dark World in order to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided. All images below are copyright Disney Pictures 2013 and were provided as press materials.

I am not a big 'movie' person. That is to say that I enjoy movies, yes, but I rarely get swept up in all the hooplah of watching a series of trailers, marking my calendar, or hitting a venue opening weekend. My friends and family find me the exception, as they all seem quite content swapping Hollywood brush in tales and sharing celebrity dreams. When I go to a movie theater I am a tough sell- it takes a bit of intrigue to lure me into a first run showing. I don't happily shell out $12 plus a head for a two hour video escape that I know I'll be able to buy much cheaper in 3 months. Why am I sharing this? Because on Monday November 4, 2013, I was quite literally blown away.

This skeptical, often begrudged, movie goer walked out of a theater not only jaw agape and shouting expletives (I do believe "That was ----ing awesome!" came out of my mouth more than twice), but turned to Jay and asked when we could go see it again. I know, I know, I'm as shocked as you likely are- and to be raving about what will most certainly be a blockbuster, on fan base alone, is far from my 'typical' film pick. But here I am to write and tell you that Thor: The Dark World is by far one of the top films I have invested time in, on or off the big screen, in years. Not only will I be shelling out my hard earned cash to see it again, likely a few more times, but I heartily endorse taking the entire family (5+, due to some intense villains and action scenes).

Surprisingly Thor: The Dark World, generally considered a 'niche' film with it's strong Marvel ties and The Avengers franchise, hits multiple thematic categories with seamless balance. Not only are the graphics and computer generated scene-scapes visually stunning, but the 2 hour film is peppered with hilarious jokes that stand effective whether a franchise fan or not. The Dark World also further develops the first film's romance between it's two main characters, Thor and Jane (am I the only one who sees 'Jane' as a character name tongue in cheek alongside the Tarzan like Norse God?) That's right, women will swoon at Chris Hemsworth and his honest chemistry with the quirky and candid Jane, played by Natalie Portman.

I firmly believe in not giving away a film's details, and personally enjoy movies best when I know little to nothing about the plot, so I will spare you of any and all spoilers. I do, however have some interesting notes on the film as a whole;
See The First Film First: While I'm sure you could watch this movie and find it worth admission, without having seen Thor (2011), your experience will be highly enhanced having viewed the first. There simply are too many plot tie ins and inside joke, gems, that wouldn't be properly appreciated without. That being said, I do not feel you need to have seen any other Marvel films for reference.

Check Your Marvel And Norse Knowledge At The Box Office: While a Marvel fanboy/girl will certainly be tickled by the always anticipated Stan Lee guest appearance, and Avenger call outs, don't go into The Dark World expecting sincere continuity to any portion of the Thor comic world. Now officially locked into 3 films, the modern Disney Thor films should be enjoyed as a stand alone- watch them for the entertaining escape they are and don't try to pick anything apart; it will only detract from the experience. That especially goes for any Norse history buffs- this is not your college professor's Asgard, accept it now.

This Is a Disney Film, That Means Lucas Rights: This was, perhaps, one of the oddest elements of watching this film. It seemed I was constantly reminded that Disney now owned Star Wars rights, and boy was it ever evident; from the Lucas soundtrack to the modernized fight scenes with the main protagonist Malekith and his Dark Elves. I was awestruck by the visually intense fight scenes, that clearly echoed big box office space fights, having me turn and ask Jay multiple times, "Are we watching Star Wars?" Of course, it doesn't help these inklings that Star Wars Queen herself, Natalie Portman is the leading heroine- stay tuned for a true geek-out inside joke halfway through the film when our hero and protagonist fight for the first time!
If You Go To The Theater To Escape, Run To See This Film: Rarely do I feel a film's sequel exceeds the quality of it's first in the series. In Thor: The Dark World's case, Thor (2011) seems like more of a teaser trailer for the 'good stuff'. Thanks to the first film, most of the character development was already set in place and this movie was free to move a lot faster. How fast? When the final credits had rolled I felt excited, overwhelmed, and a bit of longing. How Disney had crammed so much action, drama, comedy, romance, and astounding visual effects into a 2 hour space, I still can't figure out. This film had it all, and is truly a great example of taking it's viewers on a transforming journey with beautifully crafted characters. I cannot stress enough- no matter what type of film you prefer, watch the first film and go see this second!

Stay Till The Very End: It's no secret Marvel crams Easter eggs into the ending credits. This film has two; the first a teaser for the upcoming Marvel film franchise, crossover. The second is insignificant (to the overall plot) but extremely satisfying wrap to the second film. Sit through the end credits crawl and you won't be disappointed.

The Final Word: It's hard to escape the many distinct nods to Star Wars franchise success, from action sequences to background development and music- any geek will surely adore this film. More importantly for me to convey is the value of this film to those not currently fans of the Marvel franchise. It's hard not to classify Thor as a superhero, thus Thor: The Dark World a Superhero Movie, but I'd wage a good argument that every paying moviegoer will walk out satisfied on multiple levels. Go for the all-star cast, for the timeless romance, for the non-stop comedy (hard to believe it could be done in an action flick without being cheesy, right?), for the cameos, for the mind-blowing 3D and intense fight scenes, for the quirky and colorful characters, and for the battle between good and evil, and go for money well spent on a 2 hour escape. After all, isn't that really what we hope for when we go to the cinema?

Catch Thor: The Dark World in theaters worldwide November 8, 2013


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed your screening. I like how you tied in Star Wars (a movie I saw at a drive in!) to this very modern yet ancient tale.

    I will have to wait for some manner of TV viewing experience as the nearest theatre is close to two hours away. Aaaah, life on the farm.

  2. I can't wait to see this. My family really enjoyed the first one.

  3. I had no desire to see this movie but now that you say it's good, I really want too!

  4. That looks like it will be a great movie! I loves the first one. :)

  5. I CANNOT wait to see this movie. I loved the first one and it sounds like this one meets that same high standard. So jealous you got to attend a pre-screening. - Katy

  6. I am so looking forward to this one - looks amazing!!

  7. Normally this isn't the type of movie that I'd go see. But after seeing the trailer at BlogHer, I was super excited about it. It looks REALLY good!

  8. I really want to see this movie!!! LOOKS fantastic!

  9. Gah I need to catch up on Avengers, Iron Man, and Thor movies so bad!! Avengers is the one holding us back... it just never seems to be available via On Demand or to rent on iTuns for us. Soon... soon... because I really want to see Thor: The Dark World too!

  10. I have been wanting to see this one. I have a friend who I am planning to see it.