Momma Told Me: BistroMD: Day 2, Jerk Pork, Garlic Chicken, + Pulled Pork Crepes

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BistroMD: Day 2, Jerk Pork, Garlic Chicken, + Pulled Pork Crepes

***Note: I was provided a 5 Day BistroMD meal plan for the purpose of this editorial feature. No further compensation was provided. All opinions and photos contained there in are property of Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
BistroMD: Day 2 Journal

When I was a child it seemed that nutrition was the last thing I my mind when it came to food. Some days my parents would have to bargain and bribe just to get me to clear my plate; others, I ate everything in site I could palette. Most often I was drawn to foods including chocolate and nuts, or neon cheesy powder- hardly the building blocks for a successful day. Looking back, now that I've essentially become Momma, I long for the days when I didn't have to think about my next meal. Food would appear before me at the designated time, and my biggest concern was whether I would eat it willingly or not. Nowadays, if 3 square meals were to land on my table without provocation I'd eat each and every one happily. But there is no magic replicator, and Momma has long grown out of preparing my 3 squares a day. Alas, I am left to fend for myself between hunting down poster boards and league practice.
That's precisely where the value of BistroMD weighs in for me. While first most regarded as a diet delivery program, BistroMD averages a little over $7 per meal, which is certainly more than I'd pay investing in Hungry Man frozen entrees. However, if you consider that's about $25 a day (and how much the average American spends on 'fast' convenience meals each week, alone), there are some clear benefits to the value of having a BistroMD meal plan around. Each day's meal plan averages just shy of 1200 calories, offering an 800 calorie leeway for the suggested 2000 daily limit, and plenty of wiggle room for those looking to shave a pound or two while enjoying gourmet meals on the run. Preparing these flash frozen, nutritionist hand selected, entrees is as easy as operating your microwave or oven; only freezer storage space presents and issue.Most meal plans offer free shipping promotions, and you're always in control of the featured ingredients; so you'll never get stuck with an undesirable meal.
Pulled Pork Crepes

I've used the BistroMD meal delivery program on and off over the past several years. I usually gravitate towards their 5 Day Meal Plans, without snacks, during especially busy professional periods, or times when my family calls for some extra attention. On Day 2 of this week's meal plan I awoke to a new dish; Pulled Pork Crepes with BBQ Sauce and Apple Chutney. The apple chutney, while a common breakfast side for BistroMD, actually featured apples and onions, a new culinary experience for me that seemed to balance out the sweetness of the BBQ in the crepes. The Pulled Pork Crepes proved different than I'd expected, more of a pork hash with a sweet apple glaze and blue cheese layering. They were extremely light and fluffy, but a wonderfully filling start to my day at just 320 calories in total.
Jerk Pork
For lunch I indulged in one of my favorite BistroMD entrees; Jerk Pork served alongside a bell pepper medley with roasted plantains and mango salsa. I am consistently impressed with the texture of proteins in the BistroMD meal plan. Even from my microwave the meat is juicy, tender, and flavorful down to the last bite. One slight dislike with dishes like this is the excess moisture that accumulates from the large amount of fruit and vegetables, when microwaved. Dishes with such a high 'salsa' and vegetable content work best in the oven; though most excess fluid can be drained with some effort, directly from the trays. It would also be my preference to exclude mango from my meals, but in an effort to provide the nutritionist enough creative room I had left this ingredient on my 'okay' list. As it turns out the mango added a wonderful natural sweetness to the pork that baked into the meat when reheating.
I concluded Day 2 with a flavorful, yet visually plain, meal of Grilled Chicken Breast and Garlic Veloute. The familiar Ratatouille side of squash and summer veggies made a nice base to slice and spoon the chicken over. At an astounding 310 calorie total, bringing my daily meal caloric total to a mere 930, I had wiggle room to add a little salt or butter to my roasted baby carrots. BistroMD is very free in allowing additional seasoning and condiments for it's customers; this is never forbidden in any meal plan. The Garlic Veloute did seem to bake onto the chicken breast a little thinner than I'd hoped, but offered the right amount of flavoring for this modest sized protein.


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  3. I'm with you on the mango. I don't think it would be my favorite, but I can see how it would add a sweetness and maybe thickness to the dish.

  4. I featured Bistro MD on my site as well. I was very impressed with the variety and quality

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