Momma Told Me: Julep April Reveal+ Penny Introductory Offer

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Julep April Reveal+ Penny Introductory Offer

Update: Get your first month's Julep Maven box for 1 PENNY, SHIPPED! Go here, do the style quiz and sign up with code PENNY (Choose 'FREE SHIPPING')! 
Momma Told Me: It's time for something new.

It seems like I'm a part of a lot of blog swaps and subscription boxes as of late. I kind of jumped on the bandwagon late in 2012 and, while I already tend to get a massive amount of mail, there is just something satisfying about receiving a parcel hand picked and tailored for you. When I was a child I went through a similar phase, only then there were entire books devoted to kids and the receiving of mail. Not to mention these things were less subscriptions and more free promotions put on by companies to sway the hearts of their parents. In any case you may recall filling out a SASE (the generation I watch today would have no idea what this stood for), and a couple box tops or lids in exchange for a Detective's Kit or 'deluxe' cereal prize.  Momma must've spent a fortune on these gimmicks, but she seemed perfectly content to allow me to send away for these 'free' items, so long as I was learning the value of patience and hard work. It certainly was a great way to practice my penmanship, and kept me from grumbling on the very long walk to the mailbox hutches on the other side of our condominium complex.
For whatever the reason, I still look forward to the mail like a kid at Christmas. It's the one variable of my day that is, for the most part, entirely unpredictable. Whether it's a sample, a mail order, a rebate check, a letter from a friend, or the weekly sale ads, I'm bound to find something of interest to liven my day. Jeremy will attest on 3 day weekends, when I am left without postal service for 2 consecutive days, I am lost. It may not be something to be proud of, but it's my confession none-the-less. So this has brought me to sample many subscription 'box' services. A subscription box service, for those unfamiliar, is a collection of products put together, based on the subscriber's interested, and mailed out monthly for a uniform charge. This may include a mixture of sample and full sized products, all full sized products, or solely samples. From time to time various companies will also include 'freebie' incentives such as free shipping or % off deals for their partners. There seem to be more of these services than I can count, and they double almost daily; so it's hard to weed through the junk and find the valuable programs.
Julep April
For me, one of the most successful subscription box services has been my endeavors as a Julep Maven. A what? Julep, first and foremost a chain of prestigious nail salons and nail vernis (lacquer) manufacturer; Maven the term for their monthly subscribers, and general insiders. While it costs nothing to be a Julep Maven, you are expected to respond to their monthly 'box' selections and opt out/in before a certain cut off date each month. You can always but individual boxes and products through the store, after the fact, but you will often pay more than the discounted rate for having purchased the bundle/products in advance. I should also note that a lot of the Julep Vernis shades sell out and retire (as all the good nail lacquer brands tend to do), so you should always snap up a shade you like when you see it. Personally, I've gone back a few times now to order a shade in multiple, I received in my monthly box. Like many of these subscription services, Julep operates on a Quiz-Style Classification system that will place you within a general fashion profile (I'm usually Bombshell, though I sometimes select the American Beauty collections). You'll receive a preview for your assigned beauty profile each month, but you can always choose any of the current month's collections for delivery.
Julep cuticle
Once you receive notification your Maven Box has shipped delivery usually occurs in a flash, I see mine on my doorstep within days! I have had 2/9 boxes arrive with a leaking polish, however, but customer service is incredibly quick to ship out a replacement with no questions asked. The typical box format includes 2 Julep Nail Vernis shades, one Julep Beauty/Nailcare product, and a few 'extras' that tie into the month's theme. Last month, April, was all about the new Brights Collection; which I am seriously crushing right now. If this post is not a riot of neon summer hues then I've done a disservice in portraying the upbeat vibe of the collection. In addition to Juelp's Jackie (Red) and Avery (Hot Pink) Bombshell shades I received a full size Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum, as well as this month's 'twist,' a Rock Candy stick. The October box had included a small pouch of Candy corn and Orange and Black Nail Glitters to give you another idea of their themes. Julep is very heavy in providing targeted inspiration and even technique guides for their various Maven beauty profiles.
A little known secret to most all major Nail lacquer brands is the hidden base within the applicator cap. If you pull up, instead of twist, you will often be able to pull the cap right off, leaving a generic handle attached to the brush. This is often used by the hard core lacquer enthusiasts and professionals to store swatches. Thanks to Julep's Swatch stickers I can easily apply a swatch to any of their shades' caps, for an instant and accurate representation of the shade, dry. Swatches are especially great for semi-translucent or jelly shades that can be layered for a more intense color. Mavens can order extra sheets of swatch stickers for a nomianl cost, though all new released shades include one attached to the cap. Happy swatching! As if my hair weren't any indication, I'm a rainbow sort of gal, so my heart lept a bit when I saw the entire Brights (more neon, to me) collection available for sale through the Maven site. In Southern California, it's summer year-round, and I don't need an excuse to work these hues into my beauty regimen.
This month I was inspired to pair the beautifully vibrant Pink hue, Julep's Avery, with Sally Hansen's  Mad For Plaid Nail Strips, and a few of my other favorite Spring brights. Alternating the bold plaid print with Avery and a White Polka Dots really tied this avante-garde look together. The cuticle oil was also the perfect bonus, going into the dryer months of Summer, and really absorbed quickly with the easy application pen. As a reminder my Julep nail posts are not in any way sponsored. I've reviewed several such programs on my site over the past year, and few have I gone on to become a paying subscriber. Cravebox, LootCrate, and Juelp are my only current paid subscriptions, so that says a lot. Primarily, Julep has won me over with their complete notification process and 'opt out' options, where I am given ample times to review the month's selections prior to billing and shipping. Additionally, their customer service is amazingly generous and prompt, making me a very happy consumer. If you decide to take advantage of a in introductory box remember that all Mavens also get a discounted rate on everyday Julep buys, and are the first to know about sales and clearance. Just another reason to 'go shopping' when picking out my box each month!

For those who take on the Julep Maven Penny Introductory Box (use code: PENNY) offer, and decide not to continue with the program, you may Cancel your subscription and never be solicited again. It doesn't get much more simple, in regards to monthly beauty box programs.

What Daughter Says: Take a chance on something new with Julep Maven.

As Required By The FTC: I paid for my Julep Maven subscription. This post was not solicited in any way. All opinions are mine, and mine alone.


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    Sandy a la Mode

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  5. I love Julep! I've been a Julep Maven for over a year now, maybe two. My maven profile is It Girl but I end up getting the upgrade full collection mot hard to resist! Turn On The Brights was def their best collection to date in my opinion, this Florida girl loves those fun colors! Oh, I love the nail art you did!

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