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Bubblegum PEEPS Marshmallow Fluff Cupcakes +Summer Giveaway

Bubblegum PEEPS cupcakes
***I was provided complimentary PEEPS Summer flavors for the purpose of this post. No further compensation was provided. Regardless, all opinions and stories are original, and all photos are copyright Momma Told Me 2013.
Momma Told Me: Of Childhood memories....

There are certain thing from childhood, toys, scents, sweets, that transition certain memories through one's lifetime. These are things that if seen, touched, or smelled, can solicit fits of giggles and foolish behavior. For me, the majority of these things, and brands, are associated with candy. Let's face it, as a child, the best holidays align themselves with seasonal specialties that only emerge once a year. And, if we're going to be honest, they may not necessarily be the most culinary creations; that is to say I won't hunt down Sweethearts (aka. conversation hearts) unless they happen to be on the shelf for Valentine's Day. These aren't things I crave outside of the festivities, but the memories tied to them make these candies all the sweeter when they come back around. And, for the sake of honesty, I'll divulge that my favorite seemingly seasonal candy are Bottle Caps (the little sweet and chalky tablets flavored like various sodas). Year after year my enthusiasm for these fun sized pouches in my Halloween bucket has convinced my father they are among one of my favorite candies. So much so he hunts them down off season and proudly gifts them to me; and it's little things like that which keep them so dear to me.
It may sound funny to say we, as humans, have emotional connections to these seasonal decorations, or even candy, but I've found it's quite normal. For Momma, one of these childhood delights included a Danish specialty my grandmother would have imported for big entertaining events. Quite literally translated in English to Floderboller (Flo-der-bowl-er), these giant marshmallow cremes were often generously dolloped on a graham cracker wafer base, then encased in the richest of dark chocolates. I always though of them as a giant, topless, smore wrapped in dark chocolate- they're a delicacy from Momma's ethnic heritage. Which is why it is so ironic that today's nostalgic treat of choice should be a mallow of sorts on it's own; PEEPS. Perhaps one of the most widely debated childhood candies, these marshmallow bunnies and chicks are most known for their yearly appearances in children's Easter baskets.
Bubblegum PEEPS
marshamllow fluff
When I mentioned to my friends and family that I would be doing a 2 part mini-series on these fluffy little treats the reactions were passionate. Many had not had a PEEPS since their own childhood, yet remained adamant in their feelings. My social media was abuzz with those who less than eloquently proclaimed their distaste, and those who passionately defended this iconic childhood staple. However, both sides seemed to be ignorant to the fact that PEEPS, the brand, is not just an Easter-time thing. If one searches back through the holiday displays throughout their time, it's likely your mind's eye will pass a few less than traditional marshmallow treats. One of my favorites are the sugar dusted ghosts and grinning pumpkins; or the strawberry PEEPS dipped in dark chocolate for Valentine's. Yes, PEEPS and Company are around all year- and reasoning stands that the original PEEPs you recall from your childhood just might be a different experience than these new characters and flavors.
For most, I've come to learn, any disinterest in PEEPS comes from the excess sweet sugar coating, or the simple fact that the individual has not had a PEEPS in so long, they cannot recall why they did or didn't like them. Until a few years ago, I fell into this category myself. Then I ran into chocolate dipped PEEPS in February, and this classic mallow suddenly became a long lost friend. While I still prefer building colorful wreaths and kabobs with the original, rainbow of PEEPS, it's the seasonal flavors that I actually enjoy eating. Let's face it, PEEPS are an international icon, known for their adorable shapes and characters; which is why the PEEPS and Co range of merchandise has done so well. But PEEPS also have a strong supporting cast in their beloved co-brands; Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, and Peanut Chews. And just like a close-knit group of friends, PEEPS and Co brands like to support one another in theme and flavors. This Summer's big theme? Lemonade Mike and Ikes and Sweet Marshmallow PEEPS; supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand foundation to end childhood cancer.
Bubblegum filled cupcakes
Bubblegum PEEPS cupcakes
I've already covered how special the Sweet Lemonade specialty PEEPS are to me, in mission and flavor. (Honestly, whether you're a PEEPS fan or not, hunt these down and try them; they're sold in adorable 2PC packs.) But I also received a special sneak peek look at this summer's other PEEPS specialty flavor, Bubblegum. I can think of few confections better suited for such a sweet and fluffy pink flavor. Sold in 10pc packages, with 2 trays of 5, the Bubblegum PEEPS most resemble traditional Pink chicks with a retro 'Dubble Bubble' style packaging. It's clear from first crack of the package seal that these are certainly not your ordinary sugar chicks, the rich Bubblegum aroma wafts up like a fresh scoop of bubblegum ice cream. Children who've long dreamed of actually swallowing their gum (let's face it, it's an odd fantasy had as a child) will get a kick out of this Bubblegum flavored treat they can actually consume.
Inspired by the playful flavor and Bubblegum pink hue, I immediately knew I wanted to transition these seasonal PEEPS into a fun treat to light up children's parties year-round. I set out to make Blue Vanilla Cupcakes with Bubblegum Frosting, and a Bubblegum PEEPS fluff filling. As it turns out, my workstation quickly became covered in what we affectionately called 'PEEPS Magic Dust,' and the mallow creme fluff filling would have been equally enjoyed sandwiched between to cake patties in a whoopie pie fashion. But who can resist these pink and blue cupcakes with Pink PEEPS on top? I think they'd be especially adorable at a baby shower! Whatever your purpose with these devilishly cute cupcake creation, I've designed the recipe so they can be replicated with minimal fuss. My 'base' for these cupcakes was store bought this time, and the frosting was a snap with the Bubblegum Duncan Hines Frosting Creations packet. The majority of the work is in the PEEPS Bublegum fluff filling , but that can be easily accomplished with a bit of patience and constant stirring.
Bubblegum PEEPS cupcakesBubblegum PEEPS recipe
Bubblegum PEEPS Mallow Fluff
*click here for printable recipe


* 12-15 Bubblegum PEEPS
* 2 Large Egg Whites
* 1 C Granulated Sugar
*1/3 C Cold Water
* 1/4 TSP Cream of Tartar
* 1/4 TSP Salt
* 1/4TSP Vanilla Extract


1.) Whisk the egg whites, sugar, water, cream of tartar, and salt in a large heat resistant bowl. (Stainless steel or Pyrex is fine)
2.) Place the bowl over a saucepan filled with 2" of simmering water. Using a hand beater or whisk, beat the egg mixture for another 4 MINS.
3.) Tear the Bubblegum PEEPS into quarters as you add them to the hot egg mixture, continuing to stir. Introduce 3 PEEPS at a time and allow to fully melt before adding more.
4.) Once all PEEPS are introduced into the mixture continue to beat for 2-3 MINS until soft peaks begin to form. Remove from heat and add vanilla extract. Continue beating until fluff reaches desired thickness/texture.

***For my Bubblegum PEEPS I used a boxed White (vanilla) cake mix, with Blue food coloring to save time. For Bubblegum Frosting, I combined 1 tub of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations base with 1 packet Bubblegum Flavor. To 'fill' the cupcakes I waited until the cupcakes had cooled then introduced a ribbon of fluff via a plastic condiment container (sold for $1 at WalMart in the kitchen area). The 'fluff' can also be spread between two cookies or flat cakes for a whoopie pie like presentation.

What Daughter Says: Recall why PEEPS were so magical in childhood, try new Summer PEEPS flavors today.

One Momma Told Me reader will win a special Summertime PEEPS and Co prize bundle, as featured above. Check out our Sweet Lemonade PEEPS and Lemon Jello Slice post.
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