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Less Words Wednesday: Down On The Farm + Instagram

Every week there are so many photos taken in our home, or outside the home; you get what I'm saying. It's hard to weed through thousands of snapshots and cut it down to the 5-8 that end up in each post. Just last week we went to the local Underwood Pick Your Own Farms and had a fun day out, thanks to Allegra. While the tractor slide and wooden vehicle play sets were a big hit, it was the petting corral that truly won Sabrina (10) over.
There are some minor attractions, mostly geared towards the younger (K-5) kids, including a hay bale ride, cow barrel train, and pedal tractor racing. I was surprised to see Jay squeeze into one of the 'larger' cow barrels, but not surprised to hear how he felt every little 'bump' through the mud around the fields- ouch!
Lately it seems like everybody is grabbing a camera; Jay has become addicted to Instagram, where he can adjust filters to his heart's content. While I was trying to snap a good shot of Sabrina and the baby goats he captured the slightly haunting goat portrait above. When we got home Truffles proved her strawberry addiction was not an isolated incident; rolling and rubbing all over the berry baskets for near a half hour.
(Left)Around the house Truffles(cat) and Nora(dog) have been getting a little more acquainted. Nora likes to pretend she doesn't notice Truffles lurking below the ottoman, then she springs up and growls when Truffles turns to walk away. (Right) Nora, Sabrina, and Jay watching The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars one lazy afternoon.


  1. Cute pics. I love Instagramming! It's growing on me

  2. Looks like it was a fun trip! I laughed out loud at "slightly haunting goat portrait". It's so true! I have been enjoying instagram and getting more acquainted with it... I had it for almost 2 years without using it. It's fun to play with, that's for sure. Your pets are ADORABLE!

  3. Cute! Hope you will like up at my WW too:

  4. Im telling ya, I really want a farm to visit like that place! That is so cool!!!

  5. i am taking my son to the zoo tomorrow, i am kind of excited now!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. We love little farm trips like that. Those goats are too adorable. Our growing season is a bit later her in Minnesota, but I can't wait to go get some upick strawberries.

  7. Those are great pictures! It looks like the cat is ready to pounce on your dog! Too funny that your cat likes strawberries. :-) Our cat likes run after the dog when he is playing the house - scares the snot out of the dog. lol

  8. What great pictures!!! SO stinkin cute!