Momma Told Me: BistroMD Day 3: Blackened Salmon + Balsamic Chicken Roundup

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BistroMD Day 3: Blackened Salmon + Balsamic Chicken Roundup

***I received a 5 Day Meal Plan from BistroMD for the purpose of this editorial series. Regardless, no further compensation was provided, all opinions are authentic, and all images are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Bistro MD: Day 3

It's amazing what eating 3 squares a day can do for one's energy and general outlook. It seems like I ate non-stop as a child, snacking every every few hours on schedule until I could convince Momma my tummy was 'rumbly' again. Mostly, I longed for sweets and salty snacks with minimal nutritional value but ample energy boost. The problem with growing older is the rate at which my body processes these non-essential ingredients, and the constant lagging feeling when choosing trash over actual sustenance. In college I could get away with 'power snacking,' by stashing protein bars in my binder in between classes, and relying on Ramen noodles in the evening. If I dared replicate these habits today it'd surely be a disaster- I suppose that's why the energy drink industry is hitting Millennials so hard. We find ourselves with less and less time on our hands, more and more technological distractions, and inadequate fuel to get us through the day.
Tomato Spinach Omelet

I try to eat 3 'meals' a day, but it can be so hard to find those 10-20 minutes to sit down and actually eat; and the very thought of a washed out cardboard nutrition bar is unappealing enough to convince me to skip meals. Usually this means forgoing breakfast, but sometimes lunch makes the cut as well, then I'm left trying to 'make up' at dinner. Any nutritionist will tell you loading up on calories in the evening is not the way to go! Our bodies process food slower and more efficiently in our sleep, making weight loss near impossible with skipped meals and decreased metabolism. Waking up to my doctor designed gourmet breakfast with BistroMD is like a mini-vacation. Straight from the microwave today's Tomato, Ricotta, Spinach Omelet was enticing in aroma and texture. The giant white fluffy omelet was plumply stuffed with a lightly spiced tomato, onion, spinach filling, and served alongside soft baked apple slices in a balsamic glaze. These apples were a tad less sweet than the traditional apple walnut Waldorf blend, and complemented the spinach perfectly.
Balsamic Chicken
For lunch I had a real treat when a returning favorite appeared on my menu with a new twist side; seasoned Brussels sprouts. I've never seen Brussel Sprouts make the BistroMD menu before and was tickled to have a healthy side I'm often too afraid to prepare on my own (I know, it's easy, but I'm the only one who eats them, and I worry about over-cooking). Served alongside these deliciously grilled greens was the main course, Balsamic Chicken Breast served on Basil Pesto White Beans. The beans had some shredded red peppers cooked in, and looked a little less appealing than usual (they were mashed and in a thicker sauce than I'd expected), however had a rich pesto flavor that balanced the green flavoring of the Brussels sprouts. At only 290 calories, with 33g of protein, this was the perfect mid day Mediterranean escape! I should also note that all 3 of today's meals were gluten free!
Blackened Salmon
I was surprised to see salmon land on my plate for dinner this day; usually Salmon is a lunch entree in my BistroMD meal lineups. However, I have often remarked in the past just how generous in size the salmon filets tend to be, and the large block of protein is great for a final meal. This Blackened Salmon was garnished with (a little less than I'd prefer) champagne sauce that had a slightly bitter, citrus, flavor. A side of Creole Okra and Tomato stew, that proved less spicy than it's name rounded out this dish alongside a bed of soft slow roasted cauliflower. I'd never had okra before, though I'd approved the ingredient on my initial BistroMD list; and found it to be a pleasant surprise. Not only was I able to experience new cuisine not local to my region, but discovered a new green I enjoy! The cauliflower was also cooked 'fall apart' tender and the perfect addition to the flaky, blackened, salmon fillet. In all, I wrapped this day with 780 calories in BistroMd meals, and an average of 1380 calories post snacks and desert (water was the chosen beverage of the day).
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  1. Wow their food looks really good! I've never tried okra before either.

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