Momma Told Me: How I Stay Fueled and Focused With @BistroMD Meal Delivery

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How I Stay Fueled and Focused With @BistroMD Meal Delivery

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**Note: I was provided a 1 week BistroMD meal only plan for a follow up feature here on Momma Told Me. No additional compensation was provided. All images and screen captures are copyright Momma Told Me 2013.
Momma Told Me: Food is fuel.

I have bee a fan of BistroMD for near 3 years now. I have been a reviewer, receiving complementary weeks for journalling purposes; but  most importantly, this has made me a paying consumer. For this reason alone, the following praise is of the highest regard. You see, I don't part with my money easily, let alone for meals I did not cook. My loyal readers know I have a passion for food, and enjoy sharing secret family recipes, and crazy new Pinterest favorites. But the simple truth is that Momma can not be 'on' 365 days a year. There are simply some times when life calls for more attention in one department or the other and compromises have to be made. You see, a meal delivery program such as BistroMD, while quite a valuable aid for those committed to weightless, does not have to center around losing weight at all. In fact, one week of BistroMD meals can successfully keep a new nursing mother focused on baby, and out of the kitchen, with healthy meals. Or perhaps a busy professional fed through their most important season of the year. Yes, I rely on BistroMD for specially tailored, gourmet, meals that save me time and keep me fueled with the vital energy and nutrients I need in the 'hairy' times.
Of course the primary initiative behind BistroMD is a highly tailored diet delivery program. This is how I first came to utilize the food delivery and online resources; dropping 8.5lbs over a 2 week commitment my first round. It's amazing for me to reflect back on where the company began, considered Dr.Phil's top diet delivery back even back then, and how much the brand has grown since. Every time I work with them to share my personal thoughts and experiences I notice they have integrated new consumer feedback directly int their business model. BistroMD is a forward moving company that is constantly fine tuning something that is wonderful to begin with! For example, when I most recently logged into the all new BistroMD customer portal I was taken through an ingredient screening process that put me in control of the ingredients that would appear on my plate. With this revolutionary new process I can actually preview the available BistroMD entrees and expressly forbid specific ones from showing up on my menu. Naturally, one needs to be a little pliable to give the nutritionist enough leeway to build a well balanced menu, but the end result is a night and day difference to me.
You may recall BistroMD was in fact founded by a licensed MD and nutritionist Caroline Cederquist; but it is also very much guided by her foodie husband Ed. Well say he's one of the main reasons the flash frozen, licensed chef made, small batch entrees are so trendy and flavorful. There is no comparison with these meal trays to store bought 'gourmet' meals. Not only does each and every hand picked ingredient bring an engaging flavor and texture to the meal, but the tailored meal plans ensure I receive a delectable balance of worldwide cuisine and protein. I'll admit, if it were up to me, during a busy week, I'd probably eat the same 2-3 meals day in and out. With BistroMD I know I am getting well balanced nutrition, and the added variety keeps me determined and motivated to move on towards the next meal. Whenever I find myself on a BistroMD week I know I will be packed with needed energy for each day, treated to fuss free microwave (or oven ready) meals, and taken around the globe for a culinary adventure.
Waldorf Apples
When BistroMD meal delivery first began the prepared meals arrived in black double compartment trays hidden inside a khaki sleeve. The meals were identified on a nutritional label on the wide face of the sleeve, alone. Receiving 21 meals at a time can be overwhelming space wise, but even more frustrating when trying to organize them! Thankfully, the past year has seen a wonderful design overhaul that has the meal titles placed on the spin of the sleeve as well. Now I can easily pull out the meals for the following day (and allow them to thaw overnight as recommended), without spending time fighting piles of frozen food. This time around I was happy to see one of my returning favorites land on my table for breakfast, Day 1; Ham and Swiss Omelet with Waldorf Apples. This egg white omelet is stuffed with small natural ham cubes and Swiss Cheese for a light and fluff entree that clears my plate in minutes. I am constantly amazed as to just how fluffy, and fresh. the eggs always cook from flash frozen with BistroMD. Accompanying this omelet was a slightly sweet Apple, Craisin, Walnut cup dusted with cinnamon.
Assorted SquashBistroMD
You'll notice I serve all of my BistroMD meals on actual dining plates. The portions are filling, yet modest, and usually work well on an appetizer plate, which makes me feel like the portion is bigger, mentally, on comparison to a dinner plate. I feel plating the food makes it seem more appetizing, and helps one to focus more on each bite, leading to a quicker realization of portions and one's full state. For lunch I had the chance to enjoy another returning classic, and also a Gluten Free meal; Mediterranean Chicken. This lemon infused chicken breast is served over Mediterranean style quinoa made with Kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, chopped leaf spinach, and feta cheese. It looks a little odd at first, but is truly quite delicious! BistroMD seems to be sparing with any sauces they choose to accompany their proteins, and while the breast was exceptionally tender, I do reach for a little pureed squash from time to time. Assorted grilled vegetables, primarily consisting of multicolored squash accompanied my main dish for a colorful and delicious meal that kept me full into the evening.
BistroMD Meal Delivery
My final meal of the day felt like one of the lightest; Cheese Ravioli; which is not how I amused to eating dinner, but stays true to the suggested daily pyramid. Breakfast should be the heaviest in calories, and subsequent meals should taper, seeing as it makes the most sense to stock up on calories and energy at the beginning of the day. In any case, my BistroMd caloric total for the day rounded out at 865, leaving plenty of room for 2 snacks, or a snack and a dessert, to fill in the remaining 500 calories (for a weight loss goal of 1400 a day). My Cheese Ravioli was accompanied by a Green Bean and Slivered Almond side. Because I prefer my green beans softer I microwaved these an additional 45 seconds on high with a TBS of water, post preparation. In all, Day 1 was nothing short of what I would expect from the BistroMD brand, and I cleared every plate thanks to the new Ingredient Approval process.

What Daughter Says: BistroMd keeps me fueled throughout the week so I can stay focused on the things that matter most.


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