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Thursday, May 2, 2013

How COVERGIRL Outlast 3-In-1 Helps Me Stay Fabulous

 **I am an active member of the BzzAgent community. I was provided the following product, compliments of COVERGIRL, in exchange for my honest Bzz. I was not required to write a blog post, nor were my opinions compensated in ay other way.
Momma Told Me: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Growing up I spent my fair share of Summer afternoons curled up alongside Momma on the couch, watching soap operas. A habit she'd learned from her own mother, I always thought it funny how Momma would pre-record these episodes so she could 'fast forward' through the especially steamy parts. Sadly The Young and the Restless and Bold & The Beautiful are not quite the same daytime programming they were back then. In any case, one would think Momma would have fast forwarded right through those commercials too. After all, isn't that what a VCR was for? Ironically, I'd wager I watched more commercials than actual programming. The commercials were Momma's time to swap out loads of laundry, bring the night's dinner to a slow simmer, and collect the mail. Anyone who's ever watched a few weeks of daytime television knows the commercial breaks are even more numerous than that of evening time slots. And, while the commercials would change, the brands always seemed to remain the same. It's how I came to be a COVERGIRL.
No no, I've never graced magazine covers, I'm certainly no knockout beauty or photoshoot model. But that's the beauty of this American brand. A pretty girl with COVERGIL makeup's as patriotic as cherry pie. The company itself began in Maryland, circa 1960; later to be acquired by mega-conglomerate Procter & Gamble. If I were taking a survey for Family Fued, and was asked to name the first brand that came to mind when I heard the word 'cosmetics', this would be it. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. COVERGIRL. It's a slogan that defines the very mission behind this brand, and inspired many memories on that couch with my mother. Whenever Mrs. So and So Smith would return after a 'vacation' to Brazil, looking 5-10 years younger (and played by an entirely different actress) we'd mock how it must've been COVERGIRL. But of course, I grew up actually using the products as well; COVERGIRL was the brand of my first concealer compact, and made the shade I wore to my first high school dance.
Covergirl concealer
I'm not going to lie, I've dated a lot of foundations through my 20s. Finding the perfect blend of wear and camouflage is no easy task. Currently, I've been crushing on COVERGIRL's TruBlend Whipped Foundation which naturally matches my skin tone to cover day-to-day imperfections, and wears light for cosmetics layering. I tend to avoid foundations that originate in liquid form because I don't like my finished look to feel 'artificial'. Recently, as a BzzAgent, I had the chance to pick up the all new COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 foundation, concealer, and primer. Outside of being a mouthful, this product should also be called 4-In-1, because it features something I am always sure to look for, the added bonus of SPF 20 coverage sunscreen. Now, I don't spend much time outdoors, but when I do it's usually a day thing and the last thing I want to do is pour goopy sunscreen over my meticulously groomed face.
My initial impression of Outlast Stay Fabulous was a bit of disappointment; every single clear plastic cap on the display had numerous nicks, clouds, and general 'yuckiness.' I quickly tossed the cap in the trash upon arrival home. I try not to judge cosmetics on their exterior appearance, but the slick glass container didn't quite add up with the marred plastic cap. At the store there had been a wide range of in stock shades to choose from, and I'd opted for the 805 (Ivory) hue. This is the lightest in the collection and perhaps a tad lighter than my overall complexion but great to layer gentle blush and powder shading over. The product dispensed with good control and seemed a little fluffy, rather than greasy, in texture. It applied soft, but thick, and worked into the skin with a little massage. You can see in the half and half above there was a little initial streaking. It took me a few uses to get the hang off even application.
Outlast Stay Fabulous
When it comes to overall wear, COVERGIRL's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 (still a mouthful) fades very naturally for all day wear. It prevented oil buildup, and stayed touchably soft well past my everyday 9 to 5. With a $9.99 suggested drugstore price range, and 14 shade availability, I think this combination foundation, primer, and concealer is well worth a try for on-the-go gals who need uncompromising function that will wear all day. I'm still undecided whether I'll be making the switch from my current COVERGIRL fave to this particular find, but I know I'll be working it into my beauty regimen from time to time. One especially unique trait of this liquid based foundation is it's ability to absorb mineral based color for blending, shading, and blush. The pigments seem to blend right into the complexion for extended wear and increased vibrance throughout the day!

What Daughter Says: In this humble girl's opinion, COVERGIRL remains the leading innovator in beauty!


  1. Good to know. It really looks great on you.

  2. I've dated and broken up with a lot of foundations too! LOL! I like the natural look you achieved. thanks for the honest review.

  3. Looks nice. Great shot to show your before and after. Love that pink shadow on our lower lid too!

  4. I love how honest your reviews are! That cap thing didn't make sense to me either. You are looking fabulous by the way!

  5. Those caps always bug me! I love that color on you! I think it would be the perfect color for me. It would help cover up all the red tint to my skin.

  6. I love that color on you! I don't really use foundation very often, maybe because I haven't been able to find one that I liked.

  7. That looks so natural! Perfect shade for you. :) Great price for a foundation too. Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a difference - it does look like a great product

  9. Yes! Jenna, you definitely have the makeup thing down! I love all your photos and the ivory shade of Covergirl is really ivory! Speaking from one Ivory girl to another.

  10. Looks really good on you! I wanna try that too!


  11. Covergirl foundation was my first ever foundation! I havent tried it in years... may have to give it another shot!

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