Momma Told Me: #BloggerConfessions Week 1: The Photo Behind The Photo

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#BloggerConfessions Week 1: The Photo Behind The Photo

#BloggerConfessions the only Blog Hop where bloggers can dish the down and dirty of blogging, and readers can get an inside look at how it's all done!
Do you have a favorite blog? Of course you have several; and are perhaps even a blogger yourself. Have you ever wondered from time to time how they do it? Or does everything on your end of the screen seem so flawless your perspective on your own life gets a little fuzzy? Well I am here to tell you that blogging is not the perfection perceived- it is most often crazy hours, emails in the wee hours, and balancing on chairs in hallways to get the perfect light. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes before that URL can hit the internet, and myself and a group of bloggers are here to give you the down and dirty secrets of #BloggerConfessions in a new weekly blog hop that invites you to confess on a new topic each week.

Whether you're looking for a fun hop you can fill an organic content need with(yes, us bloggers worry about that), or are simply a reader looking for the juicy, and often hilarious, truth on blogging- you're invited. Bloggers, feel free to post your response to each week's topic any day of the week (Thursday is the feature day) and link up to the LINKY at the bottom of this post. Be sure to grab the button while you're here! Readers, sit back, relax, and prepare as we demystify blogging one dish at a time!
Week 1: The Photo Behind The Photo

Prompt: Share a time when you found yourself going a little over the top to get an image, film a video, or make a GIF. Did you enlist a total stranger? Do you have a medieval photo shooting setup in your living room? Is there an unusual place you like to use for lighting/backdrops/glamor shots? If you have a photo to share that gives us a sneak peek, great- if you don't feel free to share the photo that you got using the technique/situation/place!
Well folks, I have to say, it was a surreal experience when I found myself on hands and knees at the shore of Lake Casitas, CA this past week. It was supposed to be a simple family fishing trip. Of course I just happened to have some new Kool-Aid ready drink bottles on hand and a brand new camera. Naturally, a brilliant blogger moment struck me and I decided I wanted to make a GIF of the fruit punch beverage disappearing from a plastic tumbler in time lapse. In my head it sounded unbelievably easy, right? All I had to do was find a rock, scratch that, two rocks, get down in the dirt and find the perfect angles and spacing, set my new expensive camera on the first rock, and take a few sips of fruit punch between photos. Brilliant, right?
No sooner had I focused my shots and boosted my bum in the air to take the first sip than my entire family and park guests begin to take note and crowd around me. Here was this full grown woman crawling in muddy seashells and duck poo to take photos of herself sipping Kool-Aid. By the time my cousin decided to whip out the smartphone to take rapid photos of the entire event I was laying in the dirt laughing so hard at myself I could hardly breathe. Getting that photo, or animation, isn't always glamorous!
Link up your Photo Behind The Photo #BloggerConfessions anytime between now and next Thursday!

Prompt for Week 2: (7/24) Blogger Envy- Share an aspect of your blogging that makes you feel overwhelmed or a little intimidated when looking at other blogs. As a blogger, what do you see others doing that you wish you could do more of or better at? How do you try to work on achieving these goals?
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  1. Not sure if I have a photo behind the photo, but this is so cool! Love the end result. I'll look out for you future linkups on this topic.

  2. My post is not as down and dirty as yours, but it has a bit of an insight behind my pictures

  3. This is fantastic! I love seeing other bloggers "behind the scenes". Hmm... perhaps I'll have to take some of my own "behind the scenes" shots...

  4. That's amazing. Apparently I have a lot to learn! My family just laughs at me when I try to make the perfect set up! BTW how did you make that?

  5. Hi Miranda, and kept my camera on a stable surface (or tripod) and took a photo every sip.Then you can upload the files to imageflip and set frame rate and size to create an animation.

  6. Finally got mine posted! This is Jamie from Jamie's Thots (I can't get my Google Account to show up right). Love this idea and your gif was so cool!

  7. The things we do for the shot! I love it. Great gif!

  8. Haha That is too funny! The gif did turn out great though.