Momma Told Me: Sayonara! I'm off to #BlogHer2014! My Blogging Resolve

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Sayonara! I'm off to #BlogHer2014! My Blogging Resolve

Off to #BlogHer14! BlogHer2014 Bound! 
Momma Told Me: Happiness is being yourself.

I have been blogging for over 4 years now with near 2000 posts. Wow. Just typing that makes me relive the journey!

I didn't start Momma Told Me to make money or get products- I started it to have fun and get my voice heard. People outside the digital screen know, I like hearing the sound of my own voice and what better place to express myself and be heard than online on my very own website? Many of you may know that I now work with a wonderful company called #CollectiveBias where I have a contractor's job helping put together blog campaigns and coaching other bloggers. The lovely Shelley Zurek of Still Blonde After All These Years referred me and I reluctantly applied to the community after her 4th or 5th nudge. Outside of being a blogger I have long read and admired, Shelley is sort of a blogging mentor to me, and I have to send her major props.

But back to me and my story. I have to say, I never wanted to make money blogging or even get attention from it. *insert shocked gasps* Yes, yes, I know, blogging is very competitive and monetized these days. But, for me, blogging, photographing, writing, and story building is something I love with a passion. And doing something you love, for money, or for another person by proxy of their own needs (especially in advertising) generally sucks the fun out of it. That's why I've remained, and still am, committed to putting the same amount of rainbows, humor, and love into every post that goes up on Momma Told Me.

If you're a loyal reader you know that I will spend the same amount of time talking about toilet paper as I will a $400 vacuum cleaner, or the embarrassing public restroom incident last week. Every post is full of me, genuine 100%, and has the same amount of effort and heart as the next; paid, sponsored, or just mindless rambling. Why? Because I love to blog- I love meeting all of you online and off, and I love having my own space to just be me. It may be unconventional, I may turn down a gazillion sponsorships or ads because they just don't excite me in a way that I feel can be genuine- but you KNOW if it's on Momma Told Me, it's real.

And, having said that, this slightly nerdy blog introvert is about to head to the largest U.S. blogging conference for networking and business relationships. Why? Because I've been doing this for 4 years and it's about time. Whether I go and learn only a handful of things, make just one single partnership, connect with only a few new bloggers, it will have been worth it. Every moment, every connection, every door opened will be one I chose, and one that is right for me. And that, is why I am excited about #BlogHer2014!

What Daughter Says: While bills have to get paid, ultimately, doing what makes you happy is far more rewarding than any paycheck.

***Please note Momma Told Me will be on hiatus until Monday July 28th, when I return from BlogHer. #BloggerConfessions is scheduled to post regularly on Thursday July 24th.


  1. I am sure you will come back full of new knowledge ready to take on the blogging world! Have fun!

  2. I really would love to go to BlogHer -- living vicariously through you. I enjoy reading your posts and believe that you really are genuine in your writing! Have fun :)

  3. Well said! I hope you have a blast, and here's to many more years of happy bloggy (and making a mint doing it:-)

  4. Have an amazing Time. I wish I could go this time. Can't wait for your post conference posts and updates.

  5. Hope you had a wonderful time at BlogHer. Can't wait to read about it. Someday, oh someday, I'll get to attend.