Momma Told Me: How Soon Is Too Soon (In A Relationship) To Talk Bums? #CottonelleCleanCrew

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How Soon Is Too Soon (In A Relationship) To Talk Bums? #CottonelleCleanCrew

#CottonelleCleanCrew #LetsTalkBums
Momma Told Me: It's time to talk hineys.

When I was sixteen I graduated high school and drove across country to rent a studio in my sweetheart's hometown. He was still in high school his senior year, and I was working my bum off through multiple jobs and college, but we were young and hopelessly in love. Every now and then his mother would let me stay that night (on the couch) and I'd pack a bag of teenage girl necessities. As sweet as the 'mother' was, she was one of 'those' types who bought value toilet paper. You know the kind. I was mortified at the thought of wiping my rear in his house with this sub-par paper, so I was always sure to carry a role of my own Cottonelle in my overnight bag.
#CottonelleCleanCrew #LetsTalkBums

At the end of that relationship I returned to California where I moved into my own apartment. For a while I was glad to not have to worry about sharing bathroom quarrels over putting down the seat and who took that last two squares of T.P. And then it happened, a man, a glorious man, walked into my life with such high standards of bathroom courtesy and cleanliness I could have kissed his mother's feet. In fact, he schooled me a little on bum care when he began staying over and brought his own bathroom essential in his overnight bag, baby wipes.

This man used baby wipes for everything; freshening up after the gym, cleaning dirty feet before getting into bed, and most importantly maintaining that fresh clean feel after using the bathroom. For me, it was love at first wipe. And while that relationship only lasted 4 years, the lessons in freshness and bum care have stood with my ever since. It's the kind of thing a gal doesn't forget, ya know.
Cottonelle Freshcare Flushable Cleansing Cloths #CottonelleCleanCrew #LetsTalkBums
When Jay and I moved in together I'd been through the process before. I didn't exactly bring a role of toilet paper and FreshCare Cleansing Cloths to our first date, but our first night sharing a bathroom the rules were laid out. Did you know some of the most common tiffs in modern relationships begin in the bathroom?  While I'm not the sort to huff and puff over whether the T.P is over or under (I'm an over gal, myself) I did put Jay through the ringer the first time it was his turn to restock our T.P. Standing in that toiletries aisle with a lost look on his face I showed him where the 'good stuff' was.
I love and use Cottonelle brand because it doesn't rely on sheet counts and plys to highlight it's quality. In fact, the Cottonelle toilet paper range is broken into CleanCare (with ripples), Ultra ComfortCare, and GentleCare (with Aloe). That's right all of the Cottonelle toilet paper is the same high quality in getting you clean (and that's really most important when it comes to toilet paper, right?)
Top 5 Bathroom Arguements with #CottonelleCleanCrew #LetsTalkBums
When it came to the FreshCare Cleansing Cloths, I was a little more patient with letting him discover the difference on his own. After a few months the curiosity of the little white wipes dispenser on top of the toilet broke him down. And that's when we had the talk. The Cottonelle wipes were there to help him get clean and stay clean, but, ultimately, what he did with the wipes behind that bathroom door was his business. I think a lot of people, men in particular feel shame in using a wet wipe to get clean after using the toilet; but just ask any convert- and they can't imagine living without it.

So, anyone who tries to tell you not a lot has changed with toilet paper in the past 100 years; perhaps it's time you sit them down and have 'the talk.'

 What Daughter Says: It's never too soon to talk good CleanCare with the ones you love.


  1. We keep those little wipes in our bathrooms too. Quite a few of our guests use them as well!

  2. I always debate getting the wet wipes but never seem to. I think its time I do! Definitely adding it to this week's grocery list!

  3. I did a review for these wipes a while ago. I LOVE them. I have some in every bathroom.

  4. We always have wipes in our house. They are especially great for potty training and during pregnancy. We found out the hard way that the generic brand doesn't measure up!

  5. I've got them on the back of the toilet. I think they are great!