Momma Told Me: Fruit Juice, Fishing, and Family With Kool-Aid S'mores Recipe

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Fruit Juice, Fishing, and Family With Kool-Aid S'mores Recipe

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Momma Told Me: Everyone loves fruit punch.

When I was a young girl my grandfather had a yacht he dubbed 'The Eeyore' (you can't make this stuff up folks,) after his nickname and my grandmother's favorite nostalgic honey addicted bear. Living just an hour outside of Long Beach, CA we were relatively spoiled to have marinas where everyday citizens could own and dock lavish boats like his. And yet I clearly remember Momma's anguish over our bi-monthly trips out to the docks to visit her parents. She was never much of an ocean person, and I'd always take an hour or so to get my sea stomach legs. A fussy child wasn't much fun out in the middle of the sea. Luckily she had the power of fruit juice on her side.
As the Summer winds down #KoolOff with new 96oz Kool-Aid Ready-To-Drink bottles, just $1.98 at Walmarts nationwide! #Shop
Every time grandpa took us out fishing, Momma would let me pick out a packet of Kool-Aid for our day on the boat. Once inside grandma had a magical pitcher I recall resembled the Big Red Man himself, and my cousins and I would peer over counter's edge as the red liquid gently sloshed to the rhythm of the waves. It was amazing how that fruit drink would calm us down! All the rivalry would instantly cease, and even Momma would relax as she eased into her fishing chair and cast that line out into the deep blue. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the mess and hassle of making Kool-Aid for outdoor events has been solved with new 96oz Ready-To-Drink bottles!
As the Summer winds down #KoolOff with new 96oz Kool-Aid Ready-To-Drink bottles, just $1.98 at Walmart's nationwide! #Shop
As we prepared for our recent family fishing trip to Lake Casitas I packed a bottle of classic Fruit Punch, limited edition Blackberry and Peach Mango, and new favorite Watermelon to satisfy all of our taste-buds and #KoolOff out in the hot California sun. Armed with a case of water and our 96oz Kool-Aid bottles from Walmart I hesitantly took my purple PT Cruiser off-road into the damp sands to find the perfect fishing spot. Our first camp was very marshy and covered in broken shells and suspicious looking miniature logs. But the fish were jumping enthusiastically, so the boys hunted down their 'fishing sticks,' stuck them in the sand and went off to pour a tall tumbler of Kool-Aid.
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After an hour my pregnant cousin decided to wander off a good half mile down the shore to explore a potentially dryer (picnic friendly) area. The highlight of the afternoon was her slowly sinking into the wet sand as her husband, an ex-Seabee, heroically dashed down the shore to save her. As it turned out her plight wasn't in vain; she had discovered a dryer, rocky, fishing point complete with a rustic table off in the dunes. And, as she settled into her reclining fishing chair demanding her Blackberry Kool-Aid I couldn't help but be grateful for the thick and tall brush directly behind us I knew would be used for multiple potty trips!
As the Summer winds down #KoolOff with new 96oz Kool-Aid Ready-To-Drink bottles, just $1.98 at Walmarts nationwide! #Shop
As the Summer winds down #KoolOff with new 96oz Kool-Aid Ready-To-Drink bottles, just $1.98 at Walmarts nationwide! #Shop
In general everyone had a great time, though the fish seemed to be biting less at our new spot. That was fine with some of us, who found time to sneak a few kisses in between checking bait. Of course Nora, the morkie, wasn't about to be left outta the excitement as she watched from her station in the back of my car. Fun fact: Did you know you can safely dye your pet for holidays and events when mixing Kool-Aid powder (no sugar!) with a pet-safe conditioner? We spent a few of our lazy hours on the shore brainstorming all the fun ways you can use the juice drink drops, packets, and ready-to-drink bottles in crafts, recipes, and more. Check out the Pinterest board at the bottom of this post with over 100 ideas on how to use Kool-Aid!
As the Summer winds down #KoolOff with new 96oz Kool-Aid Ready-To-Drink bottles, just $1.98 at Walmarts nationwide! #Shop
This fishing trip was also a time of reflection for us. With the Summer wrapping and a baby due mid-August, living is about to get a little hectic, so it was nice to be able to cast out a line and sip away the cares along the lake's shore. Some of us were more enthusiastic about fishing than others. As a young girl who grew up fishing on her grandpa's boat I was a bit  jealous to learn that Pro-Fisherman Jim Dillard was completing a tour across the country with Walmart and Kool-Aid, and his final stops are set to take place in South Carolina- check them out:

Friday August 8th 5-7pm:
    360 Harbison Blvd Columbia, SC WM Supercenter
Saturday August 9th  3-5pm:
    1326 Bush River Rd Columbia, SC WM Supercenter
Saturday August 9th 6-8pm:
    2401 Augusta Rd West Columbia, SC WM Supercenter
Click over to discover simple homemade Kool-Aid marshmallows recipe! USe green chocolate meltables molded into disks for 'watermelon s'mores'! #KoolOff #Shop
***Click here for printable Watermelon Kool-Aid Marshmallows recipe.
For our family the trip, and Summer, wouldn't be complete without roasting mallows and making S'mores. Since the lake area is a fire free zone I had safe heat chafing fuel can for out portable S'mores burner, and the extra special treat of Watermalon Kool-Aid homemade marshmallows on hand. Take it from my, storing fresh marshmallows in 80 degree heat by a lake is NOT easy- make these at home and use green meltable chocolate disks for a fun 'watermelon S'mores effect.' The children may have been covered in green chocolate by the time we were done, but memories were made, and plenty of smiles were had!

****For those wondering, with my reduced sugar diet I enjoy ready-to-drink Kool-Aid by cutting a serving in half with seltzer water. The flavor is still there and my bottle's value get's even better at the already low Walmart price of $1.98!

What Daughter Says: I prefer Grape or Watermelon, but any family event is always better with Kool-Aid by our side!


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  9. Once again, your posts amaze me. Such creativity. That little animation of the Kool-Aid disappearing is so cool. Love that marshmallow idea too. My kids would love those. My husband's uncle actually created the Kool-Aid guy. Pretty cool, huh? Poor guy barely got any recognition for it.