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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chin Up- My 2013, 1st Quarter In Review

Momma Told Me: There will be days like these...

I had such high hopes going into 2013; a strict budget laid out, hopes to put a bid on our condo, and promises of renewed health thanks to some determined lifestyle changes. Well, January was pretty much a lull, waking up from the busy holiday months and getting back in the swing of the school schedule. You may recall that I had decided to invest in independent dental insurance this year, so that I could go in and have two lost fillings, well, re-filled. A simple procedure, I recall thinking at the time, that has now turned into 3 months of forced chewing and a potential stomach infection. That's right, the new 'white resin' filling material now preferred by 8/10 dentists comes with anticipated hot/cold sensitivity and possible pressure pain for months. I've been in 3 times now to have the fillings filed so there are no high spots 'hitting' the nerve when I chew, and I am still uncomfortable chewing my food properly and fully. Ironically, the night guard I had allowed them to talk me into is now causing discomfort from the spacing and grinding at night. It may be saving the surface of my teeth, but is also cause jaw discomfort which I have not had due to TMJ since high school.

I wish that was the end of the 2013 dental woes, but I am one payment left in paying off the fillings, and am preparing to have an extra tooth removed for an additional $600. You may recall the concern my dentist expressed over the adult molar that has been resting beneath 2 of my lower teeth for years. I'll spare some of the details, but the procedure will involve a conscious me having the inside of my jaw cut to chip away and remove the tooth from my jaw bone. I'm paying an extra $300 to have some form of organic compound then placed in the hole to promote sealing and new bone generation. Best of all? The stomach issues I've had all through March (we'll get to that), forced me to postpone my surgery date last month, and I am now scheduled for Oral Surgery on Jay's birthday, also a day we watch Sabrina (10).
So, those were my dental woes, what's this all about my stomach? My Facebook and offline friends know that (exactly 4 weeks back, now) my body began passing food at an alarming rate. This was accompanied by a low grade (99.6) fever and stationery stomach cramps. I instantly brought this to my physician's attention when the symptoms didn't subside, but he seemed fairly confident I had some from of stomach virus or infection. I was sent home and told to monitor the situation for specific symptoms or an increase in their intensity. Low and behold, on a liquid-bread diet for 2 weeks, the symptoms remained quite persistent, and the food I was able to chew (recall botched dental work), was still upsetting my stomach. 2 weeks in, I went back to my general physician, who prescribed 3 days of antibiotics and requested a very fun (sarcasm) range of stool sample tests. Let's just say, at 26, that's not something I ever thought I'd be doing this year.

In any case, I was thrilled to have answers just....erm....2 weeks away. That's right, many of the parasite and viral tests can take up to 10 days, and I had scheduled my next appointment for Friday April 5. I have to book appointments weeks in advance or I'd never get to see my doctor, it's almost as if I have to anticipate being ill! Well, yesterday I went back into hear my results (noone had called me to come in early, so I figured nothing had been found, and I was right). I was pretty beaten down, I'd had the continual fever as recently as Wednesday, and the same abdominal cramps that very morning. I, and my family, wanted answers. Instead I left with another 3 week wait (the same week as my oral surgery and Jay's b-day), and an indication that this may be a chronic disorder, if it does not clear up by then.
So, while MY life has consisted of protein shakes and stomach cramps for the first quarter of 2013, I am optimistic that the healthy lifestyle choices I began in 2012 are having a positive effect. You may recall me blogging about going cold turkey on sugar and noticing a change in my eyesight. That seems to have evened out for the better, and I am still very diligent about resisting sugar snacks, and drink water 95% of the time. This has lead to a drop from my starting weight of 256 to 222 (as of yesterday's Dr APPT), and just 23lbs left to go to hit my goal of under 200!

Financially, I am a little behind with the unexpected medical bills for tests and bi-weekly visits- I have to budget another $250 to have ready when I go in for oral surgery on the 29th. Thankfully, I covered Jay's birthday gift months back with concert tickets to see Black Label Society. Unfortunately, we will not be doing anything to really celebrate because my budget is that tight, and I will likely be miserable all week (surgery). We're also facing the end of our lease here at the condo and looking into trustworthy tenants, or a possible rent-to-own scenario. The deadline to iron all of this out is June 1, so I have to put all vacation planning for the summer on hold until I know where we will be living, and how much we will be paying!

Otherwise, the health of my family and friends seems good, and I am fortunate for that. April will be a tough month, with the anniversary of Jay's father passing, and my grandmother's passing, in the same month. The one good thing about this is that we both realize how important it is to spend time with family while we can. I have spent a lot more quality time with my mother's family over the past year, and am looking forward to a visit on the 20th when Nora (the Morkie) will get to play with her cousins. Otherwise, Winter bowling leagues are coming to an end, and Summer leagues are gearing up- time goes on. While I do not know what the second quarter of 2013 will bring, I am eager to great it with open arms and wide eyes!

What Daughter Says: She didn't say weeks!


  1. Ugh! Dental stuff is the worst. I've been lucky with my teeth aside from a ton of cavities as a kid. My brothers, not so much. They have every dental issue known to man and unfortunately no dental insurance (not that many dentists take it anymore anyway). Q2 will be better!

  2. I HATE a dentist! I'm about to believe it would have been cheaper if I'd had them all pulled in my teens and just replaced dentures when I needed to. Prayers are with you, sweetie. And I go to have an implant next Friday. (at a cost that mirrors buying breasts)

  3. Oh no, I'm so sorry. My husband had dental problems last year that lasted months. It was such an ordeal. :( hoping that you can get everything resolved soon!

  4. Oh Jenna! So much for one person to bear. I do hope the rest of your year is better.

  5. Wow, when it rains it pours right? I can't believe that tooth has bun under there all these years and they just found it! We have a huge dental bill that we have been trying to pay down for a while now. It stinks that all of this is happening on Jay's B-day. Good luck to you!

  6. Oh good grief, that is a lot to go through for dental! I hate dental issues! I hope all goes well.

  7. If you have any questions, let me know. I am a dentist:)

  8. Goodness, it seems that when dental problems come, they really come! Hope you have a less eventful second quarter (at least in this area).

  9. Oh no!! That does not look like fun at all!

  10. I remember reading about your tooth!