Momma Told Me: Spring Breakfast Series: Overnight Breakfast Bake Recipe

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Spring Breakfast Series: Overnight Breakfast Bake Recipe

Momma Told Me: Happy stomachs belong to happy helpers.

Well the first week (of 2) for Spring Break is behind us.

Growing up, vacations such as Spring Break were not much more than extended weekends. Of course Pop worked during the week, so it was just Momma and I, Monday through Friday,  but our schedule remained very much the same. I recall my friends' parents always had to scramble to make vacation plans for the school breaks, as they were not fortunate to have a parent in the home during the week. Unfortunately, this often meant my best friends were sent away to stay with relatives, or for short term camps, while I was left at home with Momma. Don't get me wrong, she always had the best craft and science projects planned, but there was a certain part of me that wished I could run down the block wreaking havoc on the neighborhood with my pals. Vacations were often quite quiet for me.
One would think that having a child in tow, during school breaks, would slow a parent down; but Momma always claimed she had more time when she wasn't 'shuttling me back and forth to school,' as she called it. I think what Momma really meant was that I made a good helper. After all, having an extra pair of obedient hands in the kitchen/laundry room/grocery store would be quite helpful for me today. One thing that was different to me, was our breakfast habits during these periods off from school. While I'd consume cereal and toaster pastries when school was in session, Momma turned mealtime into productive time, and took advantage of my boredom to teach me how to cook. No matter what we were making I'd always light up to know that I was going to be her crucial assistant chef. Of course some of my more favorite 'recipes' were more like "Build your own Bagel Pizza," but I called it cooking none-the-less.
In any case, I noticed the most dramatic change to our breakfast ritual. While Pop had to be out the door for work often at 6AM, or earlier, Momma and I would tinker away in the kitchen making breakfast sandwiches and omelet bowls. Of course I learned to 'make ahead,' from frugal Momma as well, and we often made these breakfasts in bulk so they could be frozen and pulled out during the school year weekends, when we were all home. Recently I recalled a dish from my childhood that was similar to an omelet, yet baked in a bowl and included bread. The first time I saw Momma making it, I found it quite silly. To put all of my breakfast favorites in one mushy bowl, then leave it overnight before baking seemed quite silly. But I always got to help make the 'day old bread,' which I got a kick out of, so this fairly simple dish remained one of my favorites.
Today I often find myself trying to plan the week's meals in advance. I don't have a structured meal plan, but I never like to enter a week without a few days' worth of meals lined up on my mental menu. Spring Break has proven no exception, as Sabrina (10) thrives on a daily schedule and appears less restless when she eats a traditional breakfast (rather than some of the convenience foods we rely on when she's in school). I recently tried my own variation of Momma's Overnight Breakfast Break and the above shots are the results. I have a hard time leaving anything 'overnight,' as I'm a sort of 'results now' type of chef, but the wait was well worth it. I even had a chance to work in our favorite soy milk, and make this lactose friendly for the other half. This small casserole dish disappeared in a single morning and proved to be one of my family's new favorite breakfast dishes. Give it a try in your home and let me know how it turns out! Do you have a special meal you make during vacations?

What Daughter Says: Keep the troops ready for action with this Spring Breakfast comfort food.

Overnight Breakfast Bake
****Click here for printable recipe


* 3.5 C Honey Oat or Grain Based (Day Old) Bread Cubes, 4-5 Slices
* 2 C Original Soymilk
* 1 TSP Pepper
* 1/2 TSP Salt
* 1/4 TSP Dried Dill Weed, or Cilantro as preferred
* 2 TSP Dried Parsley
* 2 TSP Dried Mustard (OR 6 TSP Yellow Mustard)
* 3 Egg Whites
* 4-5 Slices Cooked Bacon, Crumbled
* 2 C Cooked Mushrooms, Diced


1.) To make Day Old Bread leave slices on a plate in microwave overnight, for best results 10-12 hours. Treat a 1.5 QT Baking dish with cooking spray.
2.) Place day old bread cubes in bottom of baking dish. In Large bowl whisk together additional ingredients.
3.) Pour wet mixture over bread cubes and place, covered, in fridge overnight.
4.) Preheat oven to 350F. Bake 30-40 minutes, or until eggs have puffed up and are no longer liquid. Serve hot.

Note: This recipe was modified from content found on the Silk website. However, this post is not endorsed or associated with any brand or company. The above content is original and not sponsored.


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  17. This dish looks wonderful and I do use Soy Milk often. I try to plan ahead also and make easy meals and I need breakfasts that do not take long since I am always rushing in the AM.
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