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Friday, April 26, 2013

Fashion Angels: Tapeffiti- Mini Decorative Tape Rolls

designer tape
 ***Note: I was provided the following product by a PR agency in exchange for my opinion. Regardless, all opinions are genuine and original. No other compensation was offered.
Momma Told Me: Less is more (expensive).

If you've ever set foot in a lingerie store you understand Momma's gem for today. Why does it seem the smaller something gets (phone, bathing suits, dogs), the larger the price tag? In high school I recall becoming obsessed with the Japanese subcultures for Harajuku and Manga, it should come as no surprise the pop culture trends hailing from Asian continents feature tiny replicas of ordinary things, called Kawaii. That is to say, many of the adorable things that force their way into American trends originated overseas, particularly in Tokyo, Japan. When I was a teenager the 'hot' must have was a combination of bejeweled cell phone charms and tiny erasers shaped like food. I must've spent well over $100 in allowance collecting those 'randomly' packaged miniature erasers, and never used a single one for it's actual intention. Much like the Silly Bandz fad of recent years, we actually traded these like currency on the campus, social status' impacted by the quantity in possession.
It may seem silly, but every generation has similar crazes; I unexpectedly walked into 'tiny tapes' when we were sent a Tapeffiti 30 PC Decorative Tape Caddy from the brand Fashion Angels. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Fashion Angels partners with many popular licensed brands (think Barbie and Monster High) to bring young girls fun fashion oriented crafts and activity books. Sabrina (10) is constantly toting around her fashion journal and coloring unique outfits she designs on her Fashion Angels pads. One of the things I especially like about this brand is their wide age range and appeal. Some of the more elaborate, Project Runway, kits require beginning sewing skills, while others are more free in creativity and serve as tools for project inspiration. When it comes to Tapeffiti, however, I seem to have stumbled upon a fad very popular with the tweens. Sabrina knew right away what these mini decorative tapes were and instantly divulged that they were so popular in her school several young girls sold these mini rolls for $1 each!
Knowing that, you can imagine Sabrina's thrill to inherit an entire caddy of 30 mini Tapeffiti rolls; there was no question how popular she would be in upcoming school projects. I have to say, though the 2" long tape dispensers proved a bit of a challenge for my adult hands, I quickly fell in love with the trendy, and sometimes plain silly, prints. There was one roll full of smiling little peas, and several colored animal prints, as well as Sabrina's favorite, the Purple Camouflage print. I was surprised to see that the tape was actually quite easy to work with, and had a dull tacky consistency that easily removed from surfaces during a mistake, yet bonded fairly long term when properly affixed. Of course, this discovery was in the middle of Spring Break, and I quickly took Sabrina's enthusiasm and turned it into a craft. I had a few stray glass containers laying around from empty candle holders and preservative jars. We set out to wrap these items entirely in Tapeffiti.
decorative tape
homemade pencil jar
For such a simple project I was really surprised how much Sabrina enjoyed herself. It may have been from the overwhelming variety and options, but she patiently sat there and wrapped the thin decorative tape around her jar for near a half hour. Every now and then I would feel a nudge in the side, "Hey, check out this one, it's really cool," she'd exclaim as she presented her 'new favorite' Tapeffiti roll. I was also surprised with just how much tape was on each one of those itty bitty tape dispensers- we used each and every one at least once and still have over half the roll left! In the end our projects turned into a makeshift pencil/pen holder, and a new remote control caddy for the couch. Sabrina has used the Tapeffitis several times since to line the spines of her school notebooks and decorate creative class projects. There are countless Tapeffiti products in the Fashion Angels line, and we're looking forward to acquiring some of the Monster High ones next!

What Daughter Says: I, too, have a thing for tiny; luckily Tapeffiti is an affordable way to feed my addiction.


  1. Duct tape wallets. Stretchy Bracelets... Now Tapefitti Rolls... Looks like that generation has found the next cool thing! I actually find these really cool!

  2. Oh my goodness. You had me at the word "Tape". I am a office supply freak and especially when it comes to using it for crafting. I have never heard of Tapefetti but I have a niece who I must buy this for!

  3. I actually bought some Tapefetti a while back and have it set back for my 11 yoa step-daughter's birthday in July. I think she'll enjoy making projects and crafting with it.

  4. I bought tapefetti for myself at khols because i thought they were cool and i am a crafter. Then my son bought some hello kitty ones. What to do with all theses tapes? Fun fun fun!

  5. what are some more crafts that you can do with these awesomazing tapes???

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