Momma Told Me: @KhombuFootwear For Winter Shoes As Stylish As They Are Practical

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@KhombuFootwear For Winter Shoes As Stylish As They Are Practical

*** We received a complimentary pair of boots from Khombu for the purpose of this feature. Regardless, all opinions are authentic, as are the photos, which are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Khombu Winter Boots
Momma Told Me: You can't wear sandals all year!

Growing up in Southern California desensitized me to even the most basic of fashion common sense. No, it wasn't the ever changing styles gracing the nearby Los Angeles red carpets, it was the seemingly utter lack of change in seasons. It's no Hawaii, but our little patch of sunshine rarely dips below 40, and our hometown hasn't seen measurable snowfall in over 50 years, and that was a flurry. However, living just moments from the beach, and an hour and half from the snow capped mountains, we have plenty of opportunity to leave our little corner of warmth and venture out into other terrains and climates. Unfortunately, Momma wasn't that explorer type, when I was growing up, and the truest kick of reality often came stepping off an airplane in Providence, RI, every Winter vacation.
I'll admit, between my size 12 feet and 18 years in Southern California, my adult affair with shoes was off to a dismal start. For several years, through college and work, I wore heels and sandals, shoes for fashion and laziness. I once owned and wore the same pair of flip flops for 4 years (true story), until the holes in the heels were met with a thumbtack, and I could not justify the fight any longer.Yes, it was sometime in my mid-20's I realized that footwear could be functional and stylish, when I fell in love with Fall footwear in the form of warm and protective boots. No, I'm not talking about that brand that has been knocked off relentlessly in the form of thick lined house slipper boots, I'm talking about real, weather-resistant, fashionably friendly, boots. That is to say, Fashion For The Elements, footwear fashions from established brand Khombu.
fall footwear for women
With a name originating for the valley at the base of Mt. Everest, and a history in active footwear that spans over 40 years, Khombu footwear is an international brand you have most likely admired before. With a passion for the integration of fashion into Winter, and cold, footwear, Khombu burst onto the scene in the 70's and 80's as the brand for ski enthusiasts. Their fur lined boots were well insulted and proved effective at moisture-wicking, while the boots themselves featured plush leather uppers and a tough textured out sole rated to perform in temperatures as low as -20F. From the knee high Rainbow style, to the more fashionable shoot fur-trimmed Slide Fur bootie, Khombu has practical Winter fashion nailed. But their selection doesn't stop with the women, you'll also find ski appropriate snow trekkers for Men and Children, as well as some beautifully understated fashionable footwear for the season. This brands sheer selection and diversity of footwear is second only to the beautiful detail and quality put into it.

We received a size 10 Igloo 2 fashionable boot in black, from Khombu. While women's sizing does extend upwards to 12 in certain styles, the brand's main cap seems to be size 10. Sabrina (11) who most recently back-to-school shopped into size 9 1/2 women's shoes, noted that the fit was very true, and she had just enough wiggle room to double insulate her feet with two pairs of socks to fill the extra half size. All Khombu fashions brag that they are waterproof, and the Igloo 2 style is no different. It's hard to believe this stylish shoe is, but the suede outer is waterproof and even features a comfortable thermolite insole that is shock-absorbent and quickly wicks away moisture for maximum comfort and warmth. The only visible 'hard core' portion of these shoes are the thick soles, with intelligently designed grip patterns and a non-slip design. It's hard to believe the Igloo 2's could be so practical with the gorgeous black finish and beautiful buckle accent.
Sabrina, 11, instantly fell in love with these shoes and proclaimed a strict 'hands off' to all those in her household with same sized feet. She remarked many times how comfortable they fit, and has worn them to school, proudly, every day since. I love that the sole will stand up to the moderate drizzles we often get during late Winter, while keeping her feet warm on cold morning walks to school. There's no doubt in my mind that any recipient would be tickled to find a pair of these shoes under their tree. Khombu carries an extensive line of women's shoes in a variety of functional and fashionable styles. They are currently sold exclusively at licensed dealers such as Macy's and Nordstrom's at a mall near you. Visit the Khombu website for the complete men's, women's, and children's catalog.

What Daughter Says: Fall in love with fashionable footwear that is equally practical, thanks to Khombu's Fall footwear fashions.


  1. Those are so cute! I love that they're waterproof yet they don't have that slicker-style look.

  2. Khombu footwear is the BEST! My first pair of Khombu boots were a happy find as I'd never heard of the brand, but now I seek them out. I know I can find cheaper items at chains, but I seek out Khombu every time. They never wear out. My children actually out grow them, and I can pass them down to the younger one or to a friend's children.

  3. Those shoes are sharp and the model is a cutie pie!

  4. Great boots. They look super comfortable. Great photos of the boots on your daughter too.

  5. I love the photos! And the boots look so comfortable I bet she doesn't want to get out of them!

  6. Great shots. Love how cute the boots look on her. Khombu nailed this style.

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